25 Ways To Win With People

By Vernon Allen,2014-05-29 16:47
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25 Ways To Win With People



     25 Ways To Win With People

     Based on the book of the same title written by John C. Maxwell and Les Parrott

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     #1 Start With Your Self


     Know Thy Self Improve Thy Self Transform Thy Self Become the person you always wanted to be. Just remember:

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     It??s not about money and possessions It??s not about positions and power It??s about character and personality

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     Something To Aim At:

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     Park your ego; become selfless Become an altruist Become a teacher/sage Become an enabler Become the pillar of integrity Become the pillar of strength Become a role model Become noble

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     #2 Practice The 30-second Rule

     Within the first 30 seconds of a conversation, say something encouraging to a person. Remember: All people feel better when you give them:

     Attention Affirmation Appreciation

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     #3 Let People Know You Need Them

     Being wanted and appreciated is a major psychological booster it does miracles for the ego and selfesteem

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     #4 Create A Memory and Visit It Often

     Remember: Life is nothing more than a series of memories. The goal is to have as many pleasant and positive memories as possible

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     #5 Compliment People In Front Of Other People

     Never miss an opportunity to complement good work. It makes people want to do more and also do a better job. Reward those that excel with

    money and promotions. Compliments and praises alone after a while mean nothing

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     #6 Give Others A Reputation

     A positive reputation to uphold is the best way to maintain one??s performance at a high level for life. Many people are very conscious and proud of their reputation. Their reputation becomes their legend not only at work, but of this life

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     #7 Say The Right Words At The Right Time

     Use words that are:

     Positive, Affirmative Encouraging Full of Praise and Admiration Congratulatory, Appreciative Upbeat, Optimistic, Uplifting Cheery, Joyful

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     #8 Encourage The Dream Of Others

     Most people have a dream so, help them attain and/or live the dream. Become a dream enabler

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     #9 Give Credit To Others

     Even if the credit goes to you, pass it on to others. People know who did what. You don??t have to put yourself on the pedestal all the time to get attention and glory. The self-effacing approach is the best. Let other egos be fed.

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     #10 Offer Your Very Best

     Be a good person. Let people know that you are a good person through your actions and behavior Be proud of your work. Be ready to put your signature on your work --let the world know who did what. Your work is your masterpiece, even though your boss may get all the credit

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     #11 Share a Secret With Someone

     Some good secrets bond people together. Keep secrets and eventually no one will trust you, especially if it affects them

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     #12 Mine The Gold Of Good Intentions

     Good intentions rally people behind you, just like vision does.

    Intentions clarify the vision, but do not replace it. They speak volumes of your willingness and determination to execute the vision

     Remember that the road to hell is paved with good intentions

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     #13 Keep Your Eyes Off The Mirror

     Look ahead. Develop a 20-20 vision. Share your vision with your team and/or organization. Help them jump on your bandwagon

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     #14 Do For Others What They Can??t Do For Themselves

     Help, for God??s sake help!

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     The Essence Of Help

     Not only the first to help, but an ongoing supporter ?? a mentor Help people win; help them get ahead even if it means passing you over

     Find the win-win scenario

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     #15 Listen With Your Heart

     Most people listen with their ears ?? or don??t listen at all

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     #16 Find The Keys To Their Hearts

     Everyone has a soft spot and everyone wants to belong and be loved. So, how are you achieving this?

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     #17 Remove Bad Stress


     Most people hate stress Stress makes most people ill and it even kills the statistics are frightful Please remove it and people will love you, add it and people will hate you

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     #18 Add Value To People


     Make them better every which way Help them develop themselves Give them unique skills Give them education and training

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     #19 Remember A Person??s Story

     By remembering a person??s story you are showing to her/him that they matter, are important and memorable. They will then think the world

of you

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     #20 Tell A Good Story


     Be a Storyteller Say stories that add value, have meaning, enrich people??s lives, change people??s behavior, touch people??s hearts, ??

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     #21 Give With No Strings Attached

     As everyone knows our world is filled with givers and takers. Most people are takers. Don??t be like them. Be a giver. Give and it will come to you tenfold. Just believe it

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     #22 Point Out People??s Strengths

     By pointing out one??s strengths you are instilling confidence, pumping up self-esteem, and soaring up the ego (in a nice way). People need you to feel good about themselves

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     #23 Have Class; Show Class

     Class does not mean act as a foolish aristocrat, but rather be a positive role model one that others look up to. Always do the right thing ?? with honesty and dignity

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     #24 Be A Beacon Of Morality

     Be A Person Of High Integrity. Never sacrifice your ethics and morals. Never be like the liars, cheats, backstabbers, brownnosers, and all the other ugly people. Stand tall!

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     #25 Network

     You gain power and influence and riches (of all types) by networking. You eventually become the sum of the network and its collective value. Make your employees and peers part of your network. Accomplish things through them. In the end you are only as good as they are

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     A Reminder

     The best word of mouth programs (WOM) start with personal and professional networks. The collective networks are worth more than

their sum

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     And one special request: Please avoid this:

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