Editing and Publishing Professional Education urgent need to review and improve the_4923

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Editing and Publishing Professional Education urgent need to review and improve the_4923

    Editing and Publishing Professional Education urgent need to review and improve the

     Summary Publishing Journalism should be the same for the two disciplines side by side. Editing and publishing professional education should be targeted, it should be

    closely integrated and publishing practices. To train high-quality publication,

    compound practical talents. Develop editing and publishing professionals would like to emphasize moral education first. Studies on the editing and publishing the requirements of professional teachers, not only must have professional experience, accomplishments and education, there must be enough practical experience and a high degree of social responsibility, there must be a very high level. Editors should have the

    expertise to make the background, and publishing houses for upward social mobility of people from editing and publishing business to make up this lesson. Press, editing and publishing professional recruiting students to be realistic. The backbone of the course is

    set to be the basic requirements for human resources strategy, while also close to the actual work of editing and publishing.

     Abstract Editing title

     Key Words Editing and Publishing / Publishing Talent / Talent Strategy


     1, edit and publish the rise of science education development

     According to the present understanding, Editing originated in China. Some people

    in Guangzhou in 1947, the university taught Editing courses in March 1949, someone has published the first study of this editorial work, this person is a professor at Kookmin University in Guangdong Mr. Li Cimin. After the founding of New China,

    speaking Editing class, publishing Editing writings have also continued, frequent. After the reform and opening up, editing, study of the rapid rise of science in colleges and universities have also been published in educational development. China's colleges and

    universities to do the first publication of the teaching profession is the Wuhan University, they Xinhua Bookstore Head Office with support from the first run of the book publishing specialties, time is in September 1983. In July 1984, Comrade Hu

    Qiaomu wrote to the Ministry of Education, proposed the establishment of editorial science professionals. In 1985, began at Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Nankai pilot. From this time onwards, Editing professional and professional book publishing science co-exist. Two professional disciplines and educational content while

    positioning seems immature, it is quite clear. Since 1985, after 20 years of struggle, with great development achievements are significant. The reason is because of practical

    needs, but also inseparable from the efforts and the education sector. Now the number of professional, vary, and some said that more than 40, some said that more than 70, and some say more than 100. Exactly how many is not so sure. It was according to the

    information available to the Ministry of Education said that more than 40, I am inclined to this figure, but does not exclude other figures, because there is no smoke without fire, there are different view, always a little reason. But no matter how many, it

    is very clear is that more than 10 years ago, is greatly developed. The current problem is that this professional development is uneven, and some run very well that there are many problems. In accordance with the requirements of the scientific development

    concept, the overall look, including the well-managed, have an urgent need to review

    and improve.

     The emergence of professional editing and publishing. Why is the original two undergraduate professional, that professional and book publishing editorial science

    learning professional. Has now become a professional, this is when to begin.

     That was in 1998, the Ministry of Education in order to amend undergraduate catalog, the book distribution and editing of professional learning professional learning

    into the "editing and publishing professional," arises from the "Editing and Publishing" Such a scholarship. From an intuitive perspective, this professional to Editing, Publishing, book distribution studies are included, and the professional caliber

    is wide, but its content is mixed with. As the publication of such an industry in which knowledge is the variety of, say, binding and Design, publishing economics, Printing, where a lot of learning on the big one, "editing and publishing professional" is very

    difficult to include individually. At first glance an industry a professional, clear and in fact weaken the editorial science, library science professional characteristics of distribution, thus diluting the special requirements of these professions. Combined,

    appear to have learned lacking a broad prospect, but in fact is a shallow knowledge. Such professional graduates, to work in all aspects of publishing, the reason seems to know some, but such a person as unable to edit, not necessarily good at engaging in

    marketing, can only make and do odd jobs. Press right such a person, really difficult to arrange, not necessarily. Especially in big publishing, great editing, books, newspapers, journals and electronic publishing, film and television, were all included. A person can

    not be in a few years of university life, so much knowledge to master. Otherwise, it is to look at the knowledge too simple. Therefore, editing and publishing professional is not like a professional, at least, including several professional, such as editing specialties,

    book distribution specialties, publishing management professional, or like a department of posture.

     Editing and publishing the contents of professional education, and now a little bit mixed, some people say, and making a big publishing, promoting the establishment of the general editorial science. This view is difficult to agree.

     Publishes how much is an objective reality, call it big publishing is also OK, but not mean a great professional, publishing involves a great many, it should be to create a

    few more professional, why there can be only one profession? For some people this happens and the establishment of common Editing linked, it is unfounded. This is not to create any relationship between ordinary editorial science. General editorial science

    is to study a variety of editorial activities of the commonality of their universal laws of learning. Such as legal studies, research in general legal theory, but does not study all the legal knowledge, like the Constitution, Civil Law, Criminal Law, International

    Law ... ..., a study of legal experts, they can not master everything, he could only master one of them door, 2. Another example of economics, but also a major problem, which

may be more of their places, each of which in-depth grasp, it is impossible. General

    Editing, too, only to study various editorial activities of the common law, but does not study the various categories of publications, editorial work, such as the book editor science, science journal editors, newspaper editor science, film and television editing science, electronic publications editor learn a variety of editorial special knowledge.

     We are now editing and publishing professionals, including many things, face is very wide and it is the undergraduate course catalog published by the Ministry of Education which provides professional, would like to change will also not change. In this case, to students to teach something, it appeared eyes of the beholder, the wise see the intellectual situation, how specialized courses to open, it becomes Baxianguohai, recount the. Some schools have been coupled with restrictions on teachers, because teachers set up classes for teachers and classes, as long as the Cou full hours, you can graduate. Out of the way to teach students, not to mention bad press income, which unit is not a good income. Some publishers do editing and publishing of professional graduates, will be easy to understand.

     Second, Publishing Journalism should be the same for the two disciplines side

    by side

     According to my immature view, in order to run publishing education, we must first solve the subject positioning. Editing and publishing professionals, including the publication of the needs of many kinds of knowledge. Some have argued just the editing

    and publishing professionals instead Publishing Professional, thinking that it would "justifiably" the. In fact, this publication of the same will not solve the needs of all kinds of talent. Because it covers the publication of studies by fields of knowledge must

    not merely a profession, should be a sheer two disciplines, one in Journalism and Communication subjects the following to serve as Journalism, Communication of the two disciplines side by side. In the Publishing of this two subjects below, and then set

    up several different professions, it can be straightened out. If the Publishing can not be two subjects, still just a profession, then it is bound to end up with what had to learn a little, nothing deep situation. Editing or publication, called science, is actually engaged in each of the, the curriculum will inevitably heterogeneous disorder. Fell editing, it can only learn some skills, skills, methods of operation. This is what some people say that editing is very simple and uncomplicated reasons. In holding this view would see the editor do not have to talk-oriented, do not talk about the cultural content of, nor talk about aesthetics, technology is nothing but an insignificant skills, at best, is only a series

    of books Carpenter. This is a human being becomes Tiaodan not difficult. Outside of people like to see the kitchen chef, that is, cut melon vegetable, do not see the chefs to give cooking set color, will be fragrant, will be taste, stir-fry depends on the furnace,

    spices depend on has also a cook, do the same a dish, which can be Sichuan, but also can be a Cantonese, Huai Yang ... .... Major cuisines have their own theories, production methods, style and so on, each with its own unique style. Moreover, the

    editorial work of a strong personality, each child faces Suggest content is not the same as the problem is not the same, how can you say is just a technique, a mode of operation do? Wu large study of professional well-known book publishing and training a lot of

    talent, many of them have become the province of more than bookstore manager, has made a very good performance. But ask them to become editor, will not necessarily be able to handy, because the professional training had not edited, nor should be editing

    standards to them, but it now belongs to editing and publishing professionals.

     Editing of the manuscript are facing, involving all the disciplines, can be said that hundreds of thousands, and many others. Therefore, the professional schools must have

    a clear positioning, has its own distinct characteristics.

     3, editing and publishing professional education should be targeted to and publication of practice, closely integrated

     Editing and publishing professionals to do the first school to be clear and specific

    objectives is to strengthen education, targeted to local conditions because of time, come up with its own characteristics, such as Beijing University's ancient and literature, ancient books on specialized training of students and training requirements are very

    clear, specific, students will have job other problems to solve. Schools can be based on actual needs, propose their own focus or focus, such as engaging in book editing specialties, news editor specialties, TV Editing Professional; or engage in paper-based

    media editing specialties, electronic media editor science profession; also be engage in social science books and Editing Professional, scientific and technological books and Editing Professional, teaching materials and editing specialties, children's books editor specialties, and so on. Of course, such schools must be built on the basis of investigation and research; must rely more on the relevant publishers, it also forces you to strengthen the education and practice more closely.

     Practice of publishing and publishing education should be closely integrated. In this regard, we believe that some schools do well, while others are not, or are insufficient. Editing should be said that the professional is a practical profession, must be closely

    integrated departments of practical work, no matter how famous you are the school, how the authority. You do have to publish education aside your traditional moves to the Press Qiujiao. Perhaps some of the teachers themselves is a publishing house, the

    basic author, key authors, usually met with editors do not mind. Published in education, but you do, when to press go, you're a student, we must humbly Qiujiao. Some of our universities and publishing relationship Gaode better, such as Wuhan

    University, Hubei, publishing them with support, assistance, education and a very good work. However, some universities, in this respect almost, should be improved. Publication of educational and publishing practice, ability to combine the key to the

    success of the publication of education, which is sure to attention.

     Fourth, we must train for the publishing industry, high-quality, versatile and

    practical talents

     Cultivate what kind of person should be based on the actual needs of the publishing

    industry to determine. The urgent need is to train high-quality, versatile and practical

    talents. This formulation is correct. The question now is in the "understanding", it was to focus on "practical" on the word, rather than to emphasize high-quality compound

    type, also criticized the publication of our re-education theory, light operations, require

    weakening the choice of editing features, gatekeeper function, called for the strengthening packaging and marketing functions, speak more practical courses. Some

    people also cite the example of foreign countries, saying that the United States is talk about operations, do not speak the theory. If this continues, we will be publishing educational withdraw from the colleges and universities, as just talk about operations,

    will be like some people say it, "the editorial is not complicated," do not need to engage in any undergraduate course; as some countries, they are only running a vocational school on it. Operational ability is not not to speak, but talk about operations, simply

    can not talk about high-quality, versatile talents. Books, after all, are spiritual

    products, talk about ideas-oriented, pay attention to culture and taste, pay attention to knowledge content, and if their knowledge to edit much, he can arrange a book full of

    knowledge; if editing their own ideological taste, spiritual realm is not high, you want him to compile a high-grade, high realm of books, that is wishful thinking impossible. Therefore, high-quality talent is not just ability, it is important to have knowledge and, more importantly, the ideological taste, spiritual realm, professional ethics, that is, to

strengthen the ideological and theoretical and moral education courses.

     (A) to develop editing and publishing professionals would like to emphasize moral education for the first

     Strengthening and reform of the national ideological and political education work conference, Comrade Hu Jintao emphasized: colleges and universities must develop

    socialism with Chinese characteristics as the fundamental task of builders and successors; should adhere to school education, educating people, Dezhitimei, Moral of the first approach. What is the moral for the first? Dezhitimei all-round development is

    based on the stresses the importance of political and ideological quality of the students. In recent years, the party and the government repeatedly asked the implementation of the principle of quality education, but some people understand it as the most important

    intelligence than Germany, and re-engineering of light text, which is one-sided, in fact

    quick success and impulsive attitude reflected. The result that some students confused beliefs, beliefs blurred, distorted values, integrity poor awareness of social

    responsibility is not strong. The current neglect of education in shaping personality, talk about lack of ethics and moral education of the formation of the situation is very dangerous. Us to cultivate the students will only do something if not a man, only

    interested in themselves, do not care about the state, collectives, do not care about the nation's future, it will only education failure. There are many reasons for this situation, there is Western culture, ideas, values and way of life impact, there are some negative

    effects of the market economy, coupled with a diversified economic sectors, the stakes are complicated. In this regard, we must face. This situation tells us that education must Dezhitimei on the basis of comprehensive development, adhere to moral

    education first, should seriously carry out ideological and political education. Publishing is the content industry, editorial production, innovative products, their production of publications will affect people's mental world and to guide people's

    practical activities, more needs to be emphasized moral education first. That is, when the editor, must first learn how a man, so that they have the correct world outlook, outlook on life and publication of values.

     Particularly in the current deepening of reform, publishing under the conditions of conversion, the pursuit of profit factors, some publishers is to consider a lot of heavy, and some even mercenary, the economic benefits above all else. This situation will only work if and education, not the status of a man combined, the consequences can

    imagine. And capacity-building must therefore be able to effectively implement a policy of the party's publication of editing and publishing team, which is of primary importance. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     (B) the editor should have the expertise to make the background

     Some people think that professional editing and publishing students should first acquire a certain amount of professional knowledge, come learn editing and publishing

    business, this view is correct. Editing and publishing of professional students, can not only understand the planning, reading and processing, and calculating profit, engaged in packaging, marketing, and other publications to do business knowledge, but also

    stressed the need for professional background, one at least two more. The scope of book publishing house, now, although part of the book make a breakthrough, but the professional division of labor still exists, even in a number of integrated publishing

    house, and its editorial board (room) or by subject or similar subject to the division of labor. So when editors have published in the light of professional knowledge, there is no professional knowledge, they could not do. On this basis, the need to strengthen health

    education master's degree to enroll students with professional backgrounds, further

editing and publishing of the master's degree in education or engage in "double-

    professional", "double degree" education, but also can develop 32 or 42 education, that

    expertise accounted for 3 or 4, publishing accounted for two professional knowledge to ensure that students both professional knowledge and theoretical level and publication of professional knowledge, but also ideological and moral people. Unfortunately,

    despite numerous appeals in all aspects, but "editing and publishing professional" has so far failed to include the State "award doctoral and master's degrees and training graduate students, professional directory", this issue has become further improvement

    and development of Editing and Publishing professional education the key. We solemnly proposed to Publishing and Journalism, as a tie for the two subjects; the publication of studies included in the training of professional post-graduate

    professional directory. Some data indicate that: It is now the National Journalism degree education has grown rapidly, has been awarded with points, eight doctoral or master's degrees awarded 40 points, while the Publishing is now one at all. This

    situation is really hard to understand. Talent is everything, this problem is not resolved, will be detrimental to cultivate high-quality, complex type of editing and

    publishing talent, is not conducive to the healthy development of the publishing


     Some people say that our publishing the theory of education has too many empty, unlike the West, as talk about operations, say pragmatic, more practical. I do not agree with this view, this view is mainly opposed to theoretical courses, said the empty theory,

    to no avail. Why does the mention of the theory is empty it? Theory is to guide action, is shaping the world view, values base. Publication theory, practical experience in the sublimation of the publication is to carry out publishing activities of the ideological

    guidance. Comrade Mao Zedong said, there is no theory to guide action is blind action. If you reject the theory, that is, do not understand China's cultural traditions, do not understand socialism with Chinese characteristics and does not understand socialism

    with Chinese characteristics publication. China's publishing no scientific theoretical guidance, it was not on the West, like it? In fact, published in the West also have their own publishing ideas, but the pursuit of difference in terminology.

     Some people say that editing should be a businessman, advocate training into a Confucian Merchant editors. If the book distribution workers, business owners, saying that they are Confucian Merchants, a little bit detached, then, but the editor must not

    be Confucian Merchants. Because the so-called "Confucian Merchants", the essence

    remains the businessman, the purpose is to seek profit or. But the editor is the spirit of the producer, is accumulation of culture, a culture of innovation, communication,

    culture, and he should focus on the national image-building, for service to readers, to

    train readers to become the "four" new man. Some people may ask, since the books are merchandise, publishing enterprises are the mainstay of the market, why can not be

    business editor. Books are commodities, publishing enterprises are the market players do not leave, but the editor is just commodity producers, as factory workers, they are commodity producers, but they are still workers, not business. Editor of a number of

    publishers involved in marketing, only to master and use of information to the readers book publicity, but usually not directly handle the sale of books.

     (C) the quality of teachers

     Here we must talk about editing and publishing professional education of teachers. According to the students at the request of editing and publishing the requirements of professional teachers is certainly not low, not only a professional accomplishments, there must be educational experiences, but also have enough practical experience and a high degree of social responsibility, there must be a very high level. We are now teachers, the overall look is good and relatively good. But if these few to request our

current teachers, but also inadequate. To say the least, such practices must be

    published in this one, as far as I know, we have now a professional teaching force, so that the teachers is not without, but not a lot of the vast majority of people do not enter before publishing, newspapers and community , have not done editing and publishing work, which can only be said to be a defect. Practical experience of the practical importance of professional teachers. An article said: In the U.S., people think the best news professional teachers are experienced journalists, journalism dean at Stanford University and California State University, Henry Qike Campus College of Arts and former president of George W. Bush believes that engaging in journalism professor must be held by senior journalists. Stanford University professor of journalism, many of which are engaged in more than 10 years of journalism. Among them, some served as a director of CBS News, and some San Francisco radio program, originally produced for people. Some in the community prestigious old journalists, old

    journalists, ... ... has been appointed to serve as professors, with their wealth of experience in teaching young students. In the United States, examination and assessment of the conditions of journalism professor, not only to see if there is no paper,

    it is important to emphasize how many years of journalism experience and previous published reports. (Note: See "Publication wide-angle" 2004 No. 1.)

     Although China is not the United States, publication is not news. But the press and

    publication are the practical professional experience in journalism education should be able to reference. Therefore, in order to promote the existing editing and publishing of professional teachers to publishers to internships, or request the publication of a

    number of experienced workers to talk about specialized courses for teachers, or the proposed school to hire some experienced editors to as Professional Teachers. I remember when the professional start-up, Nankai University Professor Zhao Hang

    editors have been hired as a teacher, and some still at school, lived more than a year. Understand how difficult something is. There is no practical experience, some things feel unattainable. I say this not to say that has not worked in the publishing house, and

    is now a teacher can not speak Specialized lectures, but rather hope that they get first-

    hand experience, the class put it better.

     (D) Press from the upward social mobility of people, to make up this lesson editing and publishing business

     At present, some publishers do not want to editing and publishing a professional graduate school, and some into the dozens of editors, none of them are majors in college to. From a social upward mobility of people, understandably, I have the experience of

    this thing. After the Cultural Revolution, the publishing house where I resumed publishing business. At that time, very few bookstores books, called the "book famine", so to resume publication soon, but the acute shortage of manpower, when no students

    can be introduced into, had to enter from different industries, when the restructuring of social workers time, talent wavering, all kinds of people have, come in person, there are teachers who have the bank staff, workers and cadres, trade union cadres, as well

    as film workers in rural areas, displaced military personnel. These people had a good foundation and, later entered the publishing industry also brings its own efforts, and later became the backbone of a society, and some have become a particular aspect of

    celebrities, experts. Therefore, upward social mobility of people, not from the start today, is already with them. Now, some educational publishers willing to enter the teaching profession, it is totally understandable. Education Press into the ranks of

    teachers, first and foremost professional counterparts, have years of educational experience, to when the education editor of books, that it is themselves, and mutual satisfaction. Lack of professional knowledge, he edited and published this one, or

    should be rectified, and this is one; second, dry teacher a few years, go to the publication of our work, although the work of the same general direction, but the work of different characteristics, these people may not be familiar with the readers, the

    market, do not know how the publication of the dual attributes, do not know the

    publishing industry is essentially a service industry, like other businesses do not engage in profit maximization, which may have to the building of socialist spiritual civilization

    for the purpose of cultivating "four" new man was his bounden duty. Therefore, the need for a process of adaptation. Of course, now the situation is different, human resources are highly mobile, but a publishing house to consider, we should strive to

    establish a more stable team. If you graduated from college students to cultivate, it should be better.

     (E) Press, editing and publishing professional recruiting students to seek truth from facts

     Some publishers CEOs think that since the graduates of professional editing and

    publishing, then come to a manuscript should be Zebian. Students, the students can not use into the experts, into the pipeline, deputy editorial, editor of the conditions to request. Graduates into the Press, is a good match, you can then get started more

    quickly, but can not require a come on by editing the backbone of use. Students entered the Press, only one assistant editor, he will have to participate in all aspects of practice, usually a year or so when the first proof-reading, and then to a certain sector. Thus,

    also has a familiar process of adaptation. Even if you are an expert, you are transferred to another unit, you would not necessarily play well, I am afraid there is also time to adapt. A college student to a new unit, how can no one familiar with the process of it?

     5, on the backbone of the course is set

     Now the editing and publishing professional school curriculum, including core curriculum is very unified, this is a problem, in particular the question of how to set up

    the backbone of course, are more problems. But as a professional, it should be the backbone of a number of common courses. Of course, this is not a simple problem. A recent news report: Founded in 1912, with 90 years of history, has trained many

    outstanding journalists of the Press Institute at Columbia University conducted a sweeping U.S. News education sector, the media, "In today's world and what kind of School of Journalism "The great debate. It involves the training model and curriculum

    issues. The root causes of the differences is the news industry is recognized as an important industry, but it was gradually dominated by commercial and other interests, there has been various problems. Discussion has experienced a full year, results are

    convergence view is: to cope with the status quo the best way is to make journalism a more firm standards and values, so that journalists have a natural resistance. In order to achieve this end, universities should play a key role, and take more responsibility to

    enable students to fulfill the responsibility of serving the public interest. This shows that the curriculum issue is not a general problem, which related to educational philosophy, academic orientation, training model and a series of major issues, is one

    worthy of serious study.

     Linked to our current situation, my thinking is: This core curriculum is set, we should adhere to this principle: First, from the focus on the building of socialist spiritual civilization, from the publication of the fundamental task of starting to implement the basic requirements for human resources strategy the same time, we should also see publication of the deepening of reform, development of market economy under the conditions of the actual situation of China's publishing, the real train able to cope with a variety of complex situations and qualified personnel; two courses must be close to the actual work of editing and publishing, not because of the division set course; 3, adhere to the premise of students with professional backgrounds to consider down the backbone of publishing education courses. Accordingly, I think that can be divided into two levels. The first level, any professional editing and publishing students

    should learn, namely: the publication of Principles of Policy and publishing, editing, Introduction to, books released study, editing and publishing history, book editing theory and practice of modern publishing technology, publishing regulations and professional ethics, economics, publishing and publishing management, copyright and Book Trade, foreign publications, foreign language course, indispensable. The second level is: According to different schools in different set of professional focus, key lessons can also be somewhat different, as in the editorial focus, to increase the cultural knowledge, language, classical rhetoric and the necessary courses; to train staff to release To highlight the focus on marketing, market research, book publicity and advertising programs; to foster management should pay attention focused on cost accounting, business management, human resources management courses. Reposted

    elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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