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Director’s Meeting Minutes?Feb-01-09 Accounting Students’ Organization

    Minutes | Directors Meeting

Date: Thursday, February 1, 2009

    Place: Student Life Centre Room 1115

    Time: 9:00 PM 11:46M

Present: Ian Weng, Shubham Datta, Jacky Lee, Daivik Doshi, Ahad Iqbal, Mike Noh, George Tsai, Jenny

    Wong, Timothy Yap, Mathew Au, Wasiq Siddiqui, Freda Bi, Wendy Wang, Joanna Tam, Erica Tsui, Meryl

    Almeida and Jacob Shu

Absent: Varoon Parekh

    1) Approval of Minutes

    -Unanimous approval for meeting minutes on January 29, 2009

    2) Updates

    a) President

    i. Decisions regarding Director of Education Arts

    Director of arts

    -Wasiq is officially director of Education arts

    Director of Math

    -2 solutions (2 co-directors or only one)

    -Final decision is 2 co-directors

    -Potential tie for 18 people on the board

    ? Motion for the board to vote on the approval for Varoon Parekh and Freda

    Bi to be co-directors of education math for winter term 2009 or against.

    (Because there was a tie in the election) (Ahad seconds)




    Abstention Noted-0

    ? Motion for the board to amend the constitution in which we change the

    school of Accountancy to SAF in the ASA constitution. (Ahad Seconds)




    Abstention Noted-0

    ii. Constitution

    -Reviewed Constitution

    -Change constitution for SOA to SAF

    iii. Office hours

    -Board members please remember to pick up your office keys

    -Office hours start on the week of 9th

    Director’s Meeting Minutes?Feb-01-09 Accounting Students’ Organization

    b) Co-Chairs

    Status Reports

    -Everyone has received his or her status reports except for directors of Professional

    Development and Varoon Parekh

    c) Director of Finance

    i. Signing rights

    -Shubham will go to CIBC and find out

ii. Budget

    -Ending budget does not match new budget (requires reconciliation)

    -Need inventory counts for leftover merchandise

    -Need future revenue and expenses of events from PD and Social Directors

    d) Director of Communications

    i. Update ASA website

    a. Election Results

    -Post new board election results and a note to mention why the results were

    delayed (by referring to minutes)

    b. Contact list

    -Implement contact list on website

    c. Office hours

    -List is currently incomplete

    d. Director’s Profile th-200 words limit, due Friday 6, 11:59pm

    -Have a business formal picture day for the profiles

    -Picture date will be set next meeting

    -Attempt to get photography club

    e. Calendar

    -Add upcoming events on calendar

    f. Website

    -Change the “waterloo” logo so that the background is transparent and the black

    bar underneath

    -Daivik get new pictures

    -Or credit pictures used on site

    -Implement constitution on website

    g. Facebook

    -Everyone should join the ASA Facebook group

    -Daivik will make everyone an Admin on the board

    e) Director of Administration

    i. Room Bookings

    -Book rooms in SLC for upcoming Thursdays

    ii. Office keys

    -Check with Bonnie Bishop to make sure everyone has his or her office keys

    f) Social Directors

    i. Discussion of Ideas

    -Only this month and next month

    Director’s Meeting Minutes?Feb-01-09 Accounting Students’ Organization

    -Free bubble tea/DDR/karaoke night around February 12.

    -Speak with bubble tease for discounts

    -Sports competition/dance competition (judges, so you think you can dance)

    -Semi-formal/awards banquette

    -Applications due date is Friday 11:59pm, Feb. 6

ii. Budget

    -Prepare future costs and revenue by next meeting

    g) Professional Development

    i. In contact with SAF for PA Night

    -Emailed Kevin but did not receive reply yet th-Find out what day the event is on, around march 11-15

ii. Discussion of Idea

    a. Need to speak with ASEC to not overlap

    b. Discuss with committees

iii. Budget

    -Roughly estimate costs

    h) Director of Merchandise

    i. Discussion of ideas

    -Bringing back the name tag (cost 2 dollars more)

    -Only have name, SAF and program (cannot say director of finance, merchandise,


    -Business cards

    -Zip hoodies, ties and SAF pins

    -New logo

    -Must be cautious of copyright (waterloo logo)

ii. Budget

    -Anticipating winter term sales will be greater than fall term sales

    -Estimate revenues and costs

iii. Leftover Merchandise

    -Leftover hoodies and shot glasses from last term might be used as prizes or sold at


    i) Education (Arts, Math, Science)


    -Find out when and where ASU meetings are

    -Fill out necessary materials online on the ASU form for funding

    -Consider additional sources of funding, sponsors (i.e. UW plaza), Fundraising



    -Find out when and where MathSoc meetings are

    -Consider alternative sources of funding


    -Find out when and where SciSoc meetings are

    -All students are welcomed to attend ASA events

    -Think of new initiatives to secure funding

    Director’s Meeting Minutes?Feb-01-09 Accounting Students’ Organization

    j) Working Paper

    i. New Ideas

    -Top ten things to do before summer

    -Professor interviews

    -Co-op experience page

    -Arts and Literature page

    ii. Sources of funding

    -Look for sponsors

    -Include advertisements in working paper to increase funds

    iii. Money from SAF for last term

    -$300 from SAF was given to working paper fall term for the winter term

3) New Business

    a) Committee Application Announcement Duties

    -Directors with committees must report number of applicants for the next meeting

    -During the next meeting announce the committee meeting times and place

b) New Accounting Organization Discussion

    -Will discuss the new accounting student’s organization during next meeting

4) Action Items

    -Committee applications are released on the upcoming Monday

    -Directors will promote committee applications in the respective accounting classes

5) Next meeting

    -Next meeting at Thursday February 12, 2009 9pm in SLC room 2134

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