July 2006

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July 2006

    February 2009 Volume III, Issue 2

    “The STACK”

    A Publication of the Manitowoc Jaycees Doreen Drescher, Editor What a great start we are having this year, we have numerous events planned and have already had our first very successful membership social, which Collin and Megan did a great job planning. We also had a sledding day at the Allard’s house on January 18 th , which was a hit.

     Inside this Issue:

    The Jaycees hosted our first ever, mayoral forum at the

    thUniversity of Wisconsin Manitowoc on January 28President’s Message; pages 1 & 2 . All the candidates participated and Dr. Kerry Trask Professor Membership Report; page 3 Emeritus was our moderator. Thank you to Committee

    Membership Renewals; page 3 Chair Collin Braunel for committing to make sure

     everything came together. Community Report; page 4 The first membership meeting on the 7thManagement Report; page 4 of this month went really well. We had 15 members in attendance and also Individual Development; page 5

    some proxy votes. Therefore we had enough members to

    Brewfest Wearables; page 5 pass the bylaw changes and the budget for 2009. If you were not able to attend the meeting and would like to see ID Survey; page 6 either of these documents you can log on to the Jaycee

    website and go to our secure member area to find them. If Roster; pages 7 & 8

     you don’t have the User ID and Password, please send me Calendar of Events; Feb. page 9 an email and I will be happy to give them to you. As promised the meeting was a concise report on the chapter’s Jaycee Mission Statement;

    business and upcoming events. The meeting lasted page 10

    approximately 30 minutes. The plan going forward will be

    for all of the membership meetings to be about that length. The Manitowoc Jaycees are well on our way to making this Membership Meeting a very successful year and the board and I will need each

     and every one of your help and support to achieve our (the Wednesday, February 4th chapter board) goals.

    7:00 pm

    Bestwestern Inn on Maritime Bay

     Continued…… page 2

    Presidents Message ……………. continued from page 1 Please support your

     local members and their

     ? Management - Dawn has done a wonderful job thus far place of business.

    getting everything submitted to the state for their records and

    will continue to keep track of event attendance as well as Heather Allard stand out members that will be submitted to the state for Manitowoc convention

    awards. and visitors bureau

     ? Community - Jeb is in the process of adding some new events Jason allard to the chapter calendar in the area of Youth Sports. He will be Burger boat adding a NBA skills competition at the YMCA in February,

     along with our other youth sports events, Pitch, Hit & Run and Jen bergin Punt, Pass & Kick later on this year. Manitowoc county job ? Individual - Heather is waiting patiently for you all to return center the membership surveys to her. You can give them to her at ththe next membership meeting on February 4. The surveys Adam Braunel

    will help Heather and Jen figure out what events our members pEtEr’s ConstruCtion

     are interested in for the upcoming year.

    Collin Braunel ? Membership - Collin has been working with Megan to plan Dominion some really exciting and fun socials for the chapter this year. Their first social was really great; we had 25 people in Greg brey attendance. Heresite protective ? Treasurer - Lindsey is implementing the new accounting coatings software for the chapter records. As the year progresses I plan to keep all of you informed of what Stephanie Cruetz

    decisions the board is making and how these decisions affect the Dowco

    chapter. If you have any issues that you think the board or I should

    Katie dickrell know about please email me or come out to a board meeting,

    Manitowoc public members are always welcome. This year board meetings will be held

    school district at Jen’s Java on Washington Street at 6PM on the third Wednesday of each month. Cassie downard Humana

    Alex Olson

    Jeb Downard 2009 Chapter President

    Humana Manitowoc Jaycees

     Clint Drescher


Paul Granger Name this Jaycee? Manitowoc County shEriFF’s DEpartmEnt ? Has a piano in the bedroom

     Ted Hacker

    City of Manitowoc ? Works from home

     Lindsey hawig ? Attended band camp while in High School Bank first national

    ? Addicted to Reality Television Dana troullier

    Wi job center Emily vergenz Submit your answer before the membership meeting, to win Aurora

    the prize of being the featured member in next months issue

     Membership Update

    Megan leIst with VP Collin Braunel and Director Megan Leist Lighthouse inn Kim Leitner Thank you to all that showed up for our first social of the year. It Manitowoc co. was a good turnout for bowling at Meadow Lanes West and pizza

    after at Tony's. For our February social, we are planning on Rick leitner

    Crafts spending an afternoon ice skating at the Manitowoc Ice Center on

     Saturday February 28th. If anything changes with the date, I will Abbie Meier let you know as soon as possible. I hope to see all of you there Hobby Lobby

    ready to skate and enjoy some activities planned on the ice.

    Melissa Milewicz Fox Hills Also, we would like to welcome our new members: Laura Wagner, Laura Braunel, Deepak Ponnavolu, and Diana Schultz. We already Richard Milewicz

    Holy Family Memorial have interest for new members in February, which is always good

     to hear. Lynn moore Shipbuilders credit Finally, Collin and I are planning on setting up a membership union

     recruitment table at UW-Manitowoc in February. We will stop by

    Alex olson LTC in March and Silver Lake College in April to do the same. We Access are trying to beat our goal of five new members a month. If you

    know of anyone who would like to join our chapter, please let Collin justine olson

    st marys or I know.

     Dawn Phajit Sincerely, Associated bank

    Kong phajit Collin Braunel Megan Leist

    Federal mogul Membership VP Membership Director Nicole Resch

     Holy family memorial

     Steve Riske

    Federal mogul

    Sadie sebo

    Lia sophia

     Jeremy Sehloff

    Perkins Restaurant Amber Daugs- 2007 Paul Granger- 2003 Dr Stacey Soeldner Kong Phajit- 2005 Riverhill psychological

    associates Will Stecker- 2007

    Katie Stradal- 2003 Kari Wagner - 2005 Dave soeldner Jason Weier - 2006 east point engineering Will Stecker thPlease contact Collin Braunel by the 15 of the month prior Mechanical Research & to your renewal month to receive a $5 discount on your $50 design renewal fee.

    Please support your local Community Wrap with Jeb Downard members and their place of business.

    Hello Everybody- Katie stradal I hope everybody is enjoying the break from the snow. I know Orion energy systems that my back sure is appreciating it. I want to thank everybody who helped make the Mayoral Debate a huge success. We got Linsday thomaschefsky a lot of publicity from this event and it was executed very First lutheran church smoothly. This came together in a very short amount of time for the size and scope of this event. Kudos to everyone. We have Jamie Vergenz

    a new youth sports event coming up on February 28thKwik Trip at 1 pm at the YMCA. This will be a Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Skills Challenge. Kari wagner This event is very similar to the Pitch Hit and Run for baseball Aurora skills and the Punt Pass and Kick for football skills. We are expecting around 50 kids to participate so we could use your Jason weier help in making this event run smoothly. If you are interested in A.G. Edwards helping us out please email me at: or call me 682-4425. To have your information updated or have your name Thank You, added to the list contact Doreen Drescher 682-2692 Jeb Downard

    with Dawn Phajit

    At the January Membership Meeting, we passed our 2009 budget and bylaws. Thanks to everyone who attended so that we could get these two important items passed. Both of these items are on our

    website in the Member Login section. If you haven't visited our website recently, please take a look.

    Alex has done an excellent job getting the website revamped and full of useful information for

    members and those interested in the Jaycees.

February is here along with the Management area's biggest project of the year,

    Brewfest! Please contact Clint Drescher if you are able to help with set-up on Friday, Februay 20 or the event on Saturday, February 21. We would like to have as many members as possible help with

    this great project that raises money to support so many of our other activities. Please remember to

    save your gallon milk jugs. Rinse them thoroughly and give them to Clint. We use these at the event

    and need approximately 300 jugs.

    If you are looking to travel and meet other Jaycees around the state, it is not too late to attend the Wisconsin Jaycee's Year End Convention in Waupaca on February 6 - 7. The early registration deadline has passed, but you can register right at convention. So far, there are at least five of us who will attend convention. If you would like more details, please let me know.

Dawn Phajit

    Management VP 2009

    We are in much anticipation as I write this newsletter article. The Mayoral forum is just days away and we look

    forward to an awesome turnout as well as making a great presentation in the community. I'll be able to give a better report at the membership meeting or in next month's newsletter as to the outcome of our candidate forum.

January kicked off the new Individual Development year with a Sledding extravaganza at the new Allard house in the

    country with a super sledding hill. We gladly welcomed the snow with friends and families as we made paths down the

    hill. What an awesome time we had and enjoyed chili & Whitelaw Wieners afterwards! Thanks for coming out for a great day on the hill!!

    At February's Membership meeting our guest speaker will be Financial planner Jason Weier who will talk on “Outlook and Opportunities”. Jason will be looking at the stock market, how it is currently and how it looked historically. Please attend the membership meeting at the Best Western on Wednesday, February 4th & stay for the Financial Planning experience afterwards. Please RSVP to me if you'd like to attend and give Jason the courtesy of knowing how many

    packets of information to provide for the meeting. Thank you!!

Hopefully you all had a chance to complete your Individual Development survey...we received a number of them, but

    not everyone's. So, if you could please bring the survey to the February meeting, email or drop it in the mail to (PO Box 1911, Manitowoc). Jen & I would greatly appreciate your feedback. We'll be updating you all

    at the membership meeting on what new IDs are planned for the upcoming months.

See you in February!!!

Your Individual Development Team 2009

    Heather Allard & Jen Bergin

    Brewfest 2009 Wearables Order Form

    It’s time to order your Brewfest wearables! This year we will offer T-shirts, Long-sleeve T’s, and Hoodies. They will be black with white print.

    Prices: T’s: $10 Sizes S-XL

     Long Sleeve T’s: $15 XXL add $2

     Hoodies: $20 XXXL add $3

    thPlease complete the following order form and return it by Feb. 5. Bring the form to the membership meeting on Feb. 4, email it to, or mail to Manitowoc Jaycees, P.O. Box 1911, Manitowoc, WI 54221-1911.

Name: ______________________________ Phone: ____________________

Email: __________________________________________________________

T’s: __ S Long Sleeve T’s: __ S Hoodies: __ S

     __ M __ M __ M

     __ L __ L __ L

     __ XL __ XL __ XL

     __ XXL __ XXL __ XXL

     __ XXXL __ XXXL __ XXXL

Total of order: $______ Payment due by Feb. 21, 2009.

    February 2009

     1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    General Year End Year End Membership ConventioConvention Meeting 7pm n & & Training-Best Western Training in Waupaca Waupaca Financial JCI Hessen, Planning with Germany JCI Jason Weier Wisconsin Hessen, 7:30 pm TourGermany following Wisconsin mtg. Tour

    8 9 10 11 12 13 14


    Hessen, Hessen, Hessen, Hessen, Hessen,

    Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany

    WisconsiWisconsiWisconsiWisconsin Wisconsi

    n Tourn Tourn TourTourn Tour

    15 16 17 18 19 20 21

    5:00p -9:00p MANITOWO


    at Expo

    Grounds 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

    Jr. NBA/Jr.

    WNBA Skills

    Challenge 1 pm

    at the YMCA

    Jaycee mission statement

    To contribute to the advancement of the global

    community by providing the opportunity for young

    people to develop the leadership skills, social

    responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship

    necessary to create positive change.


    P.O. BOX 1911

    MANITOWOC, WI 54221-1911

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