Leaders Association

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Leaders Association

    Leader’s Association thMinutes of the September 4 Meeting

In Attendance: Christy, Laurie, Lisa McKenna, Jennifer Smith, Willie Winslow, Penny

    Kern, Tom O’Hara, Jeff Svoboda, Lauri Buck and Pam Hickey.

Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.

Motion was made to accept the minutes, seconded and passed.

    Treasurer’s report – Pam noted that there is $1,119.87 in the Leader’s Association

    Account. Payments have been made to Rathbun Lumber pertaining to Food Booth stupgrades and to Kaitlin Russell for the 1 semester of her scholarship monies.

NMFair Feedback

    1. We need to figure out a better system for the food booth workers for getting into

    the fair. Ideas make our own passes, have a Fair director sign them and have

    them laminated. Would have to be day specific.

    2. How do we get more kids involved in the shows? We need more members

    showing livestock.

    3. Everyone felt that the schedule was done very well this year. Would like to see

    Demonstration clinics throughout the entire fair with times and topics in the fair

    schedule. Lauri Buck suggested holding these into the Baby Beef area new

    demo area would like to add some benches for seating.

    4. Looking for ideas to change the Exhibit Hall. Some were thinking that it might be

    good to have a Public Speaking event in that area, provided there is enough room

    to set up a stage area and seating. Would offer some very worthwhile prizes for

    participants to work for. Public Speaking needs to be promoted throughout the

    year clubs holding their own for practice purposes.

    5. Ideas for the Dog Show In regards to judging change the time from 3pm to

    1pm do all the main judging elements first and then do an Agility

    Demonstration/show for about an hour allowing kids to run the course multiple

    times and performing a demo for the crowd. (perhaps add a youth announcer?)

Food Booth

    Leader’s Association Day – the idea was brought up about having the LA do ? day shifts, thus opening up ? day opportunities for other clubs. Plus easier on volunteers

    and easier to get volunteers

     Siding the Food Booth Harry Donovan donated all of his time (labor) and 1/3 of the cost of the siding and the AV Baby Beef purchased 1/3 of it. LA paid out $316.00

    (1/3)from the Cow Chip Bingo Money. HUGE Thanks to everyone.

     A second hand freezer was purchased with proceeds from the food booth.

     Jean had the book work all done for the meeting. Proceeds to each club for the

    time in the food booth were handed out by Christy. Each day paid $501.05 The LA put

    $1,322.02 ($501.05 from FB work and $820.97 from steak supper) into the savings.

     Discussion about further work on the Food Booth (porch fix holes in roof, and on

    building/getting a 4-H office to go between the food booth and grandstand. Will look into

purchasing an Amish building (possibly with a porch) or seeing if there is an architect

    who would donate some plans. McKenna’s offered their camper for purchase for this

    purpose, but the consensus was that it was not feasible at this time.

New Officers

     Congratulations to Pam O’Bar, President

     Jean Sloat, V. President

     Penny Kern, Secretary

     Pam Hickey, Treasurer

They will begin their new duties with the November meeting.

Project Record Score Sheets

     Changes? Livestock records should have a barn record/summary sheet

     Market animals must have the health record instructed to subtract 5 pts if this is thmissing. Judging to take place from 9am Noon on Saturday, September 6 at the PI


Clover Country CD’s are available if anyone would like one. $15.00

    4-H Week ideas Oct 4-11 recruiting ideas there are lots of things to put to use on the 4-Hbrandnetwork website. Lisa will check with Ingrid Braley about possibly getting a

    story in the local papers.

    Tom will look into how we get various towns to designate official 4-H Days thNational Youth Science Day October 8 nationwide experiment would love to see

    county involvement take pictures.

08-09 Enrollment packets Laurie will get these out before the end of September. stIncentive to get them back to the office early If re-enrollments are all in by Dec. 1

    per club those clubs will be put into a drawing for a pizza party.

    Achievement Celebration pick date this item was tabled until the OC has a chance to think about what they would like to see happen, pick out something for prizes, etc. We

    would also like to do some sort of induction ceremony for the new LA Officers at that

    time. OC will look at things for collection award prizes, special awards, etc. Agreed that

    we want year pins for all active members. Also discussed pins or another award for OC


    Announcements stVolunteer Forum November 1 at Maple Hill Farm everyone is invited Club News The Eastern States Horse Team has 5 County Girls + 1 alternate and we

    have one member on the Beef Team this year. Good Luck!

Lisa will bring info concerning hoodies to the next meeting.

    th, 6:30 pm at the Presque Isle Extension Office for those Next meeting will be October 9

    in the North and at the Houlton Higher Education Center, Rm 121 for those in the South. We would love to see at least one representative from each club at these meetings. Many decisions are made and we need to have input from all clubs!

Respectfully submitted,

    Laurie Bartlett, 4-H Aide, Houlton Office

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