Assignment one

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Assignment one



     MGT 3553 Philosophy of Management

     Final assessment

     The validated task for your final assessment is: A discursive essay on the application of a theoretical philosophical concept to a business context This will attract 40% of the total marks for the module.

     Assessment Criteria

     The assessment will address the following of the module learning outcomes, which will thus form the basis of the specific criteria used in grading your work for this task: Knowledge Discuss key approaches to management thinking, including functionalism, pragmatic, contingency and critical management positions Analytically discuss key approaches to management knowledge ?C positivism, realism, interpretavism, deconstructionism Skills Construct valid arguments relating to the central debates of the nature of management knowledge

     In addition the following generic criteria will also be used: ? ? ? good standard of argument evidence of well founded and critical reading evidence of a professional orientation in written and oral work

     How to go about this piece of work

     At the end of this brief you will find two lists. One is a set of business ??contexts,?? that is, issues, problems or themes that are of current or long standing importance for business. The second is a set of philosophical themes or concepts. Essentially the idea is to select one of the first list ?C one of the business contexts ?C and relate to it one of the philosophical themes. Neither of these lists is meant to be restrictive ?C if you have your own idea then please email this to the tutor for approval. You should make contact with the tutor for agreement as to your selection by the 1st April.

     Once you have decided which business context and which philosophical theme, then you should do some background reading ?C or draw on your knowledge from other modules ?C to fill out the factual content of the business issue. But do remember that the aim of this piece is to demonstrate your understanding of how philosophical issues can apply to business issues. It is not a presentation of detailed business research, rather it is meant to show how deep analytical thinking can contribute to business practice. At the same time you should follow up references and readings to ensure that you have a clear grasp of the relevant philosophical concepts. In addition to email and OasisPlus contact, the tutor??s office hours will be available for one-to-one discussion on relevant literature. The main task is that of ??application.?? There are several ways you can achieve this. One is

    to redescribe the business issue in the terms of the philosophical concept you are employing. Another is to analyse the key features of the business issue or context you are considering, using the terms of the philosophical concept involved. Yet a third way is to use the philosophical idea you have selected to help you build a specific argument about the business issue under consideration. You are strongly advised to present the headings of your account to the tutor for feedback prior to submission. Style of presentation: As the aim of this is to show how philosophical concepts can apply to business, it is important to adopt a style that would be suitable for a business audience. In this case your response should be more in the way of a briefing paper ?C sometimes called a discussion paper ?C in which the ideas are brought forward in a less structured manner than in a formal report. You should think of this rather like a piece that might be used for guidance in a professional situation. Word length: You should aim for between 1600 and 2000 words in this piece of work. But always remember - quality counts, not quantity. As a very rough indication of how much space to allocate to these aspects of the task, I would suggest you think about spending no more than 400 words on the business background, 400-600 words on the philosophical concept, and 600-800 words on the application, with maybe 100 or so words at the end summarising the final position. THIS IS NO MORE THAN A SUGGESTION, TO HELP GUIDE YOUR WORK. If you find that your particular discussion has a different balance that will be fine Submission: End of the day on the 25th April 2010. Submission in duplicate via the student office. As with other work, you must retain an electronic copy which may be requested for random checking against Turnitin.

     Paul Griseri Module Leader March 2011

     Select ONE business context from List 1, and apply to it ONE of the philosophical concepts selected from List 2

     List 1:

     Business contexts: select ONE from these

     Managing across different cultures High levels of reward and bonuses for senior managers The environment and climate change Knowledge Management Globalisation

     List 2: Philosophical concepts: select ONE from these Scepticism ??ÒÉÖ?Òå Virtue epistemology Karl Popper??s views on knowledge ???û ??ÆÕ?û Postmodern approaches to knowledge ºóÏÖ?ú Ethical

    utilitarianism Pragmatism ʵÓÃÖ?Òå What is an organisation? Learning from dialectic


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