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WideWord Usage Agreement

Created 15 Nov 05:29 by Pelle

    The following is the no nonsense plain English agreement between you and me, Pelle Brændgaard the operator of WideWord. By creating a document in WideWord you agree to be bound by this agreement. I hate reading these things as much as you do, but please try and read it I will keep it very short and as fun as possible I promise.

What you get?

    We provide you a service where you can collaboratively write and publish documents.

What you get during the beta period?

    You will be able to create as many documents as you want to without limits. During the beta period, it might be that you lose your documents because of some unforseen technical problem. I have done extensive testing in my secret lab and feel that this probably wont happen, but you are warned.

What happens when we leave beta?

    Nothing really except that you might be able to expect a higher service level than during the beta. Your current documents will always be free and I can’t see that

    I will begin charging for normal use of WideWord. Hopefully I will think up some really cool way to make you part with your money, but not by holding your existing documents hostage (honestly).

Leaving WideWord

    As you don’t join or leave WideWord there really is not such a process. Your documents live on WideWord and you can delete them at any time. Please keep your initial document email stored in your mail program or neither you nor I will be able to delete it.

Copyright and what not

    Your own documents remain your copyright. It is also your responsibility to obey copyright law or it might become our responsibility whether we want it or not to enforce it.


    We reserve the right to place advertising on all the pages on this site. At the moment we only provide advertising on the public pages, but we might change this in the future if we can do it while retaining your security and privacy.

Your privacy

    I will NOT give your email or private data to any other business. If I sell the service to another company it will be under those same terms.

Security, backups and uptime

    During the beta period I aim to provide full uptime and no loss of data, but as nothing can break a system like thousands of people doing something you didn’t think they

    would do, we can not guarantee it. That is what the beta period is for.

    Once we leave beta we do aim to have the system as secure as possible, 99% uptime and lots of backups and redundancy. With regards to security please read my Security Page for more info about security in WideWord.

Possible future change of I to We

    You will be seing a lot I and me here. At some point in the future when/if I bring in more people to help me out in this or incorporate, this might change to we and us. In that case the agreement continues with us.

Disagreements and all of that

    If you have a problem please write me at pelle@stakeitout.com . I doubt that there would ever be anything we couldn’t work out. Lets leave the lawyers billing people

    other than us.

Regional and local legal issues

    I will follow the laws of whereever I am legally doing business, which currently is Denmark. As I said above this might change if I incorporate or move elsewhere, just so you know. Luckily very little is illegal in Denmark so you’re safe. We also have very strong free speech here in Denmark and there is little I will do to go against that, even if I am in absolute disagreement with you.

    However I do not want to go to jail for something you do, so I will follow local rules. Which is exactly what you need to do. If you do something with WideWord, where you could get in trouble at home please dont. I can not take responsibility for learning

all the laws of the world.

    I am a man of principles, but stronger men than me have changed principles with 3 hovering black helicopters over them. If you know what I mean.


    I think this covers everything. If you think up something else drop me a line. I will most likely keep this up to date. I will post notices if I change it and you are always free to delete your documents and blog mean things about me if I somehow offend you, but talk to me first.

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