June 11, 2009

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June 11, 2009

    June 11, 2009

    Dear Woodleaf Campers and Parents,

We are so excited about our upcoming trip to Woodleaf on July 5-July 11. We are going to have seven

    days of high adventure, laughing, meeting new people, hanging with friends, great food, incredible

    music, and an opportunity to learn about God in a beautiful setting with 350 other campers. We know

    that your week at camp will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! To ensure a great time,

    please take a moment to look over the important trip information in this packet.


    We are meeting at Orange Ave. Community Church (5202 Orange Ave., San Diego, CA 92115) at

    4:30am SHARP on Sunday, July 5th for departure. Please bring luggage, all paper work and registration $ and do not be late. We don’t want to leave you behind! We will return to Orange Ave. thCommunity Church very late on Saturday, July 11 at approximately 1:00 AM. Please make necessary

    arrangements for transportation.


    For most of the week, you will need comfortable and casual clothing. T-shirts and shorts are good for

    the warm weather, but you’ll need a jacket for the evening. Keep in mind, we will do some fun, messy activities, so bring some extra outfits to change to. Also be sure to bring 2 sets of clothes that

    you don’t ever want to wear again. You will also need a nice outfit for the last day.

Here is our suggested packing list:

    ? 10 shirts

    ? 5-6 pairs of shorts

    ? 3 pairs of pants

    ? 10 pairs of underwear and socks

    ? Bandana and/or something for country western outfit (optional)

    ? 1 nice outfit for dress up night

    ? 1 jacket (windbreaker type that will dry quickly when wet)

    ? 1-2 sweatshirts/hoodies

    ? 2 swimsuits

    ? 1 set of messy clothes you don’t want to see again

    ? 1 pair of messy shoes you don’t want to see again

    ? 1-2 comfortable pair(s) of closed toe shoes

    ? 1 pair of sandals or flip-flops for the shower and pool

    ? Extra towel for wet activities (bath towel will be provided)

    ? Plastic bags for wet or dirty clothes

    ? Back pack/carry bag

    ? Sleeping bag and pillow (optional, for added comfort. Sheets will be provided)

    ? Toiletries: razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, deodorant and sunscreen

    ? Sleeping bag is optional, only needed for added comfort

    ? Money for snacks at camp and food stops going to camp and coming home

***If you bring electronics for the trip (cell phone, ipod, etc.), be sure to label it. You may have it on

    the bus but all electronics will be checked in at the Woodleaf office upon arrival.

***There is no cell phone reception in the mountains at camp. If you want your child to reach you, you

    should purchase a calling card at home or at camp.

***Please put all medications in a ziplock bag with your child’s name on it. In the bag, include a

    detailed list of when and how your child takes his or her medications. Do not pack this bag in your

    child’s suitcase. Give the bag to Michelle Hoang before getting on the bus.

    ***Please limit your luggage to one suitcase and one carry-on bag. Be sure your luggage is clearly labeled with your name and “UrbanLife”.


    Please do not bring any kind of drugs, alcohol, fireworks, or weapons. If someone is found with any of

    the above, he or she will have to be sent home from Woodleaf at his or her own expense ?


    The balance owed for the trip will be due before you get on the bus. About $30-$50 is enough

    spending money for meals during the road trip, special treats at camp, or any gifts from the camp

    store. Each child is responsible for their own cash. Note: You will not need a lot of money. There will

    be plenty of food, snacks, and fun provided by the camp.


    ? LJPC Medical Release Form

    ? YoungLife Waiver, Release, and Indemnification Form

    ? Younglife Health Consent and Release Form- Note: a physical exam is not required; you may

    fill in this form yourself. You do not need to fill out the immunization section

    ? YoungLife Parent Consent for Medical Treatment A Declaration of Consent

    ? Remaining registration money amount


    Michelle Hoang CAMP CONTACT INFORMATION Program Director of UrbanLife Jake Medcalf Office: 858-729-5521 Young Life Woodleaf Executive Director of UrbanLife Cell: 619-248-0915 11359 La Porte Rd Office: 858-729-5521 Challenge, CA 95925 Cell: 858-334-5325 Phone: 530-675-2252 If you have any more questions about the trip, you may reach us at anytime or attend the Woodleaf Fax: 530-675-0458 Parent Night on Wednesday, June 24

    th at Orange Ave. Community Church at 6:00pm

We are looking forward to our fun week together and appreciate your help in the preparation of this


    Your friends at UrbanLife,

    Jake Medcalf and Michelle Hoang

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