Hey, Whats Up! Welcome to the Campus Word! This is a monthly

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Hey, Whats Up! Welcome to the Campus Word! This is a monthly

    OCTOBER EDITION Hey, What’s Up?! Welcome to the Campus Word! This is a monthly newsletter dedicated to all of Tallahassee’s Campuses! This year’s theme for Tallahassee’s CMI is B.L.A.S.T. Off. The word blast, according to is the effect of such a gust, or to hit with great force or the charge used in a single explosion. This year the CMI Team is pumped up to BLAST off with new and exciting things to do. We are ready to face new challenges but in return receive great victories. The Campus Word will be here for you this year, keeping you up date on what’s going on and how we can make a Next Meetings/ difference in Tallahassee’s Campuses! Get-togethers: Blasting Off, Tiffany Huba, Editor ththOCT.15 & 29


    954-161-9622 August 23- September 29, 2009 or Plans for Semester: Check out: Meetings will be twice a month, as the first and third week on Thursday @ for more updates and 6:30pm on FSU’s campus. events! We wanting to find more effective ways of teaching bible study to college

    students-Proclaim the Truth, talk to Matmon for more info. Thanks for all who came out -Ice cream Social- maybe at TCC food court, more details later for our recent events: 1. Upcoming Possible Debates CMI Bowling Day! a. Stem Cell research b. Homosexuality & Saturday Prayer Brunch c. Holy wars (Christian vs. Muslim perspective) _________________________ (November/December) Join us on: 2. Movie nights/debate w refreshments 3. Secret Santa tha. Pick names on November 5 b. $20 max on gifts 4. Halloween Replacement Party a. Bible Character Costumes “Campus Ministries 5. FSU update International-Tallahassee” a. Ten online members (Facebook) b. Need to attend the recognition meeting The CMI Team: c. Finish signing documents for finances d. Recognition with information 2 weeks, then apply for Matmon & Hannah Harrell emergency funding CMI Coordinators, FAMU 6. TCC- need new organization/advisor 954-161-9622 7. FAMU- has been EMAIL SENT 8. Market Wednesdays (FSU) Vaisin Mouton a. Raquel will get a table CMI Secretary, FAMU b. Carter and Drury are available 9. Tiff is the promotional person (recruitment) John Drury a. Want to help? Contact her @ President, FSU 10. CMI t-shirts a. With designs and all, equals about $14 Raquel Ortiz b. Need everyone sizes Treasurer, FSU 11. Promotional give-a-ways. Tiffany has details for all. a. Pen/pencils John Carter b. Frisbees President, TCC c. Sticky notes 12. CMI staff HOODIES Tiffany Huba a. Mostly $25, Tiffany will order you one if interested Vice President & Promo 13. Conference sponsoring Director, TCC a. Can be paid for by CMI FSU fund (ahead of time) 14. Meeting format- Location should be inside. Tari Abbott Treasurer, TCC

Jonah's Sign Discussion Notes - John Drury (9/17/09)

    Matthew 12:39-40

    Jesus parallel with Jonah- 3 days buried, had message to tell

    Jesus greater than Jonah, Jew greater than Ninevites- still, Jews would not listen to Jesus like the people of Nineveh listened to


    belly-just means somewhere inside the big fish

    How did he survive 3 days w/o fresh water? Jewish time is different, standard for describing periods of time -could have been shorter

     It was GOD'S FISH! How did Jonah fit in large fish? -Fish could have only had a stomach, -could have been wedged into intestine

    Please join me in developing a closer relationship with God...let me know if you guys are in so we can encourage each other in this awesome challenge.

    Challenge #1 - Relationship - God Speaks

    Read your Bible 7 minutes a day for 7 days asking God to speak to you. Write down one thing each day you feel God is speaking to you.

    Challenge #2 - Relationship - You Speak

    Pray for 7 minutes a day for 7 days asking God to speak to you.

    Write down one thing each day you feel God is speaking to you through prayer.

    Choose one day this week to fast from something; food, sugar, coke. Make sure it is something that you will miss which in turn will remind you to pray. Repeat these steps over the next 7 weeks for a total of 49 days in a row. Be sure to keep your note pad so that you can look back over your conversations with God. These two challenges are by far the hardest to complete

    because you are developing RELATIONSHIP! Matmon Harrell

    Name, School & Major What does “Going Beyond” mean to you?

    Fatima Saxton-Thomas Doing more than what’s accepted of you like school-wise, work-wise, FSU, Exercise Science and family-wise. It’s basically beyond your comfort level.” Kelsey Harrell Doing things above the standard of yourself and of what is asked of TCC, Environmental Studies & you. For example, volunteer, work, organize, and think of other. It’s Education putting people above your wants, working harder than anyone else. It

    takes motivation, drive and integrity.” Raymond Pierre-Louis Going above and beyond the call of duty. Doing what you think is FAMU, Software Engineering, MS necessary to achieve a goal.” Kelisha N. Austin Beyond is going past the precedent and fulfilling goals past one’s FSU, Biological Science current expectations.” Jamieus Grace It means going the extra mile…exerting the last bit of energy.” UGA, Law Claire Pierre Doing more than what the world has set as its standards.” FSU, Accounting & English

    Yashema Mack When a person is doing more than expected of them.” FAMU, Software Engineering, MS

If your vision suddenly became blurry, you'd probably make an appointment to see an Eye Doctor. You wouldn't automatically

    assume that it had anything to do with problems in your heart! But for our spiritual eyes, the Bible says; Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8) This scripture is saying that if you've got a clean and pure heart, you will have no

    problem seeing God, feeling his presence, and knowing him. You could likewise turn it around to say that if your heart is unclean, you won't see God. So if you're having trouble seeing God in your life, or his plan and will for your future-whatever it may be-check your heart! Make sure you aren't blurring your own vision with an unclean heart, attitude, and spirit.

     -A Thought from Shenae Huba, Flagler University

    …let’s B.L.A.S.T. Off! CMI is a ministry of the Apostolic Church of Tallahassee-

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