Kellyville Rouse Hill

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Kellyville Rouse Hill

VOLUME 11 2009

Results from The Weekend

    6/1’s Loss to Wentworthville 24 0 6/2’s Loss to Wentworthville ??

    7/1’s Loss to Wentworthville 22 18 7/2’s Defeated Seven Hills 24 18 8/1’s Loss to Parra Jnr Eels 28 18 8/2’s Loss to Cabramatta 34 22 9/1’s Defeated Hills 14 6 9/2’s Loss to Merrylands 30 18 9/3’s Defeated Wentworthville 50 8 10’s Defeated Cabramatta 52 0 11/1’s Loss to Wentworthville 52 10 11/2’s Defeated Rouse Hill 34 6 12’s Defeated Seven Hills 30 4 13’s Loss to Greystanes 18 8 14’s Loss to Wentworthville 30 14 16’s Loss to Guildford 20 12 17’s Loss to CVD Cobras 26 22 C Grade BYE

    A Grade no games played


Due to the continued wet weather last week Parramatta have allowed us to extend the time for payment of registration

    monies by one week. This Thursday is your last chance to make payment. You will not play in Round 5 (or beyond)

    until you have made arrangements with the Penny Morgan.


    On Saturday 30 May the newest Bushranger entered the world. Simon Alfred (A Grade Co-Coach) and Natalie

    Beazley welcomed their daughter, Lilly (still thin Jeff is a good name) at approximately 7:45am. Most impressively all

    the boys still made it to their games and Simon made it to Kellyville Park for part of the day.

    Congratulations to Simon and Natalie and welcome to the Bushrangers family Lilly.


Last Saturday was a big day at Kellyville Park and we would like to think the A Grade players who spent the day

    helping out with the barbecue and Ground Managing duties. Ben Murphy, Hayden and Brent MacDonald, Nugget and

    Ricky Wilson all spent many hours at the ground and it was much appreciated.

    In many other clubs an A Grade player would not consider spending a full day with the Juniors. This is one of the

    strengths of the Bushrangers and this year’s A Grade side. We have great club people.


    Last Saturday also saw The Bushrangers conduct their first raffles at The Mean Fiddler. We have been allowed to

    conduct raffles every Saturday and this will undoubtedly bring some much needed funds to the club. We will over the

    coming weeks work out a roster for teams to assist in running the raffles and let team Managers know.

    We would like to thank Mick Tiskins (7/2 Coach) for his efforts in securing the assistance of The Mean Fiddler and

    would hope that plenty of Bushrangers get there in club colours and fly the flag for the club.


    The first shipment of our new Hoodies and Beanies have arrived and are available to purchase at the canteen. They

    look great and are certainly warm on a cold afternoon. Saturday afternoon saw plenty of people at Kellyville Park in

    our colours and it was an impressive sight.


The draw below is correct. Please do not depend on the drw displayed on Sportingpulse website. It is

    incorrect. Any late changes will be displayed on our website.

    Team DAY Versus Game Game time Be there


    6/1 SATURDAY Mounties (1) Kellyville Park 9:00am 8:00am 6/2 SATURDAY Cabramatta (4) Cabramatta 9:50am 8:50am


    7/1 SATURDAY Parra City Titans Ollie Webb Reserve 9:50am 8:50am 7/2 SATURDAY Hills District (2) Crestwood Oval 9:00am 8:00am 8/1 SATURDAY Hills District (1) Crestwood Oval 9:50am 8:50am 8/2 SATURDAY CVD Cobras Bosnjak Oval 9:50am 8:50am 9/1 SATURDAY Parra City Titans Ollie Webb Reserve 10:40am 9:40am 9/2 SATURDAY Canley Heights Rosford St Reserve 10:40am 9:40am 9/3 SATURDAY Blacktown PCYC Kellyville Park 9:50am 8:50am 10 SATURDAY Canley Heights Rosford St Reserve 11:30am 10:30am 11/1 SATURDAY Hills District (1) Crestwood Oval 11:10am 10:10am 11/2 SATURDAY Merrrylands (2) Merrylands Oval 11:40am 10:40am 12 SATURDAY CVD Cobras Kellyville Park 10:40am 9:40am 13 SATURDAY CVD Cobras Kellyville Park 11:40am 10:40am 14 SATURDAY Parra Jnr Eels Kellyville Park 12:40pm 11:40am 16 SATURDAY Parra Jnr Eels McCredie Park 4:00pm 3:00pm 17 SATURDAY Guildford McCredie Park 6:30pm 5:30pm C Grade FRIDAY Canley Vale Kellyville Park 6:45pm 5:45pm A Grade SUNDAY Canley Heights (2) Kellyville Park 8:00pm 7:00pm


Under 6/1

Lost to Wentworthville 24 0

This was always going to be a big ask, this team is big and fast. All our boys can hold there heads up as our defence

    was outstanding.

They scored there first 4 tries on the last tackle. In attack we went well but with missing the last two weeks training we

    were a bit rusty.

We needed to pass the ball faster. But in saying that this was a very well drilled side with all there kids in there second

    and third year of playing. It was very pleasing to see all the boys to put in such a good effort against the odds WELL


     Mark Hopefully I see you all at training on Thursday. Thanks

Under 6/2

Lost to Wentworthville

The game didn’t reflect the score. Our little men played really well against the undefeated Wentworthville. Hayden,

    Ryan, Zach, Lachlan, Jay Owen and Kyle all tackled this week. Lachlan Zach and Jay had some terrific runs. Ryan

    played his best game of the year to take out the player of the week. All in all it has been a big improvement with the team showing that some wins are not far off.

Player of the Week; RYAN Anderson

Under 7/1

Lost to Wentworthville 22 18

The scoreboard may have said otherwise, but I think everyone would consider this one a win for the team, we just had

    a few calls not go our way "That's footy". The whole team continues to display their skill in attack with easily one of

    the best tries of the season. It had everything, hard meters, good support play, a fantastic offload (Liam) and a great

    run to the line (Mitch). A great passage of play to watch.

A special mention to Andrew for bagging his first try of the year - great to see as he has been trying all year and has

    come close on a few occasions (hope you got your DS game you wanted). Josh D and Mitch made some great meters through the middle. Josh D is starting to get a nice little step in his running and when Mitch hits the ball up hard like he did in the game he is very hard to stop.

    The speed at the play the ball has improved out of site with Liam at dummy half and Josh P as first receiver, our ball runners have a lot more time and room now to weave their magic. Although they don't get as many runs as the other

    boys their work is key to the teams speed at the ruck, keep up the good work. Josh P made an impressive tackle on a much bigger boy and also managed to drive him out over the line, great work. Connor bagged himself another two tries and was solid in defence which earned him man of the match. Josh H was unlucky not to be awarded a match winning try in the corner with not much time left on the clock.

AJ and Compton had another solid game, these two boys consistently run the ball up and make great meters for the

    team and are always there in defence to make some desperate tackles for the team.

    Again boys, skill in our attack alone will not win us games - we need the "WHOLE TEAM" to defend for the "WHOLE" 30 minutes not just 2 or 3 players. If we can get this right, this will be an awesome team. However, at the

    moment everyone just wants to score tries.

A special mention to Mitch who 'clicked' in the last 3rd, this was great to see as the big fella gets a bit tired towards

    the end of the game, however he dug deep and made several strong tackles - this is what I want to see from the

    whole team.

Overall there's still too much pushing and arm grabbing in defence - remember use your shoulders, bend and tackle

    low - they cant run without their legs. This is exactly the reason we practice this every week, we do it at training but

    not game day.


    3 - Connor

    2 - Josh H

    1 - Mitch, Josh D and Liam

Top Tackler

    Josh P

The Parra Junior knockout is on Sunday 21 June. At Richie Benaud Oval North Parramatta. It will be all day. Can

    parents please contact Lance 0424 509 202 or confirm if your boy will be available.

    Once again thanks to Lance, Brendan, Pierre and all the parents for your help / supporting.

    A special thank you to Stuart for helping out with training on Tuesday night in my absence.

Regards Darren, Brendan and Lance.

Under 7/2

Defeated Seven Hills 24 18

The boys are continually improving and growing in confidence, especially with their off loading and being in position

    ready to receive the ball. The more the boys play together over the season, and with training two nights a week the

    more they will grow.

With Coach Mick swapping their positions every 10, it gives them all the opportunity to try different positions. The

    boys are starting to really understand the game, they are looking for back-up and each time they off loaded the ball it

    ended in a try.

    Our defence was lacking a bit this week, which enabled Seven Hills to score a number of easy tries. Ben was outstanding in defence and constantly ran in to tackle before the player with the ball had even moved. Maire, Zac and

    Liam Mc made some good tackles and runs, with Bailey and Josh making good ground. Ryan, LJ and Nicholas

    tried to get through but the Seven Hills defence was just too good for them.

    Kicking practice at training has helped, with another couple of conversions this week (Maire and Liam Mc).

    Tries this week to Maire (2), Ben (1), Liam Mc (1) and Bailey (1). Well done boys! Congratulations Maire, who ran nearly the whole length of the field to score his second try on Saturday ? ?.

Thank you all for making the long trek to Fairfield at such short notice.

    Note: Please ensure your child’s fingernails are shortened prior to each game. Thank you

Points to:

Liam McGregor - 3 (Player of the Match)

    Maire Aberahama - 2

    Ryan Irwin - 1

Under 8/1

Lost to Parra Jnr Eels 28 18

Well this game didn't quite go to plan after an excellent result last week. Having a weekend off and no training for 2

    weeks didn't do us any favours. We have forgotten everything we have been working on at training and recorded our

    first loss of the year. We had no defensive line and there was no talk in attack or defence. Maybe it was the loss we

    needed to prove that if we don't concentrate week in week out we will get beat.

This competition is very close and the teams who are best prepared on the day of the game will be the one to

    win. Back to the drawing board to get ready for a big game against Hills this week.

Tries: Gabriel 2

     Nathan 1

Goals: Dylan 1

     Ben 1 James 1

    UNDER 8/2

Lost Cabramatta 34 22

All I can say is I was very proud of our guys this game; they were beaten by a bigger team.

    We moved up as a team most of the match in defence and our attack was strong but not strong enough.

    Connor Lamb was outstanding. Sean Howarth lead the tam well and a special mention to Kenan Durdag who kicked

    his first goal. But all the guys are to be congratulated.


    Connor Lamb -3

    Sean Howarth -2

    Kenan Durdag - 1

Under 9/1

Defeated Hills District 14 6

The Team had not beaten Hills for over a year & the Team made a big effort to rectify that, Player of the Day Jacob

    Wilkinson made devastating tackles & our props Caleb & Luke made the Hard yards up the middle .Which laid the

    platform for our back line Will & Brandon along with our wingers Lachlan Puruto & Mat Allen. Lachlan Holmes

    scored another good hookers try from dummy half & Adam tried his best through out the game. Iverson & John

    McGregor played good together at the pivots, with John swapping with Brandon to have a couple of hit ups. We were

    lucky to field a full team this week, with injuries to (Adam & Brad) Mats Photo issues. Tom absent & a couple of

    players having a touch of the flu. So a big effort from all players this week to turn up & give there best.

Half Time 8 6

Brad Cameron came of the bench at half time, & made the most of his opportunities. The opposition tried hard to

    cross our try line in the second half, but our Defense was solid Which was pleasing to see . Even though we had no

    training Thursday & we started the game slow, also absent was Tom Morgan one of our top try Scorers & to be

    honest, it was not one of our best games this year. It was an excellent effort from all players with a great result.

Once again (Lets put this into context) - Hills played Cabra at Cabras home Ground

2 Weeks ago & Lost 12 10 .

Big Thank you goes to our Manager Serena & Trainer Scott Johnson for there valuable input & dedication to our team.

    And once again - Thanks for the support, from our parents.

Best Defender Jacob Wilkinson ( 2 Pts )

    Player of the Day Jacob Wilkinson ( 3 Pts )

    2 Pts Iverson

    1 Pt Brandon

Coach U9/1s Junior Pumipi


     Lost to Merrylands 30 18

(No Report)


Defeated Wentworthville 50 8

(No Report)


Defeated Cabramatta 52 0

After two weeks of bad weather and the loss of Levi our hooker to a broken collarbone, it did not seem that luck would be on our

    side on Saturday. But the boys showed tremendous improvement in attack. We were able to spread the ball wide and capitalise on

    Cabramatta's bunching in defence. Special mentions to Brock who stepped into an unfamiliar position at dummy half and worked

    hard to keep our plays moving quickly. Ben used his speed on the wing to score 5 tries and he was able to do this through the hard

    work of Tom and Nick in the centres moving the ball out wide. Mitch and Brad used their speed and step to score great tries.

    Dylan and Kalvan led the team and each scored. Caleb and Lachlan also made good yards in attack. We still have to work on

    running onto the ball and we had little defending to do in this game. We are going to play far stronger teams than Cabramatta but

    if we are dedicated to training and working together as a team we will definitely have a great season ahead.

3pts - Brock

    2pts - Nick

    1pt - Dylan

Maddie & Ray Byrnes

Under 11/1

Lost to Wentworthville 52 10

    I would hate to be the one paying for food for the Wenty team. They were HUGE. We got off to a great start scoring in the opening minutes to take a 6 nil lead. Unfortunately that was as good as it got. The Wenty team just sent monster

    after monster at us and instead of getting off our line quickly and stopping the big blokes before they got going we sat

    back and waited for them. They steamrolled us.

It must be said though that the Kellyville boys never gave up and all kept getting up and trying again. In attack we had

    the ball only 9 times all game we dropped it or made an error 7 times and scored twice. Simply put if we cut down on

    the errors and controll the ball we are able to compete. But first we need to get our defence right. You can’t score if

    you don’t have the ball and you won’t get the ball if you don’t tackle.

I have said it before and I will keep saying it. Every time we play we ge better and we get a bit closer in skill to the

    opposition. Our next win is definitely not that far away (hopefully this week). But even if it is not we will keep improving

    the things we need to and we will eventually be more than a match for any of these sides. I still have not seen a team

    that we can’t beat. I and all the parents remain extremely proud of the effort and determination the team is showing.

Points This Week;

3 Points Jayden Arnold ( just keeps going and going all game)

    2 Points Michael Tupou ( rock solid and threw a great pass for Zac’s try) 1 Point Luke Smith (back to his best today and really tried hard)

     Zac barnfield (Mr Reliable, plaed wing, scored a try and basically did all that was asked)

UNDER 11/2

Defeated Rouse Hill 34 6

What a terrific game. Great return to the winners circle lets keep it up. With no reserves the whole team stepped up

    and played with heart. Jack and Liam provided good service of the ball and tackled well. Cody, Lachlan Nathan and

    Jackson had some great runs and also were good in defence. Cody was ripped off by the linesman twice having tries

    disallowed but we will work on that (ha-ha). The big boys Krishan, Ben, Kurt, Cayden and Daniel ran straight and hard.

Coach thought you all deserved a point.

    Player of the week: JACK Fenton

PS : Round 4 player of the week CODY Morland

Under 13

    Lost to Greystanes 18 8

(No Report)


Lost to Wentworthville 30 -14

(No Report)

Under 16

    Lost to Guildford 20 12

(No Report)

Under 17

    Lost to CVD Cobras 26 22

(No Report)



(No Report)


No Games Played

(No Report)


    Again a big thankyou to all our sponsors and please if you can support them with your business


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