Luton Borough Council Crawley Ward Forum Police issues raised

By Nathan Washington,2014-05-21 05:27
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Luton Borough Council Crawley Ward Forum Police issues raised

     Luton Borough Council

     Crawley Ward Forum

     Police issues raised


    Date of Forum Issue Solution Who should be Referred to Outcome

    involved? th March Leygreen Beaconsfield PCSO still keeping watch. Police Inspector Mirror installed 27

    2008 footpath Andy Hobson

     No further reports in last quarter

    Highways being chased by Community Safety LBC to east snt

    Laura Henman re Mirror Laura

    installation. Laura also Henman

    chasing Powdrill lawyers

    for trees cut-back. th27 March Former Naval Club car PC Robert Dennis will Police Inspector Officers are paying attention to 2008 park motor bikes & investigate whether video Andy Hobson location but no one has been

    potential travellers van can be used to help found at premises since blocked

    identify culprits. off. th27 March 20MPH speed limits PC Robert Dennis reported Inspector Inspector Jane Aspin is currently Councillor David

    2008 ignored. Beds Police policy not to Andy Hobson devising a strategy for Franks seeking

    enforce. Bedfordshire Police and this will high level be produced in October. discussion on However it will follow ACPO Police policy. guidance on the enforcement of

    20mph zones whereby it is

    nationally agreed that any

    20mph zone must be self

    policing with the introduction of

    traffic calming measures.

    Therefore national guidance is

    not to enforce for these reasons.

    LBC Highways have been

    consulted regarding this policy

    and are aware that we as like all

    forces will not enforce as per

    national guidance. 25/09/08 Two ABC’S signed in the area. SBU and SNT joint action. SBU East SNT ASB youths Tower

    East SNT working on the Hart Investigate setting up a East SNT Road

    Lane issue residents association in John Russell LBC

    Hart Hill


    Next financial year Cones put out around the Police East SNT Parking schools 25/09/08

    restrictions to be in place school on certain days to Wenlock infants Beaconsfield

    road safety. prevent parking in certain Crawley Green juniors

    Ongoing less complaints, locations Road safety

    however this is a long term Traffic engineering

    issue. Meeting held with both

    schools. SNT Road safety

    and traffic engineering,

    new road markings

    discussed to place in 2009

    and 2010

Regular patrols with

    warning notices and tickets

    issued. Street meetings


Random road closures to

    be considered

    25/09/08 Ongoing issues with Regular patrols East SNT East SNT ASB youths Lyneham

    shopkeepers and youths. Road

     Cllrs to discuss gating Crawley Cllrs.

    Gates being looked at for the Lyneham shops

    location with support from

    Gibbs and Dandy Investigate the use of Laura Henman crime prevention grant for

    gates or cameras



    Date of Forum Issue Solution Who should be Referred to Outcome

    involved? thLeygreen January 6

    Beaconsfield footpath. 2009

    Mirror installed and

    subsequently re-sited

    higher up pole as a result

    of paint spraying. No

    recent reports of anti

    social behaviour from


David Franks/Laura

    Henman to check

    whether tress obstructing

    street lights have been

    cut back. th620 MPH enforcement. January David Franks to

    2009 Noted that Bedfordshire commission research Chief Constable is into policy in other following National policy areas, particularly from ACPO and Beds Portsmouth where Police will therefore not the local authority routinely enforce 20 MPH has imposed a 20 speed limits. They will MPH limit across the where there is a known

    whole area except for injury problem.

    designated through

    David Franks to routes commission research into policy in other areas, particularly Portsmouth where the local authority has imposed a 20 MPH limit across the whole area except for

    designated through




    Date of Forum Issue Solution Who should be Referred to Outcome

    involved? thRoyal Naval Club January 6 Trees. 2009

    This is on the Police list.

    Remove from this list.

     TH6Lyneham Road anti January social behaviour. 2008

    Police reported it is less

    of a problem now but will

    keep an eye on the area

    to see if the additional

    takeaway shop attracts

    more activity. Gibbs &

    Dandy may be interested

    in subsidising a gating


David Franks &

    Lawrence Patterson to

    approach shops/flats to

    see if there is any

    interest in a gating



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