King Street PTO Meeting

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King Street PTO Meeting

    King Street PTO Meeting

    Meeting date: November 18, 2008

    Meeting Location: KSP

    Attended by: Tina MacNevin, Susan Philban, Lorraine Sisto, Misty Dorsch, Erin Silverman, Linda

    Schreiner, Jackie Bacon, Mrs. Carisi, Mrs. McGarrigal, Mrs. Twining, Keri Reilly, Debbie Burg, Ann Hwang,

    Cari Poulos, Rebecca Tate, Cathy DeBonis, Charlene DeLuca, Nancy Matzinger, Kristin Riolo, Barb Aziere,

    Paige McGraw, Robin Greene, Sheila Rumsey, Diane Mancini, Heidi Barrios, Rachel Ifkowits, Lynne

    Lukasik, Janet Hamilton

    1. Call to order 6:40pm

    2. Minutes: Review and approval of minutes from October meeting Approved

    3. Officer’s Reports:

    a. President - Thanked everyone for coming, introduced teachers. City wide PTO officers

    elected. Election again in the spring if anyone is interested. Parent discussion to

    encourage parent involvement in schools held last Sat. 60 people attended discussion

    and focus groups. Recommendations made as a result will be revealed at a meeting in

    March. We’ll give info when we find out when it is. Thanked Book Fair committee for

    the great success.

    b. Treasurer - Book Fair made over $11k, profit expected over $2500. Reviewed

    Treasurers Report. Success of gift wrap and book fair gave us the majority of the


    4. Principal’s Reports

    a. Mrs. Bacon KSP

    i. Thanked all for attending meeting, especially teacher reps Mrs. Twining and Mrs.


    thii. Grade 2 Parents as Partners in Learning Workshop held Oct 28. Very positive

    feedback. Topics: math problem solving and language arts developing

    comprehension through critical thinking skills. Kindergarten is planned for Dec

    th16. Invitations will be sent after the Thanksgiving break.

    iii. Book Fair very well organized and well received by all. Appreciative of the

    parent volunteers who made it a success.

    iv. Thanked PTO for providing dinner for teachers on conference night.

    thv. Thanksgiving feast to be held during lunch Nov 25. Special dessert with

    parents is scheduled for 2pm. After dessert the school will turkey trot around

    the outside of the building!

    thvi. Grade 1 Music/Art Extravaganza to be held Tues Dec 9. Note will be sent

    home to those involved with the info.

    thvii. Thank you to PTO for having the Winter Wonderland event on Dec 6. KSP staff

    members are putting together a basket to raffle off at the event.

    viii. 230 items collected in the canned food drive that will go to the Salvation Army

    Food Pantry.

    ix. KSP formed partnership with Jewish Federation Reading Partners Program.

    b. Mrs. Schreiner KSI

    i. Veteran’s Hall of Fame sponsored by Dr. Repole, be sure to check it out.

    ii. KSI Basketball team now underway sponsored by Mrs. Colabatistto.

    iii. Mrs. Carisi is sponsoring a new Reading Incentive Program.

    iv. January begins preparation/practice for March CMTs

    v. Monthly community awareness for students/staff each Fri studnts wear school

    colors in support of designated charities Nov Disabled American Vets

    vi. Dec 1 picture retakes, Dec 2 Music concert, Dec 8 Report cards

    vii. Parent Teacher conferences very successful, 99% parent participation! Thanks

    for the PTO provided dinner to teachers.

    viii. Grade 4 field trip to Hartford was enjoyed by all. th grade planning a field trip to Ridgefield Theater and institute of American ix. 5Indian Studies.

    x. Library appreciates book donations keep them coming!

    xi. Book fair enjoyed by all. Very appreciative of classroom gifts, books and lunch.

    rdxii. Mr. Dorsch and Audubon program planted tulips with 3 graders in front of the

    school. The tulips will spell out KSI when they bloom!!!

    xiii. Continue to need board games for indoor recess (gently used is ok) and outdoor

    soft balls.

    xiv. Happy Holidays to all! Encourage your children to read read read!

    5. Committee Reports:

    a. Book Fair recap Thanked everyone involved, Erin Simmons, Anne-Marie Norkowski,

    Anne Guiry, Sue Ayre committee; Michelle Smith & Susan Philban decorations, wish

    list board; Diane Mancini and hospitality teachers luncheon. b. Spirit Wear update We have new ash grey shirts and we’re getting hoodies. $22/kids

    Selling at WWB&B, order forms in each office and on PTO Manager. Filling orders within

    a week. Filled backorders from BTS picnic. Open to suggestions for future product.

    Magnets 1/$4, 2/$7.

    c. Newsletter Coming out in December. Future editions will be on the website/PTO

    Manager unless hard copy requested. Sending out form for people to send back if they

    want a hard copy and it will be published in the Dec newsletter that it is the last hard

    copy. Will save a lot of money on paper.

    d. Boxtops for Education Check should be about $1800!! Almost double last yr! Ms.

    Tesbir & Mrs. Wildman’s classes won $25 voucher for book fair. Send in for end of Dec

    collection. Online purchases, if you go thru Boxtops website (weblink) we can get

    money back. Nancy will give us the info in PTO Manager.

    e. Phoneraiser - $24.83 back. If ink cartridge is bigger than your palm, they don’t accept it.

    You can go online to see if your phone will be accepted.

    f. Winter Wonderland Breakfast and Bazaar Saturday Dec 6 9am-noon Breakfast 9-

    10:30am, vendors selling items in the gym, Little Shoppers will be there too. Girl Scouts

    will provide wrapping. Games, pictures, crafts, food (Michelle Keenan wondered if we

    could use their food (Sodexo) for other stuff, we’ll look in to this). Nancy Matzinger

    asked if we would make a profit from Little Shoppers, we do not plan to use it as a

    fundraiser. Need volunteers to help man the table. th 3:30 7:30pm KSI g. SCRIP Holiday drive underway, orders due Dec 1. (Pick up Dec 18


    h. Shop Days

    i. Pizzeria Uno event Monday Nov 24, Up to 20% of sales goes back to schools. So

    far we’ve made $73 with the pre-purchase of gift cards.

    ii. Educational Warehouse Week Dec 6 Dec 13, 10% pre tax purchases goes

    back to school. They also offered a pre-purchase of gift cards where they’ll give

    back 10% of the cards to school. Teachers filling out wish lists for classroom

    items. Will be displayed at the store if anyone is interested in purchasing

    something for their child’s class.

    iii. Discussed other potential shop days - Applebees? Friendly’s?

    th6. New business: No meeting in December, Jan 13 KSI 6:30pm

    7. PTO related Q&A

    a. Nancy asked about the status of the By law revisions date set in December to work on

    ththem. Dec 9. Mrs. Bacon’s goal to present them at Feb meeting.

    b. Sheila Rumsey asked how we decide to use the fundraiser money. Who decides that it

    goes towards field trips and enrichment? Who picks enrichment? Enrichment programs

     Booked a yr in advance. Brain Show Mania locked in to a price so we keep renewing it.

    Principals have input. Go from things in the past that were successful like the

    Planetarium. Input from teachers. KSI is having an author come in for only $500. Hi

    Tech Hi Touch KSP, teachers love it cuz it’s hands on to individual classrooms. Sheila

    wondered if there is a need for something for school should we use the money for that

    instead of enrichment? Principals assured that if something is needed they’d ask.

    Entrust the board to make the best use of the money. Budget is already set that

    earmarks the fundraising money for field trips and enrichment. But if parents think

    something is missing, let school know. Discussed getting smart boards, etc. If you have

    ideas, email us with your input. We’ll review and discuss them and answer them.

    c. Barb Aziere asked about the bomb, what is being done to protect our kids. (Mayor said

    it could still happen despite the new security system.) Mrs. S. said it is still under

    investigation. Long discussion followed about all that Mrs. S knew about the situation.

    Rental agreements are being screened more by the district and schools to make

    security tighter for non-school related events.

    d. Barb also asked about the rock wall that was removed last year. Are we getting

    something in its place? Park & Rec money, not ours.

    e. Barb also wondered why we need prepackaged pies for the Thanksgiving meal? Due to

    tainting or allergies. Mrs. B can give all ingredients if needed for Thanksgiving meal.

8. Adjournment 7:52pm

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