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Editing Ecological Research site on the_4922

Editing Ecological Research site on the

     Summary streaming media age, editing operations, as well as the editors of their school subjects are integrated into the networks. This paper on the computerization of editorial work, edit the school to discuss the status of academic research site to explore the editorial science research network problems and prospects of survival.

     Abstract Editing title

     Key words editing business / Edit Discipline / academic research site / network to survive


     1, and edit the status of science related academic sites

     Streaming media age, with the editorial content of the electronic, and editing operations corresponding networks are also becoming increasingly popular, such as using e-mail correspondence and a variety of academic journal publications editorial pages were upper links on the Internet. Its most comprehensive expression is that some well-known academic journal database has been formed to climate, making the latest version of academic journals have been income and dissemination. For example CNKI source database and its related sub-libraries, you can cross-database retrieval system

    (CJFD, CDMD, CPCD, CCND), retrieve the contents of the majority of academic journals, including editing the study of academic achievements. And editing science-

    related and part of the intersection of Journalism and Communication Academic Web site construction, is also in the ascendant. At the same time, editors and editorial operation of the business disciplines of science have begun to enter the network range. But, realistically speaking, the current editor of Science as an independent subject of academic research sites on the network on the survival and development are difficult, this situation right editology study will certainly negative. Therefore, in order to editorial content and editing of academic research network study, it should be subject to the existence of the network to have a more comprehensive understanding of the editors of academic research network study the prospects for an overall grasp. In this paper, the computerization of the editorial work, editing, study of the status of site investigation, disciplinary research network to explore the way out.

     About editing the definition of science disciplines, this article only the Xi Yong Yin-

    chi, "Science, the Nature editors to discuss Review" point of view, namely, "Editing is a

    both theoretical and applied disciplines", which is the basic theory research editor, edit Law practice management activities, and editor of a comprehensive discipline,

    specifically, is to study the law of an editing knowledge. Editing discipline system for the construction of theory, require the building of a comprehensive editorial science major discipline system, we must attach importance to departments editorial research, they are common and unified personality. Departments to carry out the study of ways to edit, first, learn the basic theory of the use of editing experience on the different types of theoretical summary of abstracts from the particularity of different types of editorial activities; the second is to edit the basic theory of learning and related disciplines mutual penetration, integration , so that combination of both concrete and deepened, with new quality. [1] the introduction of this definition, the dissemination of information in order to distinguish between professional and professional website Editing the different directions of research. At present, the news media professional website building, maintaining upward trend, which there is no lack of Editing in the basic theory and related disciplines to explore content. Journalism and Communication Studies are compatible with the editors and the scope of the intersection of academic, journalism and communications professional website and edit the content of school sites involved as well.

     Journalism and Communication professional website to the dissemination of information industry and news media circles as the main content of information, although a professional website, but because of content, form, host the background and other factors, such sites Yicheng emerged in diversity. Them from different angles can have different classifications, such as the comprehensive web site and a single branch

    site; academic sites and practical class web site; of institutional Web sites and personal websites. In morphology, in addition to websites, there are special BBS and e-mail

    publications. For example, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences organized by the

    Institute of Journalism and Communication, "China Media Network"

    (, in the study of Journalism and Communication have a significant impact. Recalling the process of building network communication research, the pursuit of originality of the information, and academic taste can be said that the site's main features. Another example is "Chinese communications network" (, the China News Communication reviews, Qianlong News community, Jinghua Media Network (, the China News

    Research Center web site , the media observation, Chinese press network, HC press information network, online advertising pioneer, depending on the network. In addition, the Chinese media information network, Press and Publication Education

    Network, China's Advertising Communication Research Network, 6969 Newspaper Marketing plan, China Radio and TV Network, Wuzhou media, China Network Communication Research, G999 media channels, media factory, the media Joseph Union, the daily media point of view Media Resource Information Network, Stan International Forum on Chinese media, audio-visual aspect - Network and

    Communication Studies, the Chinese also have their own advertising network sites such as characteristics of a certain amount of influence.

     In addition, professional information that is issued an e-mail publication. This is sent

    directly to subscribers of important network communication patterns can be produced according to the different needs of txt, doc, html, pdf and other file formats. Currently

    attached to e-mail publications main production sites to send, is dynamically reflect the industry's most timely, most comprehensive newsletter. Send an e-mail as a separate

    publication, there have been closed down "e Communication Week" (e-MediaWeek).

    First issue of its purpose is "to observe the mass media to disseminate the phenomenon of perspective, the dissemination of information exchange and dissemination of academic contention," subscription to send to the Hesso Yi (, send

    an e-mail press produce professional platforms).

     Of Journalism and Communication Subject site's flourishing is the reason for many

    domestic universities Journalism postgraduate courses in a large number of settings. From the Chinese news media professional website development and change in 2003, see, it has four characteristics: First, comprehensive news media have maintained a good academic Web site development momentum; 2 news have matured; third, news websites, portals and focus have set up the media channels; Fourth, journalism and education institutions and research institutions websites have stagnated, or even some regression. Despite the dissemination of information websites educational institutions and research institutions have deep academic resources and professional talent, however, due to conceptual and institutional reasons, these sites are growing Debu less than satisfactory, a number of well-known editor of the professional academic

    organizations and educational institutions is not even a manifestation of their academic characteristics, sites or pages. [2]

     In fact, when compared with the traditional scholarly journals, interdisciplinary research network has good prospects, its future development should be of concern,

    therefore, at present subjects of Communication Studies Web site is constantly updating and strengthening self-construction. "China Journalism and Communication

    Journalism Review" web site (CJR), for example, to continuously optimize the website

    content, enhanced network features. For example, set the columns to the beginning of Jianzhan no longer adapted to the current adjustment; to enhance interaction and improve the search function; more prominent characteristics of the network. Make a

    study of media media, Internet research has been CJR's strengths. CJR researchers pointed out that it can be more high-profile study to expand the weight of the Internet

    has become a Chinese Internet research sources of information, database, view platform, the views of the market. [3] this point, contrasting a related editorial sites of the state of school discipline a somewhat stagnant.

     It should be noted, edit the start up and learn professional website development, academic development and editing of academic resources development, utilization and

    dissemination is of great significance, it can promote the academic achievements towards editing industry colleagues, you can change the traditional teaching methods can be become a researcher of information sources and databases, can expand the

    exchanges between domestic and foreign counterparts, can promote the formation of academic criticism of fashion, you can build a platform for knowledge transmission can increase the network of Chinese professional resources.

     2, edit the status of Discipline website

     Currently Editing the types of academic web site, adopted a "network of the process of China's anthropological thought and ideas" [4] classification method can be divided into the following categories:

     (A), User created personal website. Such sites such as: "Editing On-line"

    (, the station was built in 1999, the theme of editors of scientific journals Science and Web publishing, site owners Wu Xiaoyong, in order to

    "Edit Journal" Editorial Board. "Edit publisher Salon" (; "Edit Life Network" (, Moderator Iyang, free editor, Journal editorial board is responsible for a certain lifestyle people. He hoped that the "Edit Life

    Net" of this personal platform to show themselves and strengthen the link between Ayatomo with you, communication information channels, broadening common room for development. Such sites are mostly editorial in the "Network fans" create a more

    focused study of the field collection of editorial research information, cultivate their garden, to satisfy their own interests at the same time, but also rich in academic public space to promote the dissemination of academic It is the network of the most diverse

    and most dynamic Web sites. As the station master academic standards and academic interest in the limited, personal web site created by the overall level of academic uneven, less original article. Combined with an academic interest owners needed to

    change and Jianzhan huge effort to pay, weak follow-up development of such sites, and

    even quite a number of websites have been closed down. Of course, the new site are constantly being created with and continue to promote the diversification of academic

    Editing. The personal website existing problem is: the Internet on the academic results are currently only limited to the virtual space for the peer exchange, the existing academic system can not be recognized. The establishment of such sites came from in

    the founder's personal preferences, not on its Web site in general space volume, storing the information is very limited. At the same time depends on the individual effort to maintain updated and greatly affected the timeliness and information density. Therefore, traffic is not high, little influence. The viability of such sites are most vulnerable, often face the dilemma of unsustainable.

     (B), government agencies and their respective academic institutions, academic organizations to create Web sites. Government agencies and editing science-related

    sites, with the State Press and Publication Administration (NCA) website, belonging to the Government as part of on-line project, but release the contents of this site mainly for radio, television, movies, newspapers, periodicals, books, electronic publishing

    objects such as mass media regulations and industry trends, statistical data, authoritative, and therefore, this article will also include them in the scope of professional websites. Government-owned academic institutions and academic

    organizations established sites, such as Peking University and the Academy of Social Sciences Web sites, as well as the establishment of China Education and Research Network, China Journal Net, China Research Network, etc. uneven level of such sites,

    for the promotion of the role of academic research also different sizes. Among them, the more successful sites such as "the publication of scientific" and "Chinese Media Net" and so on.

     "Published scientific" (, is the same name of the electronic

    version of print publication. "Published scientific" by the director of Hubei Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication, the Hubei Provincial Institute of host editor, the purpose of the magazine as follows: based on the province, facing the country, equal

    emphasis on theoretical and practical, summaries of books, periodicals, audio-visual

    products, electronic publications, editing and publishing experience and network to promote the compilation and publication of theoretical study and disciplines. To realize

    the purpose of the magazine, Piyou multiple pairs of names column, such as "special draft monograph," "Editing editing", "the publication of Publishing," "editor published in History of History", "Multimedia web publishing "and so on. "Published

    scientific" relying on "Press and Publication, Hubei Network" (http://www.hb-, its contribution to the study of the editorial is to provide a large number of electronic text editing science papers and with editing relevant documents, the updated

    speed. "China's Media Network" (, recorded by the Beijing State-New Culture Communication Co., Ltd. organized, relying on government resources, to play a business advantage, through the network in mind the media

    released information and the authority of the industry comprehensive policies and regulations to carry out multi-level education and training for media organizations to provide a full range of management consulting services, and to property rights as a

    link, integrated media resources, and actively involved in the media area of investment. Recorded in the media as the country's Press and Publication Administration of China Network Technology Service Center to undertake China's construction and operation

    of networks of journalists to work to serve the media of their responsibility to the industry standardize the management, transparency provides an interactive network platform. "China's Media Network" second line of "in the recorded media networks"

    (, in the "Academic and Education" column, there Editing the content of academic research. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free

download http://

     (C), the non-academic institutions, academic organizations to create Web sites.

    Studies of these editing sites are mostly various types of editing academic institutions and academic organizations in the extension of the network to introduce the editing industry news and editorial theory, and recommend books and other editorial

    colleagues. They focus more on building on the site display their image, highlighting their own academic characteristics and academic interest, the development of much more dependent upon in the relevant academic institutions and academic

    organizations, their own development. Network for editing scholars provide a free publication of academic articles, publishing a platform for individual's studies, thereby contributing to the editor of a wide range of academic research results dissemination.

    This method of communication will help to break the shackles of the existing academic system. Such as "Natural Science Journal of China Universities Research Association" web site (, which is a permanent academic community web site facade, the main part there are Editors Forum to learn a newsletter, journals through reading relevant documents, as well as Introduction to participate in the study units. Overall, this type of Web page is more simple, content-rich enough, in the timeliness

    and service functions far from ideal, at present only able to play a showcase to introduce the editors learn to their daily work and so on. Moreover, some because of various reasons, became a "dead page", such as "Editor and modern"

    (, is particularly regrettable that the Chinese institutions of higher learning Journal of Human Sciences Research Council has so far not an independent academic sites.

     (D), editing school educational institutions and research institutions to create

    websites. Such sites tend to the editor and the news media theory and practice classes online version of newspapers, mainly the contents of its plane carrier all or part of the Internet. Such sites with the "parent" site are closely related, they are mostly the

    media's publication. Overall, these professional newspapers and in news media has a broad influence in the industry, but its web site (web page) the form and content of most of the very basic network communication influence was obviously insufficient,

    and some have become "death station", such as "Edit Theory and Editorial Practice "(

     (5), BBS and e-mail list of publications form. Comprehensive dissemination of information most of the academic sites with BBS, such as the Chinese media, network

    media, community, Qianlong news community, "Heng Ping vertical Goods Media Forum," and so on to do a good job. The news media professional BBS discussion board set up, the impact of the expansion of Web site to enhance audience participation

    play an active role. At present, for the editorial science is concerned, the most popular type of BBS is "西祠胡同" ( in the "media" ( main.asp) forum. This is actually a forum for groups, including dozens of sub-forum,

    which directly related to the areas with the news media are "news" and "media studies" section under the sub-forum. In these forums, the most relevant is probably

    the "Edit Home", "book editor Club", "The artist's home." "Journalism and

    Communication Research," Forum will focus mainly on academic study and regular reposted elsewhere academics papers, articles, and often moderated their own original articles are unique points of view.

     Third, Editing Problems and Prospects of academic website

     Existence of an academic web site, it must be associated with this academic discipline of ecological research linked. At present, Science of the site editor is not very

optimistic about the ecological conditions, it should be my editor of an academic

    research of mutual Ying-thin card.

     From the Editor Discipline site situation, many websites are still at an early stage or low-level operational phase, the site functions and roles is far from being brought into play, especially for editing industry, administrative bodies, industry organizations, professional journals and professional R & D educational institutions, the site is currently the situation with them in social status, role, disproportionate, and the information requirements of the times differ greatly. Specifically, the current professional website Editing the inadequacies of main features: original content less a lot of the content on the site are reproduced on a printing press articles, or reproduced content on other sites, were strikingly similar serious; update rate slow, time-poor. The

    lack of English, Traditional Chinese, which greatly limited the adoption of this platform to exchange with foreign counterparts overseas; manifestations simple; database and search function lack of or poor; website promotion go far enough.

     Links to websites and databases, the many sites link to a lack of important academic database support, then there are the lack of site search function. In the era of overwhelming network resources, only rely on a successful search engine in the

    network can quickly find useful information, internal information for the site search, as well. In addition, there are now many sites in the text is often below the "reader to evaluate" a class setting, it is the interaction between readers and authors, such as access to vast amounts of Ctrip, visitors can see and participate in this article feedback, the authors can also be contested. This is typical of the subversion of traditional journals. The same type of overseas sites, not only to provide the latest articles published, and also provides articles of past search queries, such as "Columbia Journalism Review Web site" (, its home page is the current article, but it also provides From 1991 to the present all the journal content can be retrieved; Another example is Taiwan and China Association of Communication Web site ( will also be built in Chinese Communication Studies database, dissemination of seminar papers, and Taiwan Movie database, a database of mass

    communications industry, schools Theses and other more complete database. It should be noted, Taiwan's "Chinese Media Net" ( which has spent a lot of work, but the network's momentum has now stalled.

     From the Editor science research situation, due to the progress of the communications industry itself, editing work, and editorial content of school subjects have been a qualitative change. From the mode of transmission, communication

    channels has increased significantly, so that the media to improve the quality of services made possible by the information. In addition to the original form, like a new turn, such as newspapers to increase print times, real-time content updates have been

    reported, additional columns or tertiary pages, rich colors and content of the pages being loaded with the most obvious feature is the print media into the network communication, have begun to establish electronic version of the maximum information to the audience. With the high-tech in news media and the extensive

    application of division of labor and competition among the mass media has become increasingly prominent in the news business office staff requirements have become more sophisticated, especially for newspapers and book editors practitioners of

    business requirements skills, including the freedom to be able to use modern communication technologies in acquisition, production, transmission of information to meet the needs of transmission networks; to be able to master the expertise to adapt to a more sub-media object-oriented, specific part number, the report called for greater breadth and depth and professional situation and other.

     Therefore, the editor of the Internet age, should have the ability to use the network

    of this medium, including through the network of editorial disciplines, to learn about the progress of interdisciplinary research capability. However, only from the academic journal editors border investigations situation, computer and Internet access to

    essential status of the general situation not too optimistic about apart from the general word processing and web browsing, the academic journal editors to edit the school site academic resources not very popular, while the use of network resources to conduct

    academic exchanges, the situation has not become widespread. It can be said, in addition to surfing the Web like some editors, the use of the BBS Web site to edit the exchange of learning online is almost rare. This is in contrast to the official publication

    of the National 9165 kinds of journals in terms of the number in the book editor [5]. Edit number of Internet users, use of network resources, the number of academic exchanges can be optimistic about the situation, which is the academic website Editing

    the root causes of network dismally.

     Editing Academic Website for the issues involved, there are many other aspects, such as academic theses, copyright issues; academic point of view of the original problem; academic network of the living space of the problem; academic researchers of identity issues as well as with the existing academic mechanism is compatible with the problem; website operators to funding problems.

     Academic point of view of the original article is one of the root causes of low, editing,

    non-profit school sites, making the site is limited, basically in the low-cost to maintain

    the operation of the state. Even if there are original scholarly articles on the site started, but also unable to pay royalties, not to mention the network of papers

    published in the current accreditation system, there is no place. Therefore, the author can not be the first time online academic achievements. Again, general manager of the investment even more severe. To create a recognized authority can be academic,

    excellent academic sites, require substantial investment in human and material resources, and that this is an ongoing task. And build a true sense of the site, to jointly develop electronic information database, but also planning to rely on relevant units.

    Moreover, the academic website construction and maintenance must be scholars, it is not merely technical or site management personnel matter. Involving some of the basic academic attitude, academic knowledge, academic background issues, related to

    academic content of the editorial resources and column settings, there is no participation of academics, site managers is difficult to know the site's readers (mainly academics) need and evaluation of the site's actual results. To have enthusiastic people.

    Thus, in such a situation, the editorial science innovation and development of academic research, editing, website building science to improve and strengthen the academic work, becomes more urgent.


     [1] Chen Jingchun. To carry out sectoral Editorial Studies [A]. The building of a complete editorial science major discipline system [C] published in Science, 2003, (2).

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