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Greetings Friends & Supporters!

    It is that time of the year again…

The holiday season can be a difficult time for our clients, as many will be away from

    their own homes and/or living in the shelter. For others they just do not have the

    financial means to provide the extras to make the season more enjoyable.

    In an effort to provide our clients with the best holiday season possible, the Houston

    Area Women's Center (HAWC) asks for new gift donations for our annual Holiday

    Store. Each year, HAWC hosts the Holiday Store, allowing all of our clients the

    opportunity to “shop” for holiday gifts, free of charge.

    The Holiday Store helps ease the financial burden of the season by allowing clients

    to choose new gifts for their children, and the children can pick out a special gift for

    their mother. HAWC also ensures that the children at the shelter will find a gift from

    Santa under the tree with these generous donations.

    This year, with community support, the HAWC can provide each family with a

    memorable holiday season. The following wish list contains helpful suggestions and

    desired items that always go over well with our clients and children.

    We sincerely thank-you,

The HAWC Staff


The clients we serve are ethnically diverse and enjoy the same types of toys that

    you would buy for your own children.

    ? Please do not wrap gifts as we provide wrapping paper for the families. th? The Holiday Store will open from December 13, but we need to collect all thdonations by December 12 so that we may have time to set up. Thank you in

    advance for your cooperation and assistance.

    All Donations can be dropped off before December 12 at the

     Houston Area Women’s Center, 1010 Waugh. Houston TX 77019

    For further information please call 713-528-6798 ext.2251

     Holiday Store Wish List 2006

     As you would want for your own children, new items only, please…

    Our clients are diverse, in age, ethnicity and interests, please keep

    this in mind when shopping for gifts.

Infants & Young Children

    Videos (Barney, Sponge Bob, Disney, Sesame Street)

    Play sets, any developmental/educational toys

    Clothing & blankets particularly winter items for babies, toddler & preschoolers

    Toys, crib toys, cribs and car seats

    Infant care supplies

    Children Boys & Girls

    Winter coats, sweatshirts, pajamas, tee-shirts etc… Toys any type and for all ages, only non-violent items (no war toys, guns etc.) Gift Certificates to the Baby dolls & Barbie toys of different ethnicities, following stores are Current Cool Toys - Bratz & Polly Pocket, Dora the Explorer helpful for families, or Games Board Games & Video Games can make great Dress-up clothes, art supplies, kitchen/tea sets, crib sets, Easy Bake Ovens presents for children, Scooters, skates, bikes teens and adults Cars, firemen/police play sets, racetracks alike… Remote control vehicles Target, Walmart, Teens Boys & Girls Macy’s, ToysRUs CD Players/boom boxes/trendy radios Mall Stores: Claire’s, CD's for all ethnicities 579, Spencers Costume jewelry, watches, anything from Claire’s Accessories Cool underwear, pajama sets, Please note on the Make up, cologne, shaving kits, bath sets, manicure and pedicure sets card the amount of the Clothes T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, gift certificate Cool accessories belts, hair, bags, wallets

    Video games

    Pop culture board games

    Posters, journals, fancy pens etc. (Hello Kitty, and other Asian animation characters)

    Room decorating items, - bedding, rugs, organizers ,Lava Lamps, neon lights, photo frames

Adult Items Men & Women

    Fine & costume jewelry

    Clothes -(t-shirts, cotton shirts, pants, shorts, jogging suits etc.) for large adults

    Pajamas & gowns, underwear and hosiery (not all cotton) ALL SIZES M-XXL

    Bras sizes 38C and up

    Cologne (men & women), bath & body sets, shaving kits, manicure & pedicure

    Wallets, purses, bags

    Clothing accessories, scarves, gloves, ties, belts

    Clock Radios, radios, and organizers

    Make up for all ethnicities

    Hair dryers, curling irons for all types of hair

    Sports memorabilia, hats and t-shirt

    All Donations can be dropped off before December 12 at the

     Houston Area Women’s Center, 1010 Waugh. Houston TX 77019

    For further information please call 713-528-6798 ext.2251

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