NRF POC Fund Application Preliminary Assessment

By Tiffany Carpenter,2014-10-17 13:50
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NRF POC Fund Application Preliminary Assessment

    NRF POC Fund Application Preliminary Assessment

Kindly fill in the following sections and submit the completed form to ITTO via e-

    thmail ( ) before 12 Oct 09. Applicants are encouraged to send in the completed form as early as possible. Applicant’s details

    Name of main applicant:


     Staff/Student ID:




    Technology Disclosure Reference No. & POC Project Title *TD/ /

    (*If a Technology Disclosure (TD) has previously been submitted to ITTO on any invention

    related to this POC project, please fill in ITTO’s TD Ref No; otherwise please leave blank and just fill in the Project Title)

    Kindly check where applicable

    1. Is this proposal covered by any existing IP? Yes No

    If yes, kindly state: __________________________________

    2. Has the research of this application been completed? Yes No

    If yes, has any proof-of-principle been obtained? Yes No

    If yes, has any paper on this technology been published? Yes No

    3. Kindly give a brief description of the project.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

    Innovation and Technology Transfer Office (ITTO) Page 1

    NRF POC Fund Application Preliminary Assessment

    4. Explain the results from the proof-of-principle studies and what is involved in this

    next stage of POC work.

; Provide a brief of the results of the proof of principle and the current stage of development

    ; What is the project scope for this POC?

    ; What is the targeted end deliverables for this POC project?

    ; Can a company take the end deliverable for this POC and commercialise without major


5. Explain the novelty of this technology and how it compares with the other

    competing technologies.

; What is the novelty of the proposed technology?

    ; What are the existing competing technologies?

    ; What are the key differences between your proposed technology and existing technology?

6. Explain the potential commercial impact and the competitive advantage of this


; Who are the major competitors/companies in the market?

    ; What is the competitive advantage of the proposed technology over existing technologies?

    ; Who are the target end users of the proposed technology and what difference/impact is the

    proposed technology going to make to their existing way of doing things?

7. Explain how feasible it is to scale up the manufacturing of this product when it is


    ; Is any special equipment needed for manufacturing of the product? Is it compatible with existing

    manufacturing technology?

    ; Can the product be easily scale up for large volume production?

8. Explain what are the resources (ie. Facilities, equipment etc) needed from NTU

    to support this project.

; What type of Lab resources is needed?

    ; Is there any special equipment required for this project? If yes, is it available in NTU?

    Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

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