Elderly patients with severe annular mixed hemorrhoid thrombosis incarcerated efficacy of conservative treatment of 40 cases_2535

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Elderly patients with severe annular mixed hemorrhoid thrombosis incarcerated efficacy of conservative treatment of 40 cases_2535

Elderly patients with severe annular mixed hemorrhoid

    thrombosis incarcerated efficacy of conservative treatment of 40 cases

     Abstract Objective To observe the self-made traditional Chinese medicine lotion

    Qudu of hemorrhoid swelling smoked soup with oral tablets and 71 saponin treatment of hemorrhoids blood capsule in senile annular incarcerated mixed hemorrhoid thrombosis effect. Methods 80 patients were randomly divided into treatment group and control group of 40 patients treated with traditional Chinese medicine colorful

    Jiantang Fumigation Bath and alternating topical liquid alum solution and Glauber's salt wet gauze, while saponin 71 Oral tablets and capsules blood hemorrhoids. The control group with oral administration of hemorrhoids colorful pills, Ma Ying-lung

    hemorrhoids and anal plug cream coated with chlorhexidine hemorrhoid suppository and PP powder Water Bath, the clinical efficacy were observed. Results In the treatment group was 100%, the control group response rate was 40.25%, a large gap

    between the two groups, the efficacy of the treatment group quick and rapid recovery rate, all effective in the control group cure rate is low, slow or ineffective, effective . Conclusions Self-made traditional Chinese medicine Qudu swelling of hemorrhoids and

    the external application of soup smoked bath anal area and oral administration of 71 tablets and hemorrhoids saponin blood capsule in elderly patients with annular incarcerated mixed hemorrhoid thrombosis efficacy of good, effective rapid, safe and

    reliable, non - pain, to avoid surgical treatment for elderly patients can not afford to bring the pain and risk.

     Key words Aged; annular incarcerated hemorrhoid; conservative treatment

     Elderly people suffering from mixed hemorrhoids with circular incarcerated

    thrombosis in clinical practice is more prevalent, many elderly people of weak constitution, to the twilight years accompanied by a variety of diseases in the body, illness Should the line after the surgery, most patients and their families are do not

    accept, but doctors fear that patients with the occurrence of postoperative complications should be responsible, a number of ways for its poor treatment. To explore the ring for the elderly patients with severe treatment of mixed hemorrhoids

    incarcerated safe, effective, no risk, no pain, then we in 2001 to 2007 preclude the use of self-made traditional Chinese medicine Qudu swelling pain of hemorrhoids and external application and Tang Fumigation Bath oral hemorrhoids blood capsules and

    71 tablets saponin, its joint 40 cases of conservative treatment, and with oral administration of hemorrhoids pill, coated with Ma Ying hemorrhoids ointment, hemorrhoids suppositories within the Cypriot chlorhexidine, PP powder Water Bath for 40 cases of comparison, the results were satisfactory. These are as follows.

     1 Data and methods

     1.1 General information on cases of this group 40 cases, male 36 cases and 4 female, aged 55 to 91 years old, with an average age of 73. There is a history of anal

    hemorrhoids are more than 30 years, including three cases of hemorrhoids surgery had been done, there are four cases of hemorrhoids have done injection therapy (drug unknown). 40 patients there were 20 cases of normal stool in varying degrees, when the

    history of hemorrhoids prolapse, they satisfied after the return. Cerebrovascular disease, hemiplegia, 10 cases of diabetes mellitus in elderly hypertensive patients with 7 cases, there are six cases of various cancer patients, aged nine cases of coronary heart

    disease myocardial infarction, 8 cases of senile bronchitis asthma. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     1.2 Treatment

     1.2.1 Qingrejiedu swelling, activating blood and pain of hemorrhoids (1) The treatment group consists of: Silver Flower 15 g, berberine 10 g, Phellodendron, Sophora, Paris polyphylla, Angelica, Polygonum cuspidatum, Angelica sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Rubra 15 g each , safflower 10 g, Alisma 15 g, alum 15 g, Glauber's salt 15 g, licorice 10 g. (2) medication method: the top of the Jianzhi 1 500 ~ 2 000 ml, when the suffocating heat until the temperature reaches 40 ? concoction below and then Bath 20

    min, anal area with a clean towel for drying of lesions, using 20 g alum and Glauber's salt 20 g cold water 100 ml each transferred into a liquid with gauze pieces soaked in liquid for external anal area Glauber's salt affected area until the gauze after drying the wet gauze and topical use of alum, used interchangeably, Japan OK 3 times, Chinese medicine smoked on-line two times, 71 saponin tablets 60 mg, 3 times a day

    orally, hemorrhoids blood capsules 2 capsules 3 times a day orally.

     1.2.2 Drugs and methods of the control group of conventional oral hemorrhoid pills on the two times, rectal suppository hemorrhoid inside the plug chlorhexidine 2 times, and topical Ma Ying Long Hemorrhoids Ointment and PP powder Water Bath Day 2 times.

     2 Results

     2.1 evaluate the efficacy of the content and the standard drug medication seven days before the observation of symptoms and signs of anal area, hemorrhoids edema, thrombosis is reduced or disappears, the pain is gone or reduced necrotic wound healing or increase the surface is. Anal area with symptoms disappear as the healing, hemorrhoids and edema reduced, pain reduced thrombosis atrophy, necrosis, scab-free

    surface exudate to be valid, no change or worsen symptoms of anal area to be invalid.

     2.2 The treatment results in the treatment group of 40 patients recovered in 28 cases, effective in 12 cases, efficiency was 100%. Control group, 40 cases were cured in 6 cases, effective 12 cases, ineffective in 22 cases and increased in 8 cases underwent surgical treatment, the total effective rate was 40.25%. Two quite different than the effect.

     3 Discussion

     Elderly people suffering from cyclic incarcerated mixed hemorrhoid thrombosis is more prevalent in clinical practice, because the elderly prime virtual organs, blood shortage in gas subsidence inability to defecate, and some are bed-ridden for several

    days understand the stool, constipation, dry bowel , forced Nu defecation had earned a very, resulting in blood subsidence, hot toxic poly-anal junction, lodging stagnation

    smell, coupled with the elderly unable to anal sphincter relaxation, caused by

    hemorrhoids with rectal mucosal prolapse outside the anus while incarcerated edema, thrombosis, such as the not treated in time would increase the necrosis, but the elderly also often accompanied by a variety of diseases in the body, such as older diabetes,

    hypertension, stroke, hemiplegia, coronary heart disease, emphysema, etc., so I increased the difficulty of clinical practice and risks, especially in surgery treatment, all patients and their families do not agree to surgical treatment program. To this end, the

    author proposed a self-Qudu Huayu Xiaozhongzhitong soup, and oral hemorrhoids

    blood capsules and 71 tablets saponin, and external application of alum and Glauber's salt wet gauze to its conservative treatment. Fang with Yinhua, Coptis chinensis,

    Phellodendron, Sophora, Paris polyphylla, Polygonum cuspidatum, Angelica Qingrejiedu, dampness swelling, Chinese angelica, red peony, safflower stasis blood circulation and pain relief, even coupled with alum, Glauber's salt convergence

    swelling, soft-kin Sanjie. Hemorrhoids blood capsules, 71 saponins can reduce the capillary permeability films, increasing venous return, reduce venous stasis and mucosal edema, so swollen the blood elimination disperse heat played a total of dampness, Qudu of hemorrhoids, swelling pain of the effectiveness of . Clinical results show that the effect of treatment group was significantly better than the control group. Tips Self-Qudu of hemorrhoid swelling soup, topical and oral administration of 71

    saponins fumigation tablets, hemorrhoids blood capsules, the treatment of senile annular incarcerated mixed hemorrhoids with thrombosis, Rapid, safe and reliable, no pain, which resolved the Treatment is difficult and to avoid the line of surgical

    treatment of the risks. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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