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Leeds Metertainment - leedsmetacuk

    Leeds Metertainment Final Draft Proposal for TQEF -

    Bid No.6/Nov 07

TQEF Bid for Leeds Metertainment

Bidders Contact Details

    Stuart Moss Val Finnigan Senior Lecturer and Teacher Fellow Senior Lecturer and Teacher Fellow,

    Course Leader BA (Hons) Entertainment Management Faculty of Business and Law Leslie Silver International Faculty Leighton 112, Room F506, Civic Quarter Headingley Campus Tel. 0113 8125427 Tel. 0113 8123607

Background Information

Leeds Metertainment is a proposal to create a new and innovative business education programme

    that will work in partnership initially between the faculties of the two bidders and an external partner

    Absolute Events’ who are a Leeds based subsidiary organisation of London based ‘The Absolute Life Ltd (and also run by a team of Leeds Met graduates). Leeds Metertainment will be an organisation

    that will provide extra-curricular practical education to students with an interest in becoming

    entertainment based event organisers. Many students in Leeds are keen to organise their own club /

    entertainment nights, however few realise what this actually entails. Many students see successful

    entertainment promoters / venues and try to create their own club-nights thinking that what they see

    is easy to imitate. However they are usually victims of under-planning, under marketing and

    unscrupulous venue owners, numerous would be entrepreneurs suffer financial loss, and many are

    discouraged due to this.

The Project

This bid is being made is being made for 1a under the TQEF action plan, and is designed to support

    ALT Priority 5 - Coaching in context: coaching approaches to learning, and work- and community-

    based learning employability and skills development. Leeds Metertainment will serve as an incubator

    group that will nurture students to create their own ideas under the guidance of experienced

    professionals with years of entertainment management experience. Through practical work based

    learning in entertainment driven surroundings students will learn about how to plan, organise, finance,

    market, staff, and ultimately run entertainment based events. After Leeds Metertainment members

    have gained the required knowledge they will be encouraged to create proposals of their own that will

    be vetted by a panel consisting of both Absolute Events and Leeds Met staff. The panel will decide

    whether event proposals are both SMART, viable, and can return a financial profit, the most real

    problem that this project could face is bankruptcy through projects not returning a financial profit.

    Therefore before any funds are released, the panel will have to have absolute confidence in the

    project and the team to carry it out.

The panel will provide detailed feedback to students about the proposal that they have submitted.

    Proposals that are not accepted will be told exactly why, so that they can be re-thought and re-

    submitted in future. Proposals that are accepted will be eligible to a cash fund to help them turn their

    idea into reality, the panel will then help nurture the students so that they can create a high quality,

    financially viable and overall successful entertainment event. Between now and January 2008, all

    students in both faculties will be invited to apply for a place within Leeds Metertainment. The students

    will be chosen through a competitive panel interview.

Benefits to Leeds Met

This partnership will benefit the university enormously through:

    ? gaining access to expert knowledge in the entertainment field;

    ? students perceiving the university to be adding value to their studies outside of the classroom;


    Leeds Metertainment Final Draft Proposal for TQEF -

    ? every project being a potential entertainment business case study;

    ? being unique and attracting positive publicity for the university;

    ? providing opportunities for work placements and work based learning;

    ? further improving the reputation of the university’s wide range of ALT activities through conference

    presentations and papers on the project;

    ? giving students the chance to rub shoulders with real-life self made business champions, who are

    themselves Leeds Met Alumni;

    ? creating work based learning and work placement opportunities for the students; ? and enhancing the entrepreneurial and employability skills of our students.

Proposed Action Plan and Timescale

Dec 07 Jan 08: Publicise Leeds Metertainment in poster and flyer form, as well as on Facebook.

    Recruit first cohort, design a logo, create a website as well as hoodies and polo shirts. The group will begin a programme of involvement in absolute events projects.

    Jan 08: Students will be put into groups of four or five to plan and write an entertainment project proposal.

    Feb 08: Leeds Metertainment first events will be planned to begin in Semester 2, on a rolling basis until the end of the Semester.

    June 08: Sponsored prize for best 07/08 entertainment project to be awarded.

    Sep 08: Paper and presentation to be delivered at Staff Development festival reviewing the 07/08 Leeds Metertainment year. Recruitment campaign to begin again, for an increased sized cohort from all faculties, with wider staff participation from across the university in both academic and non-academic roles. 07/08 Cohort of students to be considered as Leeds Metertainment group leaders for the 08/09 academic year.

    The Costs

    Leeds Metertainment was originally planned as a Community Engagement Project, and has been awarded ?1,000 in funding from this initiative, it is estimated that each entertainment project could cost up to ?800 to turn into reality (?250 marketing, ?200 venue hire, ?100 staffing, ?250 entertainers). With this in mind we can presently only take on one team of up to five students initially. It has been suggested by Anne Gregory that this project also seeks additional funding as a TQEF bid. It is hoped that a request for further funds of up to ?4,000 will allow us to increase the number of students that have access to this programme. The funds will mostly be used in a similar way to a start-up loan to help promote and run entertainment based projects. The funds will also pay for Leeds Metertainment hoodies and polo shirts, that will cost approximately ?200.

    Leeds Metertainment members will be working voluntarily, this will keep staffing costs to a minimum. 60% of any profits that projects make will then be made available to the students to help them develop professionally, some of the ways in which it is proposed these funds may be used by the students are as follows:

    ? conference attendance;

    ? field trips and visits;

    ? external courses and professional industry accreditation e.g. the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

    national door supervisor license;

    ? and books and other learning materials.

    The remaining 40% of profits will be used to pump-prime further entertainment projects so that Leeds Metertainment is self-financing after the initial funds have been spent. As an incubator it will begin with a small number of students from just the Leslie Silver International Faculty, and The Faculty of Business and Law but if successful could become a university wide initiative.


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