Little Village Lawndale High School Campus Infinity Math, Science

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Little Village Lawndale High School Campus Infinity Math, Science

Course Syllabus: Honors Algebra I

    Teacher: Ms. Sophia Papaefthimiou Little Village Lawndale High School Campus Telephone: (773) 535-4225 Rooms: 106 & 107 Infinity Math, Science & Technology High School 2009 2010 Office hours: Tuesdays 4:05pm 5:30pm (or by appointment) in room 107 Email:

Course Description:

    This Algebra I course is a bridge between your grade school mathematics coursework and your high school mathematics

    coursework. This course introduces you to variables, algebraic expressions, equations, functions, inequalities, quadratics and their graphical representation. You will develop the ability to explore and solve mathematical problems, think critically and be engaged in real-world, project based problems and situations while collaborating with your fellow classmates.

    As an honors course, we will move at an accelerated pace through certain topics, thus providing us the opportunity to probe deeper into the more challenging ones. While the quantity and themes of projects you will complete will be similar to those of the regular Algebra course, the requirements of the honors Algebra projects will be more rigorous and demanding.

Course Content:

    We will complete 2-3 projects per quarter. This class schedule is tentative and may change as the year proceeds. All changes to the class schedule will be announced in class. The following major topics and projects will be addressed:

Semester 1

    Major topics Projects

    Quarter 1 ? Arithmetic and algebra ? Home Run Inn pizza 9/02/09 11/06/09 ? Performing and applying conversions ? The buck stops here: fundraising project

    ? Linear expressions, equations and graphs

    Quarter 2 ? Statistics and data analysis ? What is the best picture? 11/9/09 1/29/09 ? Solving inequalities and absolute value ? Inequalities and absolute value

    ? Solving and graphing liner equations ? Can you hear me now?

Semester 2

    Major topics Projects

    Quarter 3 ? Slope and forms of lines ? Where in the world are the Infinity teachers? 2/1/09 4/9/09 ? Systems of equations ? Solving systems of equations

    ? Probability ? What are the odds?

    Quarter 4 ? Exponents and exponential functions ? I need a new car! 4/19/09 6/18/09 ? Polynomials and factoring ? Rocket competition: blast off!

    ? Quadratic equations and functions ? Radical functions and geometry

    ? Radical functions and geometry

    Grading Policy: Grading Categories/Weighting: Students will earn traditional letter grades. Tests (every project, midterm and final) = 25%

    Infinity’s grading scale is as follows: Projects = 25%

     A 93 100% Quizzes (weekly) = 20%

     B 85 92% Homework (daily) = 20%

     C 77 84% Work Ethic = 10%

     D 69 76%

     F 0 68% (summer school required)

    You may check your grade at any time on-line by visiting Grade Book.

School Wide Homework & Late Work:

    Turned in on-time = full credit

    1 day late = 25% credit

    2 days late = 50% credit

    3 days late = no credit

    For every excused absence, students will have an equal amount of time to make up the assignment for full credit.

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Required Supplies:

    To be purchased by the student:

    1. Three or more #2 pencils!!!! (and erasers)

    2. Red and black/blue pens

    3. Highlighter

    4. 1 single subject RED spiral notebook (+70 pages)

    5. 1” spiral binder

    6. Graphing paper

    7. Ruler

    8. Calculator (TI-30 XII)*


     It is recommended that you consider purchasing a graphing calculator this will be helpful in many of your classes throughout your time at Infinity and in college. I highly recommend that you purchase either the TI-83 Plus or TI-84.

Classroom Expectations/Policies:

    to myself, students and the teacher

    to my goals/ objectives, group, class and the teacher

    to the best of my ability


    ? Become proficient and/or highly proficient for this course

    ? Complete daily warm ups and check the agenda daily for activities and deadlines

    ? Complete all work in class assignments, homework, exit slips, etc

    ? Complete all projects and related requirements with strong effort and commitment


    ? Show respect for personal space, auditory space, and personal and school property (including technology)

    ? Arrive to class on time and prepared

    ? Work cooperatively in small groups and independently

    ? Complete all work on time in class assignments, homework, projects, warm ups, exit slips, etc.

    ? Follow all Infinity High School and LVLHS discipline rules; follow CPS Student Code of Conduct

    ? Have absolutely NO food and drink in any classroom at any time

Respect: You are expected to consistently exercise common courtesy and show respect for the rights, feelings and property of

    others. It is essential in a classroom setting that all those involved both teacher and student do their best to maintain a positive

    and respectful learning environment.

Work Ethic: You are expected to complete all work in a timely manner, participate in classroom activities and work

    collaboratively with peers.

Homework: All homework is expected to be done in its entirety and by the due date. Students with poor homework habits have

    the hardest time succeeding in class! ALL work must be shown on your homework to receive full credit. Random problems from

    the homework will be checked and/or graded for completeness and correctness. Keep up to date with homework assignments!

Quizzes: There will usually be two quizzes for each project. Quizzes will be pre-announced.

Tests: Tests will be given after the completion of each project.

Finals: There will be two finals throughout the year. Finals take place near the end of semester 1 and semester 2. Each final is


    Make-up policy: When absent, the student is responsible for all missed assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to show the teacher the homework from the missed days. Absent work will be kept in a binder in the front of the classroom. Grab the missing

    assignment and for every excused absence, you have an equal amount of time to make up the assignment for full credit.

    If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test, you have one week from when you return to make up the test. If the quiz or test is not made up within one week, you will receive a zero! Exceptions will be made only for extended absences. No make-up quizzes

    and tests will be given during class time. It is YOUR responsibility to make an appointment!

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Attendance Policy:

    Attendance is mandatory! Just like a job, you cannot miss this class. Absences will be handled according to the student handbook

    policy. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the agenda for the activities completed in class, notes taken in class, or

    any homework that was assigned.

Students must attend their classes in order to learn and retain course subject matter. Consequently, students’ success in earning

    credits towards promotion shall be determined by attendance in class as well as by performance on academic assignments.

    Therefore, students who have unexcused absences in 20% or more of the classes in a particular course during the period for which

    a unit of credit is earned shall not pass the course and shall receive no credit towards promotion.


    You MUST arrive to class on-time, fully prepared for that day’s activities. Each class will begin with a warm-up,

     which you are

    expected to complete within the first 5-10 minutes of class if you miss it, you will not receive credit for that day and your work

    ethic grade will be lowered. Each tardy will result in a deduction of 5 points. Tardies are unacceptable in any class throughout

    the day. Students with tardiness will be subject to the CPS Code of Conduct, resulting in detention and suspensions for excessive


Campus and School Rules:

    Please review the Infinity student/parent handbook for details.

Electronic Policy: The use of cell phones or other expensive electronics (iPods/MP3 players, game systems, etc.) is not permitted

    in the building.


    ? All students must wear the Infinity polo every day. Students may wear a school appropriate shirt of choice on


    ? Students and staff shall not wear hats, hoodies, bandanas, do-rags, general head coverings, flip-flops, house shoes/

    slippers, large belt buckles, text-message belts and pajamas on campus

    ? Clothing depicting gang culture, violence, or sexual content shall be deemed inappropriate and will not be permitted

    ? Clothing must cover the body from shoulders to mid-thigh (finger-tip length)


    ? ID’s must be visible at all times for all staff and students

    ? Temporary ID badges are to be purchased by the student at a cost of $1.00 per ID

    ? Students must have their ID in order to receive their lunch


    ? Color coded by school. Infinity has pink passes.

    ? Students who are walking in public spaces within the building during classes MUST have a PASS detailing their

    destination and signed and dated by a teacher / administrator


    Behavior and academic violations as outlines under “Classroom Expectations/Policies” will result in any of the following:

    ? Warning: student teacher conference

    ? Parent phone call and/or detention

    ? Lowering of work ethic grade

    ? Parent student teacher conference

    ? Referral to an Administrator

Final notes:

    I am not just here to teach you Algebra if you have any questions about jobs, resumes, friends, scholarships, other subjects,

    sports, or just life in general, I am always available. Feel free to stick your head in before school starts or drop by after the final

    period. Same goes for your parents/guardians you can always reach me at school by calling 773-553-4225 or you can email me


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     /10 Syllabus signatures Name_____________________________

    HW#1 Received: 9/8/09 Due: 9/11/09

Students and parents please read and fill-out the following form.

I, __________________________________, (student's name) have read and understand the requirements for Algebra I. I will

    cooperate with Ms. Sophia Papaefthimiou and fellow students to maintain an educational and safe classroom environment. I am

    aware that not following the above requirements will negatively impact my ability to succeed in this class and at Infinity High School.

Student Signature Date:

________________________________________________ ____________________

Dear Parent or Guardian:

    Please read the requirements for Algebra I. Also, help the student to realize the importance of cooperation with all members of the class to create an education and safe classroom environment. Working together, we can insure that students will follow the above requirements and have a very successful year in Algebra I. I look forward to working with you throughout the school year. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Ms. Sophia Papaefthimiou

Estimado Padre/Guardián:

Lea por favor los requisitos para la asignatura de Algebra con su hijo. También, ayude al estudiante a darse cuenta de la

    importancia de la cooperación con todos miembros de la clase para crear un ambiente educativo y seguro. Trabajando juntos,

    nosotros podemos asegurar que los estudiantes sigan los requisitos delineados anteriormente y que tengan un año muy exitoso en

    la clase de Algebra. Por favor comuníquese conmigo con cualquier pregunta. ?Espero trabajar con usted y con su estudiante este año!


Ms. Sophia Papaefthimiou

Parent signature/Firma de Padre: Date/Fecha:

    __________________________________________ ____________________

Contact Number(s)/Numero(s) de Telefono:


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