Transporters Portal

By Theodore Bailey,2014-05-30 14:04
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Transporters Portal

Transporters Portal

To login thru internet log on the following site

Following Screen will appear

     Enter Password Enter 8 digit Carrier Number

     Click on Login

    After successful login following screen will appear


     To get the Details of name,e-mail

     and address of Transporter

Following screen will appear

    For Cheque Details


    Click on Cheque details to get

    the payment information for a


To .Enter From Enter To .To view on Download Date the screen Date in Excel

Click on Submit to get the cheque details

Cheque Detail Screen



     Cheque no Cheque Date Issuing Bank

    To get the break-up of payment made in Cheque click on Cheque

    Click on Cheque no to get

    the details of payment for

    that particular cheque

Regular Freight Debit & Credit details TDS Deducted Shortage ,prorated Freight payment freight, supplemental TDS deducted made for loads payment,manual debit or credit

    To get the details of Regular freight details CLICK on Regular Freight


    n load


     Load no Vehicle No Loading Loading

    Date Location

     Code and


     Freight Amount Paid for the load

    To get the details of Debit/Credit CLICK on Debit/Credit

     Product Value Deduction Prorated Freight Deduction Gives the detail of shortage booked (amount deducted for Deduction in freight product value) amount for the short

     quantity delivered

     Click on submit to get the details

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