1. Meeting People

By Tracy Berry,2014-05-29 16:47
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1. Meeting People



     Career Skills

     Meeting People

     PowerPoint By Yini Cao

     Warm Up

     Pleased to meet you. / Nice to meet you. Im . ? Whats your name? ? What

    s your job? / What do you do?


     What does your company do? ? What kind of company do you work for? ? What exactly do you do in your company?


     Direct Use fewer words. Do not always use please or thank you Use statements more than questions for requests: Give me the report. not Could I have the report? Indirect Use more words Usually use please or thank you Of ten use indirect questions for requests: Can I use your pen, please? Could you open the door, please?


     Send me the documents this afternoon. Give me a look. I dont like this idea.

    Who are you and what do you want? I dont have time. I dont understand you. You

    dont understand me. Be quiet.

     Career Skills

     Meeting People Part 2

     PowerPoint By Yini Cao


     Do you find it easy to start a conversation? ? Is small talk important or trivial? ? Why do some people struggle with small talk? ? If a person is good at small talk

    what does that tell you about them? ? In China, which subjects do you use to make small talk with people?


     Ask these questions to the person sitting next to you:

     ? ? ? ?

     How was your journey? How are things in Canada? Is your hotel OK? How long are you staying in Xiamen? Is this your first visit to Xiamen?


     Arrange for someone to show him / her around the company ? Introduce him / her to colleagues ? Set up an induction programme ? Ask an experienced member of staff to help with any problems ? Leave a list of company rules and procedures on the new persons desk ? Have a full day training session on security procedures on the first day


     Draw a map of Web. Imagine you are taking the new teacher on a tour and point out the most important areas.


     More fixed

     Procedures should be official and clear People need to know what to do and what is expected of them It is uncomfortable when you do not know exactly what to expect in a situation.

     Less fixed

     Procedures are important, but they should be flexible People like to show initiative and adapt to new situations It is boring when you know what to expect every day

     Thank You

     谢谢! 谢谢!


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