Edit conscious thought and comprehensive academic journal of the development - the Fifth National Integrated Class humanities and social sciences journals Summary of High-Level Forum_4925

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Edit conscious thought and comprehensive academic journal of the development - the Fifth National Integrated Class humanities and social sciences journals Summary of High-Level Forum_4925

    Edit conscious thought and comprehensive academic journal of the development - the Fifth National Integrated Class

    humanities and social sciences journals Summary of High-Level


     Summary fifth class humanities and social sciences journals Comprehensive High-

    Level Forum held at a time when "Jiangxi Social Science," the magazine 25 anniversary. The theme of the forum was "a conscious and comprehensive editorial thinking academic journal of development." Centered on the "Edit thinking and

    comprehensive journals highlight the expansion of space for development", "Comprehensive Academic Journals optimizing the ecological environment of academic responsibilities and roles", "Forum, the role of awareness and guidance functions", "Comprehensive Academic Journals of the magazine business model "and other topics of heated and serious discussion, and achieved great success.

     Abstract Journal job title

     Key words humanities and social sciences journals / academic journals development / editing thinking / academic environment / Journal Forum


     2005 Nian October 26 to November 1, from "China Social Science" magazine, the Jiangxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences hosted "Jiangxi Social Sciences" Editorial contractor's "Fifth National Integrated Class humanities and social science journal Forum" was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. From across the country well-known editor of academic journals and editors gather together around the "Edit conscious thought and the development of a comprehensive academic journal of the

    theme of" on the "Edit thinking and comprehensive journals highlight the expansion of space for development", "Comprehensive Academic Journals in optimizing the ecological environment of academic responsibilities and roles "," Forum, the role of

    awareness and guidance functions "," Comprehensive Academic Journals of the magazine business model "and other topics of lively discussion. Meetings and the main point now summarized as follows:

     1, the fifth class humanities and social sciences journals Comprehensive High-

    Level Forum held at a time when "Jiangxi Social Science" magazine ushered founded 25 anniversary. Delegates to the "Jiangxi Social Science" magazine warm


     October 26, 2005 the morning of the Fifth National Integrated Class humanities and social sciences journals Forum Opening Ceremony cum "Jiangxi Social Science," the magazine 25th anniversary celebration in Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences Academic Lecture Hall was held. High-level forum with all the representatives and

    Jiangxi periodical publishing industry, academia, the social science community, university leadership and guests attended by more than 130 event. The Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department

    sent a congratulatory message LIU Shang-yang, Sun Gang, vice governor participated

    in the Forum, opening ceremony and festival publications, and delivered a warm speech. "China's Social Science" magazine editor-Qin Yi researchers, Propaganda

    Department of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, vice minister of Professor Chen Dongyou, the provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Social Union party secretary, provincial chairman of the HKCSS Yin Hung researchers, provincial

    Academy of Social Sciences, Social Union party deputy secretary of the provincial Academy of Social Sciences Dean, Professor Fu Xiu-Yan, the provincial Press and

    Publication Bureau of party members, deputy director of Chi Hung pipeline attended the opening ceremony and celebration. Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Social Union party member of the Provincial Council of Social Service Professor Guo Jiezhong Vice-Chairman chaired the meeting.

     Sun Gang comrades to the Forum on behalf of the convening of the Jiangxi

    Provincial Government to the "Jiangxi Social Science," the 25th anniversary of the magazine warm congratulations to the participating experts and scholars and guests to express our sincere welcome! He pointed out: the National Integrated Class humanities

    and social sciences journals Forum has been held since 2001 in the national academic journals and academic circles extensive influence in guiding the academic journals, prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences play an important and

    constructive role, promotion of self-construction of academic journals. "Jiangxi Social

    Sciences" as a comprehensive academic publications, is to demonstrate the province an important window for social science research. 25 years, "Jiangxi Social Science"

    magazine insisted that "the academic tradition, innovation theory" duty, received wide acclaim and numerous academic honors. 25th anniversary at the launch and hope at a new starting point, with a strong sense of mission, philosophy and social sciences

    journals and write our province a glorious new chapter!

     At the meeting, Jiangxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Dean, Professor Fu Xiu-Yan first speech, "China Social Science" magazine editor-Qin Yi researchers, the

    National Ministry of Education, Social and Political Department Jian comrades have also followed a speech to the Forum will be held and the "Jiangxi Social Science" magazine founded 25 years to express my sincere congratulations. "Jiangxi Social Science," editorial board has also received a large number of congratulatory letters all over the country, greetings.

     2, edit, highlight the thinking and integrated development of space expansion of journals and is the hottest topic of this forum. Editing idea is a publication of the soul,

    which determines the overall look and style of publications, but also a comprehensive journals to expand development space and conditions of the premise.

     "China's Social Science," editor in chief researcher at the current forum, Qin Yi

    made the first "efforts to expand comprehensive class humanities and social sciences journals in the development of space," the keynote address. Her five years of the Forum carried out a review and prospects. She said: the National Integrated Class

    humanities and social sciences journals from the first session of the High Level Forum on the "academic journal development strategy", the second session of the "academic journals and academic career," the third "academic journals and academic norms",

    the fourth term "academic journal editors ranks" to present the "Edit thinking highlights and comprehensive academic journal of the expansion of space for development," has undergone a gradual deepening of the process of forum topics. In this process, various academic journals, not only in its own building, has made considerable progress, and the result of a conscious awareness of their own role and participation in academic activities, and more proactive. Five years of practice has proven that the Forum will continue to prove established constructive. Humanities and Social Science Journals is a comprehensive class for its role in a more conscious awareness, a more active involvement of an active stance in the philosophy and social sciences arena, its role in promoting prosperity and academic career has attracted

    more attention to academics.

     How to develop a comprehensive academic journal of the living space? Qin Yi said: Integrated Academic Journals in China account for a large proportion of academic

    journals, has become the main form of Chinese academic journals. On scientific research and general needs are concerned, the need for a comprehensive journals will not be too much, so in other countries, a comprehensive academic journal of relatively small. However, in our country, comprehensive journals not only exists, but also the increasing prosperity, especially in the humanities and social sciences. This phenomenon is worth considering.

     Comprehensive Academic Journals is not easy to do, which is the industry

    everybody knows, the difficulty stems from various aspects, fundamentally speaking, is derived from its identity. The first is its subject positioning; followed by its readers positioning; but also its market position. Survival in a limited space, a comprehensive

    academic journal of the way out? In the future development, academic journals should be based on professionalism as the main direction. A comprehensive academic journal of the current will gradually divide, some will gradually move toward specialization,

    become a true professional journals; or maintaining a comprehensive academic journal of the structure, content to highlight the traditional strengths Articles disciplines or fields of expertise, or even a specific issues as the core journals in the field. Actually

    there are a number of publications began to develop in this direction. Another part may be another move toward specialization: are devoted to a comprehensive cross-

    disciplinary boundaries of research results, a true sense of the Comprehensive

    Academic Journals. This is an innovation in a more exploratory way, they will be a need for greater investment, more difficult road to the magazine.

     Of course, for the majority of the current situation that has been made in some academic status, with greater impact overall class academic journals, such as the local Academy of Social Sciences, She Kelian host most of the academic journals, but the impact of changes in is uncertain. The overall situation to maintain the status quo, local

    changes in the appropriate absorption of positive factors, small step adjustment of stability should be the wiser choice. However, as the theme of the Forum raised the need for clear differentiation of the editorial ideas to make our publications more

    prominent features, style is more unique, as continuously expand living space.

     "China's Social Science" magazine editorial Ke Jinhua that: the normal functioning of academic journals, it is necessary to solve two problems: First, the article should

    have high academic standards, and second, a mechanism must be elected by a good article. The first issue was in the final analysis depends on the overall academic level of research, the second depends on a relatively sound editing system and editing an academic perspective. Specifically, first of all, academic journals academic

    development should strictly follow the law, opposed to academic innovation and simplification, vulgarization. Left the academic criticism of the effective accumulation and inheritance, academic innovation has become a river without water. Therefore, academic journals can not be the purpose of innovation and innovative, can not be lost in those with the so-called new ideas and new methods result in the illusion, we can not give impetuous wind waves. Second, instead of "problem awareness" as a slogan, do not think that a few times more than shouting slogans really find the problem. As an editor of academic journals, it is important is the question of conscious awareness throughout the day for many years, such as thinking seriously about a cool study in order to have a theory that the sensitivity of possible outcomes for a variety of academic research to make an accurate judgments, and in the context of academic development, mastery of the capture valuable problem. Again, self-editing for academic

    journals is particularly important and should strengthen the academic sense of responsibility, consciously abide by the academic standards.

     Thinking about editing journals highlight the development and integration, "China

    Social Science Digest" Zi-Li Ma, executive deputy editor of the idea is: to edit the thinking publications adhere to and highlight the positioning style and taste to edit an extension of ideas and journals sector stronger co-publication. He elaborated on five

    points: (1) editing mode of thought or the performance of a variety of forms, such as the production activities in the academic part of the final depth of involvement, interaction with the author, equality and dialogue; or issue-oriented, in the the

    academic level to respond to major practical problems; or relying on the organizational session, through the conference theme reflects the editors thought to form a research focus. (2) Integrated class academic journals, editor of thinking should be integrated in

    pursuit of goals, and strive to topics of ideology in the contemporary awareness, consciousness, awareness and interdisciplinary research reflects the long-time editorial

    content, which is different from professional journals. This class is a comprehensive

    academic journal should be based on academics lies. (3) to edit the thinking and the academic quality of the stick, highlight, and influence or guide the academic development, expand academic space, and thus forming a unique style of publications.

    (4) Publications, after the formation of the effect of the brand - academic development

    of the wind vane. To edit an extension of thought, such as organizing academic forums, seminars, play in the academic community influence, playing the role of academic

    development weathervane. (5) There is competition among academic journals, but in the current background, even more should be emphasized that cooperation among the publications, it is necessary to seriously study, widely recognized and actively promote

    a truly consistent with the law of Social Science Academic Standards , rather than to cater to, give way those who have violated the law of humanities and social sciences research, Westernization, and not in conformity with the principles and impact of the

    aesthetic effect of papers to read some of the "norm."

     For the academic journal editorial ideas and editorial responsibility, "the field of" editor Yuan Yuli said: editor thought, the core values that we reveal and solve any kind

    of humanities and social problems is significant, and thus determine our operations in the editing level, how to organize, select, processing and elimination of articles, most of our understanding of the socialist cultural products presented to the reader, presenting

    to the community. Thinking of a competent editor, editor, especially the editor, he should, through their own editing, compilation, planning and the final product, at least the following four issues should be made consistent with the fact that the requirements

    and spirit of the times to answer: (1) academic journals the roles, responsibilities and missions; (2) academic and political, academic and truth (good or U.S.) relations; (3) for academic freedom, academic attitudes to democracy; (4) For the academic

    accumulation, academic innovation and academic norms理解. Through the

    interpretation of these issues, promoting human and social problems for the Chinese people to expose and resolve. Idea is a compilation of academic ideas editing applications. Editorial responsibility is not only the health of the composition of editorial ideas, but also edit the results of the ideological evolution of the need to guide

the ideas, select the original, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, support newcomers.

     "People Magazine" editor in chief researcher at Korea Yang also how to open up space for development of academic journals expressed their views. She said: room for the development of academic journals can be defined in two ways: (1) the development

    of academic journals of ideas and knowledge space. First, the journal editors asked the principle of the magazine there is sufficient openness. Second, the academic journal editors should have a distinct consciousness of the problem and theoretical courage.

    With the real problem, only true knowledge, in the existing legal and institutional framework, in practice the maximum freedom, of human knowledge and ideas to explore new areas for the development of social ideas and theories guidelines. (2) The survival of academic journals market space. Although academic journals rather than the cause of a non-profit business, but academic journals in order to survive and develop, but not out of the market. Journal facing two markets: the academic market and business market. How to open up business publication market, we must combine the issue of their own conditions, it is impossible to find a unified model, if combined with the possibility of the transformation of the publication, in fact, possible to find a strategic investor in the media market, and take a market-oriented operation roads.

     "Scholarly journals should not be ignored from the network competition", "Hubei Social Science," Tang Wei, executive deputy editor with special emphasis on this point. He said: Online Papers and journal articles, compared with at least three significant differences. The first is the author's writing different viewpoints. Given the current academic evaluation mechanisms, social science workers in each year or a time period

    of the published papers have a certain number of requests. This allows the authors to scholarly journals Received, it is often for the evaluation and write a lot of articles, whether concluded or research point of view, demonstration materials, are far from

    new, non-innovative. The online authors, from the writing with little or no motivation on the utilitarian nature of the secular, often with a feeling, there is something to say, so innovative, often stronger than the magazine article. Followed by a different style of

    writing. Writing different motives, leading to online papers and journal articles very different style of writing. The former is often language simple and clear, direct access to its meaning, central prominent point of view clear and readable. Many articles are

    confined to the latter's stylized, "eight-legged essay" breath concentration, poor

    readability. Finally, communication between authors and readers in different strengths and weaknesses. Line between authors and readers with real-time nature of the

    interaction, which is incomparable journal. In addition to these three points, the network of papers and journal articles in the timeliness, topics of freedom, it is also quite different. Therefore, we must learn to learn the advantages of online papers and

    enhance the academic level of activity, academic journals in order to firmly occupy the forefront of academic.

     Journal of Social Science University Comprehensive class is a comprehensive academic journal an important component of an integrated class Journal and Academy

    of Social Sciences, She Kelian systematic and comprehensive academic journal Social Science class, compared, both similarities and has its particularity. "Peking University" Liu Shuguang, deputy editor of the magazine with its own situation, we edit the

    conscious thought and synthesis of the Journals of the formation of style, about his own views. He said: journal style is non-selective, there is also optional aspects. The decisive aspects of journal-style or non-selectivity, including journals in the Journal, the

    magazine approach, subject positioning, audience positioning, market positioning, and so on. These things are journal-style continuity and stability of the fundamental

    guarantee for the formation of a basic style of the publication something which can not

    be arbitrarily changed. The journal-style selective or non-decisive, that is the main

    features of the journal is to journal editors can be changed is that we can give full play to the subjective aspects of initiative. Through the conscious pursuit of editing can

    make the publication's personality (or character style) is more distinct. Without

    editorial ideas of "consciousness", it would not journal style. Journal of Social Science should be integrated throughout the editor in chief of the general idea; based on the

    school, highlighting regional characteristics, academic strengths and historical traditions; should be "something to dissolve", integrating resources, the Journal of the building as a systems engineering task ; focused, taking into account general principles.

     While the development of a comprehensive academic journal of space, most believe at a disadvantage, but there are different opinions. "Gansu Social Science," editorial HU Zheng-ping of the consolidated class mainstream academic journals about their

    views. He said: According to China's current academic and social development needs in the future for a long period of time, a comprehensive class academic journals should play a crucial role. There are three reasons: (1) from the current system has

    determined China's academic journals are the main units of the magazine, rather than the academic community-based institutions such as the magazine unit of a

    comprehensive and decided to have one or several of each unit Comprehensive

    Academic journals. (2) promote professional unrealistic academic journals. Imagine the national universities and the Academy of Social Sciences Research Institute in each faculty was founded by professional category are academic journals, there will be many

    problems, such as: overall quality of journals can not be guaranteed; journals it is inevitable that every professional disciplines, "Journal minority side" phenomenon; high-quality professional and is the source is also a problem. (3) established a

    comprehensive academic journal of social and academic needs. China's discipline development and scholars developing very rapidly, according to the current system of units to the requirements of professional and technical personnel, professional category

    is far from academic journals can not meet the needs of development, relatively speaking, is a comprehensive academic journal of carrying a large number of academic achievements introduction of functions. Of course, a comprehensive academic journal

    of the disadvantages still exist, and should establish a sense of urgency, to address problems, to continuously improve its quality, highlighting features such means as the magazine gradually resolved. Only in the development of innovative, comprehensive

    academic journal of development is promising, the mainstream has become increasingly strong. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Third, on the "Comprehensive Academic Journals optimizing the ecological environment of academic responsibilities and the role of" forum to discuss general revolved around three aspects: First, the ecological environment of academic knowledge; The second is to optimize the ecological environment in the academic mission of academic journals ; third is how to optimize the academic environment.

     "Yunnan Social Science," deputy editor Phanzu POH that: the current problems in the academic environment, according to a politician to say, the academic community there is noise, that is, with the main theme, the voice of the mainstream ideology

    inconsistent. Scholars should pay attention to politicians warning, adhere to national security and national interests above everything else. From these global issues to think about building a good academic environment, we must reduce to eliminate interference and shake the guiding ideology of the status of the mainstream of noise. However, the academic major ecological problems should be handled by the academic community to do its own review, that is, there are a lot of academics against the academic

    development pattern of behavior. The emergence of these phenomena, and the defects of the whole community. The question is academic for the root causes of these defects, performance, have a deep understanding of hazards and to take effective measures to

    control, so that China's academic ecosystem continuously optimized. Ecology in optimizing the academic process, academic journals has a major mission. In leading academic journals should be the direction of philosophy and social sciences play an

    active role, which includes political orientation, academic orientation, academic


     "Jiangxi Social Sciences," editor in chief Yu Yue researchers talked about the three views. He said: First, what is an academic environment? This is the first to realize

    clear. He combines his own experience of running the journal, said: At present, the academic bubble, more and more academic corruption intensified, study, getting worse. Academic evaluation of the existing norms, the original intention is to become better

    and better the academic community, but there are some standards, assessment, and our purpose may be totally different, which refers to the overall academic environment. Second, the academic journals face the academic environment. First, the political

    horizon. The magazine should not only adhere to a correct direction, but also conducive to theoretical innovation, how to grasp the political and academic boundaries between the two? As the magazine people, thought should be very clear. Second, the economic

    pressure. Lack of funds the magazine, affecting the development potential publication. This is not belong to one of the academic environment? Worthwhile for us to consider. Third, the handling of human relations. Human draft of the relationship between draft

    and draft power and how to do? This is, and academic issues, academic corruption closely linked. These are part of the academic environment issues. Third, the academic journals in the academic environment optimized to assume responsibility to publish

    essays, leading academic, scholarly communication, academic accumulation, train academic personnel and academic standards to play its due role. However, some academic environment issues involved, not the journal itself can be resolved. How to

    create a suitable living environment for academic journals, which requires our Constitution, laws and regulations, the management sector and is closely related to all aspects of academic, there is a tolerant, relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

     "Social science research," executive deputy editor Zhang path pipeline that: the current academic environment the biggest problem is the academic freedom and academic innovation issues, and then again a problem closely related with the previous

    one. The content of the lack of innovation in many academic journals, academic content is not high, regardless of academic and advocacy, published for a large number of mediocrity, its root cause lies in the lack of adequate protection of academic freedom.

    For the academic research and scholarly journals, it should be allowed to scholars in the Constitution, the law norms for academic innovation, it should be allowed to academic journals in the Constitution, the law norms scholars published research

    results. The only way to lift the shackles of academic journals in its development, and fundamentally to protect the academic freedom of academic journals, so that academic journals without any distractions constantly introduce innovative academic boutique.

    In addition to academic and political relations, the current restraints on academic freedom also comes from a large number of academic approval, planning the number of academic and academic impact, because they limit the nature of the academic

    freedom of academic research object selection and the freedom to devote themselves to scholarship, forcing them to the poor in the next issue, Minato quantity, multi-

    published. At the same time, some scholars outside of academic indicators are too geared toward a variety of utilitarian and even take the initiative to pursue, then the damage to the scholar's own self-awareness of the value of academic freedom guardian.

    These are made academic innovation lost its backing, causing a large number of false results, fast results, a low level to be available to repeat the results. Of this situation, we also have academic journals can not shirk its responsibility. Only by upholding the academic freedom of academic journals and academic innovation and the pursuit of

    strict editorial colleagues and strive to be learned to optimize their quality aspects of a down, seriously boutique to launch a scholarly clout, responsible for optimizing the academic environment of social responsibility.

     In order to promote a comprehensive academic journal of China's development,

    "academic research" deputy editor Dr. Tao Yuanke foreign social science journals in English a comprehensive type of analysis. He said: From the random inspection in

foreign countries, an integrated English and social science journals of the

    circumstances, it presents the form of its contents can be divided into various types of integrated. Such as a journal covering various disciplines, covering the way the article can be put together from different disciplines, different disciplines of knowledge can be

    cross-disciplinary journal articles constitute a comprehensive, can be put together to form a non-academic subjects columns fuzzy comprehensive, it can be focused on the compiled and distributed the integrated use of multi-disciplinary knowledge in order to

    study and solve the specific problems of papers constitute "problem comprehensive", it can be compiled and distributed around certain topics related to the topic of the article to form a comprehensive and so on. Each type has its own comprehensive advantages, the study focuses, cut into the issue of the different characteristics of the different methods to meet the academic and social development of the different needs.

     4, how to recognize "the role of awareness and guide the Forum function", is one of the main topics of this forum. The creation of the Forum participants gave full recognition for its proper function is discussed in further to run the Forum and offered many valuable suggestions.

     Awareness of the Forum's role and guidance functions, "Journal Zhejiang Province," executive deputy editor REN Yi-Min researchers believe that this substance

    and edit the main body of consciousness, and academic journals themselves inextricably linked to their social historical mission. From such a perspective to look at the forum function of the role of awareness and guidance, should be converted to an academic beyond the simple, narrow-minded editor of business, to assume consciously

    guide the Chinese academic and social development in response to the trend and grasp the basis of academic context to promote academic innovation, particularly in the academic paradigm of innovative mission. Each year the Forum, should be continuously extended to the depth of academic research. For example, the comb and

    put forward in academic research to date, the main problems of combing through the real problem, to analyze the future direction of academic research. On this basis, and then discuss our targeted journals how to intervene in these issues.

     "Northern Essays" Zhang, deputy editor of the school executive, said: the function and role of the Forum is comprehensive. In addition to people familiar with the "platform" function, should also not be overlooked-oriented features, or sense of

    direction should be strengthened. The Forum brought together a comprehensive class of domestic social science academic journal "main force" constitutes a strong group, through the Forum to exchange information, experience is necessary, but how to

    enhance the overall strength of play groups, advantages, increase the tracking of some cutting-edge issues efforts, some major issues to guide the joint research, it should be the core of the Forum activities. Forum to promote the role of orientation can not be

    underestimated. We emphasize the importance of awareness-oriented forum should

    also be emphasized that awareness of specific guidance reflect a clear point of academic research, so that the Forum members journal road to follow, so that journals sector has

    long been advocated by the "problem consciousness" in practice to be reflected.

     "Dongyue Essays," editor in chief Lu Shi-hoon that: the role of the Forum is the

    forum for a comprehensive academic journal in guiding the development process, to

    play its special functions to play to lead the direction, to explore cutting-edge issues of

    academic, sum up experience, to run the publication role. Forum's role can be divided into two aspects: First, the development of the Forum in the journal's role; 2 refers to

    the journal of the Forum in the role, both are indispensable. The guiding principal functions are: the timely submission of academic research in the emergence of new trends, new problems, the forum topics and academic research, the development of

    journals linked effectively to the development of the journal to provide strong help. The

    use of the opportunities offered by the Forum, attracting experts and scholars to carry out academic discussions, the Forum to increase the amount of information; the use of

    the forum forms of organization and conduct negotiations with relevant organizations and collaboration effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the journal.

     As for how to run the Forum, "the Guangdong Social Science," director and editor

    in chief Liu Zesheng researchers think that we should do the work in three areas: (1) the need for further planning, to develop a brand. Run out of the "Forum" characteristics and taste, run out of the "Forum" influence and authority, will be

    development of academic research and journals to produce good interaction, full play to its guiding function, not just to open will be just . And to use their positions in the hands of the "forum" the necessary self-packaging and self-promotion. (2) to plan a

    good each theme of the forum as soon as possible to resolve or that tend to solve some problems, although they may be involved in other conflicts, such as economic interests and so forth. Add up, and gradually have an impact, brand came out, and is also

    regarded as the "Forum" a contribution. (3) to strengthen contact and form an effective mechanism for the formation of a system of things that are conducive to long-

    term development. You can also plan a number of inter-sessional period with the

    "Forum" series of activities related to providing the necessary information, to play to contact, communication, co-ordination role.

     "Quest" magazine editor, Professor Wu Dongfeng: As there is a deep sense of mission and reflection journals were, in the pursuit of operational planning in promoting the history and the contributions of the community forward, will appear as distinct and unique value to find their own personality the survival and development of blue sky. He also made three proposals to run the Forum: (1) on the pattern of the problem. The Forum Faren is five times the current period, as the enterprise life-cycle,

    like, now is the time of the need for innovation. There are two paths available for consideration: First, bringing in and going out. The National Integrated Class

    humanities and social sciences journals into High-Level Forum of China's

    comprehensive class High-Level Forum humanities and social sciences journals, invited Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with the world advanced countries in the Association

    journal Periodical Association to this forum to exchange information and seek common strategy. Bringing in, they will certainly be to leave, to go overseas or abroad to the last and second, both Zhuang its sensual, but also broadened the horizons. The second is to

    open doors, take a bridge. Forum could invite an appropriate representative of the author and the academic community participants, to do some preparation of the exchange, compilation time exchange. (2) With regard to the status issue. Forum could

    declare a "category of China's overall survival of humanities and social sciences journals and Development Study," National Social Science Fund projects in order to enhance the weight of this forum. (3) With regard to the question on the service. Forum

    to discuss not only the norms and innovative journals themselves, but also discuss the norms and improve the external environment, to think the Chinese people and journal Academic Journal policy environment, legal environment, business environment, social

    welfare environment. The forum should provide some of the recommendations and ideas to management research, strive to periodicals and academic journals were planning a more scientific and stretch space.

     "Learning and explore," editor in chief Zhang Yunpeng proposed, starting from the next forum, we only pay attention to the development of the theoretical journal of academic problems, should also be concerned with the journal is closely related to the development of a variety of practical problems. Solving the academic and related macro-problems, solve practical problems that must be addressed and micro issues, the journal will give us a new vitality, and its value is just as inferior to people of concern to macro issues.

     5, the face of fierce market competition in recent years, a comprehensive academic journal of business model of the magazine also conducted a lot of useful exploration. From the long-term development perspective, a comprehensive academic

    journal of how to form a more competitive business model, has become a forum for the discussion of this important aspect.

     "Jianghai Journal," executive deputy editor Han Pu G researchers to "Market Challenges and the Chinese theory of Humanities and Social Science Journals" in the

    title gave a comprehensive explanation. He believes that: an integrated look, humanities and social sciences journals challenges encountered in the market can be summarized in four levels: homogenization and the intense academic competition in the market

    situation; market segmentation challenges; international impact; network media intervention , impact on the domestic paper humanities and social sciences journals. In the market environment, the humanities and social sciences journals to rational

    reflection, to respond to market-oriented and network-based challenges? First, faced

    with a breakdown of the market, pinpoint its position. Academic journals should follow the academic requirement of the market, cultivating their own characteristics and

    personality of independent publications, seeking a win-win economic and social

    benefits. Second, the topic of the magazine, professional management. Division Collected Works editor of a breakthrough-type idea, feature columns or organizations

    through the creation of thematic research methods to achieve special operations, and professional development. On this basis, to achieve a certain degree of market-oriented

    products to do an extension of the academic market. Third, the response to the

    challenges of network to achieve on paper the combination of media and networking platform. Humanities and Social Science journals on the one hand to do their paper journals, on the other humanities and social sciences journals and also seek to establish

    their own independent web site or other network forms of media. Fourth, to change the traditional management structure, and humanities and social sciences journals in the market operations. States should be properly relaxed administrative privileges, and

    create a relatively market-oriented humanities and social sciences journals atmosphere. Humanities and Social Science journals to innovative ideas to differentiate their business, exploring the management system and operation mode of innovation. Fifth, to

    expand the international market, absorbing foreign experience in the magazine academic journals. Humanities and Social Science journals have to meet the domestic and international journals market integration, the social science academic achievements of Taiwan's newest introduced to their foreign counterparts and going at the same time, paying attention to introducing foreign capital, to carry out foreign exchange and cooperation to achieve the effective expansion of humanities and social sciences journals, and hedge , value-added. Sixth, the innovative idea of running the

    journal, and create publications feature. Academic journal editors to establish the main concepts, ecological concepts, original ideas, forward-looking posture, sharp eyes,

    introduction of innovative theory of academic articles, achievement publications feature.

     And how to seek an integrated class of long-term development Social Science

    Journals, "Central Plains Journal," President Lee Tai Miao considers it necessary to make efforts in three areas: (1) To enhance the academic journals for the social reality services, awareness, sense of responsibility, sense of mission, strengthen the service functions as a social reality. (2) To facilitate the issue of research-based, practical and

    academic circles around the concerns of hot and difficult, the focus issues, do some in-

    depth, rational academic thinking. (3) as a comprehensive class of local social science academic journals, to open up and run both of geographical characteristics, but also

    has characteristics of study subjects section.

     "Social science front," editor of the magazine's own SHAO Han-Ming put the ideas

    and concepts summarized as "One, two, three, four, five": the so-called "one", is the

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