Language ZoneRead 180 Course Syllabus

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Language ZoneRead 180 Course Syllabus

    Language Zone/Read 180 Course Syllabus

    Ms. Scott

    Room 176

    Park High School

    “A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.”

     ~Lyndon Baines Johnson

    Telephone Number: (651)768-5722

    Email Address:

    School Year: 2008-2009

    Course Description

    Read 180 is an intensive reading intervention program. The program directly addresses individual needs

    through adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading and

    writing skills.

    Each 85 minute class period is divided into 5 segments. Students begin with whole group direct

    instruction where the teacher provides systematic instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary to the

    entire class. Students move through three rotations in small groups including "Small group direct

    instruction," "Read 180 Software," and "Modeled and Independent Reading." The class period ends with

    10 minutes of whole-group instruction. This course, if passed, fulfills your English 10 credits.

    Course Objectives

1. Improve reading skills by reading for a variety of purposes

    2. Improve vocabulary

    3. Demonstrate listening skills during lecture and within cooperative learning groups

    4. Identify main ideas from both fiction and non-fiction readings

    Classroom Guidelines

    1. All South Washington School District policies will be enforced in my classroom, as well as those of

    Park High School.

    2. Students are not allowed to bring headphones or cell phones into the classroom.

    3. Be in your seat and ready to begin class and working on your journal when the bell rings “you’re

    standing you’re staying”

    4. Teachers have the right to teach in an uninterrupted atmosphere. Working together respectfully is the

    best way to ensure the success of all.

    5. Chairs, tables and surrounding classroom should be kept clean, neat, and orderly.

    6. Students and teacher must come to class prepared with all necessary materials.

    7. Headgear (caps, hats, hoodies, headphones) must not be worn in the classroom.

    8. Inappropriate behavior, harassment and profanity will not be tolerated and will result in detention or

    referral to the administration.

    9. All materials must be properly put away at the end of each class period.

     Class Expectations

    1. Attend every day & come to class on time with any necessary materials. If you miss class, it is up to

    YOU to find out what you missed from your critical partner and make up the work.

    2. Complete homework and classroom assignments.

    3. Follow directions.

    4. Work effectively in pairs, small groups, or teams. 5. Actively participate and contribute to class discussion.

    6. Rotate to stations quickly and stay on task. 7. Have Fun!

    Required Materials

1. rBook (will be kept in class)

    2. Spiral Bound Notebook (this will be kept as a journal in class)

    3. Pen / Pencil

    4. Highlighter

    Attendance and Make-Up Policy

Attendance is EXTREMELY important. If you are absent it is your responsibility to ask your critical

    partner what you missed and make up the work. There is a two-day policy on make- up work: if you do

    not talk your critical partner (or myself) about missed work within two days, you will not be able to make

    it up. You have two days for every one day of absence to complete your make-up work.

Late Work

If your assignment is turned in later than the day it is due the highest possible score you may receive is

    50% of the total points.

    Tardy Policy

    Because this program is a highly structured program, it is imperative that students arrive to class on time.

    Students will receive one “free” tardy, after that for every tardy, students will be assigned 15 minutes

    detention either before or after school. If detentions are not served within one week, students will be

    referred to the Assistant Principal's office.

Grading Procedure

    Students will be evaluated using frequent assessments, writing assignments, daily participation, and

    journal entries. This class is designed to make full use of the 84 minute period. Evaluation is based

    largely on efficient use of class time. If time is focused and genuine effort is put forth, increases in reading

    scores will follow. Success is NOT based on your entry or exit reading level. Your grade is based on how

    committed you are to improving your reading, writing, and vocabulary and how efficiently you work

    with each “station”

    Grading Scale

    All assignments will contribute to your overall score.

    A 100-95% B+ 89-87% C+ 79-77% D+ 69-67%

    A- 94-90% B 86-83% C 76-73% D 66-63%

    B- 82-80% C- 72-70% D- 62-60%

    F 59-0%

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