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January 2009 - University of Missouri Extension Home



    Cass County Courthouse Annex #3, ? 302 South Main St., ? Harrisonville, MO 64701

    (816) 380-8460 ? FAX: (816) 380-8465 ?

    Volume XVII, Issue 5 Attendance Required January 2009 Just a reminder as a 4-H member it is your responsibility to attend at least HALF of your monthly club meetings in order to be a member in good standings. Only members in good standings can participate in the fair, livestock shows, state fair, horse shows, shooting sports activities, etc. In May I will be contacting all club

    leaders for a list of attendance. If you have not met the required HALF of your Inside This Issue: monthly club meeting you will not be able to show at ANY 4-H sponsored activity

    until arrangements have been made. Please make an effort to attend your club General News 2 meetings! Older Member News 2

     Leader News 2-3 4-H Move Across Missouri - Physical Activity Program Project News 3-4 4-H Move Across Missouri (MOVE) promotes physical activity! MOVE encourages Club News 4 youth to engage in physical activities they enjoy such as walking, biking, running, Project Calendar 5 swimming, dance, taekwondo, gardening and more. Clovers To… 5 Calendar 6 Using an online system, youth and their families can ―log‖ the number of minutes Laser Tag 7 they accumulate throughout the year and during the competitive component of the

    Energizer Flyer 8-9 MOVE program. 4-Hers can enroll in the online MOVE program as individuals or as

    part of a team. A team can consist of a family or members of a 4-H club or

    group. MOVE awards will be provided. Stay tuned University of Missouri Extension

    does not discriminate on the basis

    of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, Regional Energizer Register Today! - The Regional Energizer will be held disability, or status as a Vietnam-on Jan. 24 in Blue Springs. This event invites 4-H members and leaders from 13 era veteran in employment or different counties to participate in a variety of workshops and activities. It is a programs. great way to get new ideas, meet new people, and find out about other programs

    4-H offers throughout Missouri. This year the Regional Energizer will include the

    required Show-Me Quality Class for all exhibitors of food animals projects (beef,

    dairy, goats, sheep, swine, chickens, etc.) Everyone will be required to attend one

    of these classes, so this is a great way to get started. It will also include the

    mandatory Volunteer Orientation.

Information including workshop topics can be found at the end of this newsletter.

    The cost is $7 if you pre-register and $20 if you do not. This fee includes lunch,

    thyou must pre-register. You must register by January 14.

Clover Crier Cass County 1

     youth development specialist in Platte County, has

     outdone herself in planning an outstanding educational General News

     program. Registration cost is $260 for youth and

    $325 for adults.

     Join Us in the Following Countywide Activities


    ? On December 1, eligible youth (age 15 and Laser Tag / Bowling / Mini Golf Cass County 4-H

    older) can go online and begin browsing will be visiting Incredibowl in Overland Park for laser

    workshop and tour selections. tag and more on Jan. 17, 2009. More information,

    ? January 1 February 1 is the online including registration and pricing, are at the end of

    registration period. During this time, youth this newsletter. Spots are limited so get yours in

    and chaperones can register for the soon! The location includes lots of things to do! We

    conference and make their workshop and tour will meet at the Justice Center at 1:00 to head to the

    selections. facility so that everyone who needs a ride can go

     together, if you want to meet us there we will start

     around 2:00 p.m. They estimate that the Double Play

     Leader News package takes about 1.5 hours and a Triple Play

     package takes about 2.5 hours.

     Volunteer Orientation Dates

    Just a reminder that all volunteers must attend February Dance

    orientation by Jan. 1, 2009. IF YOU DO NOT The Cass County 4-H Council will be hosting a Family

    ATTEND ONE OF THE TRAINING BELOW OR Fun Dance on February 13, 2009 at North Park

    COMPLETE YOUR CERTIFICATION ONLINE BY Activity Center. The event will begin with family thJANUARY 25 YOU WILL BE DELETED FROM dances and games from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Starting from

    THE SYSTEM. This means that you will need to 8:15-10:30 we will have an Older Member dance with

    start the enrollment process again and will not be current dance music. The event is free! See you

    able to work with youth or sign paperwork of any kind there.

    until you have completed the training. Currently

    there are two trainings planned in this area. 4-H Council Meeting th? Blue Springs at Regional Energizer Jan. 24 The next 4-H Council meeting will be held on January

     20, 2009 at FCS Financial starting at 7:00 p.m. We

    On-Line Volunteer Training Option will be reviewing past activities, picking a theme for

    If you are unable to make it to the face to face the 2008 banquet, and thinking about the fair and

    trainings you can complete the Volunteer Orientation other future events. If you have specific agenda

    online. To take the course online go to items please contact Sarah or Taylor Moreland. Select Login and for

    the user name use _kids and the password is Older Member News volunteer. Select ―Yes‖ any time the security

    information box appears to ask if you want to display

    non-secure items. Select the link located on the left Kansas City Global Conference

    side of the screen ―Online 4-H Volunteer The 2009 Kansas City 4-H Global Conference is

    Orientation.‖ A welcome screen appears and will March 18-21. The four states that coordinate and

    guide you through the course. implement this conference (Kansas, Arkansas,

     Oklahoma and Missouri) are using an online

    If you do not have access to the internet you can also registration process again this year. The online site

    check out a CD Rom from the Extension Office to is hosted by Kansas State University 4-H. Visit the

    take the Volunteer Orientation. I written test is Missouri 4-H website at

    required if you choose this option. for

     conference workshop and tour descriptions, details,

     and a link to the Kansas State site. Sharen Hunt, 4-H

    Clover Crier Cass County 2

    Nominations Sought for Outstanding Leaders Financial. If you have agenda items please contact Do you have an outstanding leader in your club? Each Sarah or Wayne Schrock. This will be our rules year the Cass County 4-H program has the review meeting. All rule changes for 2008-09 must opportunity to honor two outstanding leaders with be made at this meeting. the Frank Graham Outstanding Leader Award. Nominations for this award are due to the state English Saddle for Sale office by Feb. 1. To nominate someone or for more If you are looking for an English Saddle please information, please contact the Extension Office. contact Sarah Thompson at 816-258-0109. 15 inch all Past winners include: David and Karen Rush, Dee purpose English saddle with complete leather package: Schrock, Tammy Bartholomew, Dan Olsen, Keith saddle, shaped girth, stirrup straps, stirrup irons DeBrot, Diann White, John Vic Grice, Wayne Schrock, with pads, and matching bridle and braided reins for Monica Hoenshell and Lynn Lee. $400.00.

     Horse Judging

     The next meeting will be held on January 6, 2009 at

     FCS. We will be planning future meeting dates so Project News please plan to attend so we can get everyone’s input!


    Puppies Available For Project Leadership Meeting Postponed Are you looking for a dog for your dog project. Ruth Due to bad weather the December leadership Walter would like to offer black lab puppies to dog meeting was cancelled. We will have our holiday party thproject members who are interested. For more on February 17. This year each member in information call 816-213-4679.leadership should bring a $5 gift that starts with the

    letter ―M.‖


    LIVESTOCK Equine Trip Announced

    CCJLA Meeting The Equine Trip is scheduled for May 22-28, 2009

    The next CCJLA meeting will be held on January 26, for 4-H youth ages 14-19. Trip participants are

    2009 at Farm Credit Services. We will be discussing accepted until bus is filled. The trip will focus on the

    items related to the North Park facilities. If you stock horse and related horse industries in the

    have agenda items please contact David Hoffman or states of Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Trip

    Ray Rushly. objectives and application can be downloaded from

     the Missouri 4-H website at Last year we Steer Weigh-In sthad three youth attend this trip (Nichole Gilbert, Steer weigh-in will be held on February 21 at the

    Cheyenne Ferguson, and Shelby Dunlap). Please ask Archie Sale Barn from 8-10 a.m. If you are planning them more about their experience. on showing and selling a beef animal at the CCJLA

    show/auction your animal must be weighed in at the

    time. If you have questions please contact David Horse Bowl Team Getting Started

    Hoffman. The Horse Bowl contest in only a few months away

     and we are looking to get some teams together here

    Show-Me Quality Assurance in Cass County. Anyone that is interested in being a

    If this is your first year in a meat animal project you part of a horse bowl team please contact Coach, Mary

    must attend a Show-Me Quality Assurance training. Osterberg at or 816-380-

    All juniors (youth 4-H age 13 and under) who were in 2646.

    the project last year must attend a second session

    this year. If you have questions about this Committee Meeting

    information please contact David Hoffman or Sarah The next meeting of the Cass County Horsemanship

    Staude. Committee will be held on January 19, 2009 at FCS

    Clover Crier Cass County 3

    Dusty Trails State Fair Ownership Dates Changed ndThe Dusty Trails meeting was held on December 2 Please note that the State Fair livestock ownership

    at the Cornell home. We decided out community dates are now: Steers; 3/15; Market Hogs; 5/15;

    service ideas for each month. Our club is going to Market Lambs; 6/15; and Meat Goats; 6/15. Check

    get hoodies for members. Our January community the state fair website for dates for other animals as

    service will be a coat drive. If ANYONE has used all have changed!

    coats to donate please contact the Extension Office

    for our club information. Pictures Still Need to Be Picked Up

    -Katelyn Evans, Reporter The following individuals still have auctions pictures to pick up at the Extension Office. Please remember Giddy Up Gang you are suppose to be sending one framed photo to Members who did not make the December meeting your buyer to thank them for their support.

    you really missed out on the great party that the Giddy Up Gang had. We played games, ate snacks, Karyn Carpenter, Lauren & Hannah Evans, Anthony and more. Our club is looking to help state an after Mathews, Callie & Mackenzie Mawson, Mysti’-Ane school program for the kids who have to stay without Pearce W/ premium check, Kendra Pryor, Brittany a parent at home. The program will work with horses. Smith w/ 2 checks, Molly Tallman. The club has plans to make this thing work. . It will be just like a fun afterschool center. The next meeting State Fair Animal Entry Deadline will be January 5, 2009. We are hoping to see you Entries must be ―received by‖ July 2 to be on there. time. This is a change from past years when entries -Sidney Sykes, Reporter had to be ―post marked‖ by the due date. This is also applicable to horse project members. Wal-Center This month the Wal-Center club had a brief meeting to discuss upcoming events. We then had our SHOOTING SPORTS Christmas party which was Christmas Around the

    Kick Off Meeting World. Each family researched a different country, Just a reminder that the Cass County 4-H Shooting told about their holiday traditions, and brought a thSports Kick-Off meeting will be held on January 10 food item from their country. It turned out very at North Park. A letter was sent to all youth enrolled good, and we all learned some neat things we did not in shooting sports mid-December. If you did not get know. The Clover Kids had a book exchange for their this important letter, but are in the shooting sports party. Our next meeting will be at 7:00pm January project please contact Karrie or Sarah for a copy of 15th at North Park.

    the letter. Please remember this is a MANDATORY -Ryan Rushly, Reporter meeting that at least one parents is required to be at.

    If you are unable to attend please let us know ahead

    of time!

     Club Reports

Country Clovers

    On December the 8th the Country Clovers held their

    monthly meeting. We decided on when we are going

    to do our fundraiser. We also turned in our supplies

    for help animal shelter and made cards and holiday

    door hangers for the elderly at Greenleaf Estates.

    Our next meeting will be held on January 12th at 7

    p.m. in the first Baptist church in peculiar.

    -Jessica Lehman, Reporter

    Clover Crier Cass County 4

    Project Meetings

    -Listed in alphabetical order by project-

    Project Date Time Location Contact Info

    January 13 7 p.m. North Park Darlene Phelps Dog 779-5253

    January 6 7 p.m. FCS Financial Mike Klockenga Horse Judging 540-4881

    February 7 p.m. FCS Financial Sarah Staude Leadership 380-8460

    January 13 6-9 p.m. FCS Financial Todd Dominik Robotics (816)674-8633 Shooting Sports January 10 9:00 a.m. North Park Activity Sarah Staude ALL PROJECTS Letter Sent Center 380-8460

    January 12 7 p.m. Equine Health Solutions Keith Wagner Vet Science Raymore, Mo. 322-8040

Attention Project Leaders

    If you are willing to be or would like more information on being a countywide leader please contact Sarah at 380-

    8460. We are always looking for more projects to add to the list! Please send your countywide project meeting rddates to the Extension Office by the 23 of each month so that they can be part of the monthly newsletter.

    rdInformation Due 23 of Each Month

    If you would like to include information about something your club or project group is doing, or just want to

    announce an opportunity for members please send your submissions to the Cass County Extension Office by the rd23 of the month. Send e-mail to, fax 816-380-8465 or mail to: Clover Crier, 302 S. Main

    Street, Harrisonville, MO 64701. We are always looking for good information to share with our 4-H members and

    leaders. Please note that the Cass County Extension Office has the right to edit or refuse articles based on

    quality and content.

     Clovers to…

    Clovers to recognizes 4-H members and clubs who have gone above and beyond in 4-H and outside of 4-H. rdIf you have something to add to this section, please e-mail or send me the information by the 23 of the month.

     Cheyenne Ferguson for being selected to be a member of the Conservation Leadership Corps.

     Jacob Murray on his trip to Washington for the Jr. National Young Leaders Conference

     Ashleigh Rushly on placing second at the Elks Hoop Shoot ( she made 19 out of 25 free throws).

Clover Crier Cass County 5

     1 Sarah Gone Sarah Gone 3 2

    -Global Conference Registration Open JANUARY

    4 5 6Sarah Gone Sarah Gone Sarah Gone Sarah Gone -Shooting Sports 89710-Horse Judging, -Laser Tag Kick Off Meeting 7pm, FCS Registration Due -Shooting Sports Safety Certification

    11 12-Vet Science -Dog Project -Energizer Sarah Gone -Incredibowl 15 16171314Project Meeting, Meeting, 7 pm Registration Due(laser tag, mini golf, 7 pm, Raymore-Robotics Meeting, bowling), 2 pm 6 pm, FCS

18 19-Horse -4-H Council -Regional 21 22 23 2420

    Committee Meeting, Meeting, 7 pm, FCSEnergizer, Blue 7pm, FCSSprings 25 26-CCJLA -Teen 27 28 29 30 31

    Meeting, 7 pm, FCSConference

    1-Teen Conference 2 3 4 5 6 7


    8 9-Vet Science -Dog Project -County Dance 1014 11 12 13

    Project Meeting, Meeting, 7 pm 6:30-10:30 p.m., 7 pm, Raymore-Robotics Meeting, North Park 6 pm, FCS

    15 16 17-Leadership -Steer Weigh-18 19 20 21

    Meeting, 7 pm, FCSIn, 8-10 a.m., Archie Sale Barn 22 23 24 25 26 27 28




    For the entire family, parents can play too!

    January 17, 2009

    Incredible Bowl, Overland Park

    8500 west 151st Overland Park, KS

    Meet at the Facility at 2:00 pm or at the Justice Center at 1:00 pm.

    Package 1 Double Play

    Choose two of the following: Laser Tag or 1 Game Bowling and Shoes

    (2 Laser Tag, 2 Bowling, 1 of each)

    $10.00 for 4-H members and families ? $12.00 for friends

    Package 2 Triple Play

    Choose three of the following: Laser Tag, Mini Golf, or 1 Game of Bowling and Shoes

    (2 Laser Tag and 1 Bowling, 1 Mini Golf and 2 Bowling, 1 of each, etc.)

    $15.00 for 4-H members and families ? $18.00 for friends

    _____Double Play (4-H family) x $10.00 each $______

    _____Double Play (friends) x $12.00 each $______

    _____Triple Play (4-H family) x $15.00 each $______

    _____Triple Play (friends) x $18.00 each $______

    Total Enclosed $______

    Family Name: 4-H Club:

    Mailing Address: Phone:

    thTo guarantee a slot please have this form in WITH YOUR MONEY by January 9. Reservations will not

    be guaranteed without money.

    Bring this form to the Extension Office or send it to Cass County 4-H, 302 S. Main Street,

    Harrisonville, MO 64701.

     4-H Leaders, Club Officers, 4-H Members & Clover Kids

     Come Join

    The West Central Extension Region for this GREAT day of training and sharing of ideas!

    Saturday, January 24, 2009

    Blue Springs Freshman Center

    2103 NW Vesper Street---Blue Springs, Missouri 64015

    Pre-Register: $7.00/person including lunch; Day of Event: $15.00, Lunch not included




    9:00 a.m. REGISTRATION

    9:30 a.m. Welcome---------------------Al Black, Regional Director

    9:45 10:40 a.m. Session #1

     Clover Kids: Cheryl ZvacekFNP Program

     For Everyone: Be at Home with Energy Marsha Alexander

     Global Fun John Moore

     Money Smarts for Youth Carole Bozworth

     Teamwork in Tight Places Sharen Hunt

     4-H Move Across Missouri - Alison Copeland

     Posters - Mary Jo Williams

     Members Only: Officer Roles Kim Mehl or Sarah Staude

     Adults Only: **Volunteer Orientation-(Must Attend Sessions 1 & 2)---Kathy & Alan

     Robotics Bill Pabst Must Attend Session 1 & 2


    5 - 11:40 a.m. Session #2

     Clover Kids: Nature Fun Mary Ann Shields

     For Everyone: Cake Decorating Samantha Warner

     New Award Forms Sarah Staude

     Demonstration Mary Jo Williams/Sharen Hunt

     Move Across Missouri Alison Copeland

     4-H Health Curriculum Marlie King

     Member Only: SMQA First Time Participants David Hoffman

     Adults Only: Incorporating All Into 4-H Mark Ohrenberg

     What to do at Horse Meetings Carol Parmenter

     Robotics Must Attend Session 1 & 2 Bill Pabst

     **Volunteer Orientation-(Must Attend Sessions 1 & 2)---Kathy & Alan

    ------LUNCH PROVIDED------

     By Nadler’s Catering Company,Wellington MO Lafayette County

     11:45am 12:15pm

    12:20 1:15 p.m. Session #3

     Clover Kids: Arts & Craft Experience Lynn Lee

     For Everyone: Move Across Missouri Alison Copeland

     New Award Forms Sarah Staude

     Scrapbooking Nancy Mense

     Making Your Project More than Just a Project Regional Reps.

     For Youth Only: The Clothing Curriculum Beth Rasa

     SMQA Second Time Participants David Hoffman

     Looking for Abilities Mark Ohrenberg

     Robotics Must attend Session 3 & 4 Bill Pabst

     Adult Only: **Volunteer Orientation---Must attend Sessions 3 & 4---Kathy & Alan

     **So You’re a Project Leader…Now What – Meg Sage Mach

     Must attend Session 3 & 4

1:20 2:15 p.m. Session #4

     Clover Kids: Science Fun Christy Hicks

     For Everyone: Move Across Missouri Alison Copeland

     Dancing at Your Club Meetings Megan Lee

     Scrapbooking Nancy Mense

     Teamwork in Tight Places Sharen Hunt

     For Youth Only: Are You Your County Youth Liaisons Regional Reps.

     After Dinner Science Cheryl Zvacek

     Robotics Must Attend Session 3 &4 Bill Pabst

     For Adults Only: **Volunteer Orientation---Must attend Sessions 3 & 4---Kathy & Alan

     **So You’re a Project Leader…Now What – Meg Sage Mach

     Must attend Session 3 & 4

     New Clothing Curriculum Beth Rasa

2:30 p.m.---------------4-H AWARDS and 4-H Move Across Missouri Kick Off--------------

    Thanks for Sharing Your Day With Us & Have a Safe Trip Home!

     Reservations required by Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Call Cass County Extension at 816-380-8460 to register.

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