Introducing the JCR - Welcome to Christs JCR

By Shawn Watson,2014-05-21 02:45
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Introducing the JCR - Welcome to Christs JCR

     When you first arrive at Christ’s, there will be so many things to see, admin

    to do and people to meet that everything can be a bit of a blur! This guide introduces

    you to the people that will be there to meet and greet you when you get here. Feel

    free to use the info below (e-mails + room numbers) to reach us.

    First Year Representatives

We’re Chloe and Pan and we will be there to take care of

    anything and everything in Freshers’ Week! We hope to help

    you settle into college life as quickly as possible by showing

    you around and demonstrating what a friendly, welcoming

    place Christ’s is!

    Chloe - & Pan -

     65/1 Jesus Lane 60a King Street

     Second Year Historian Second Year Lawyer


If you do have any welfare issues during your time at

    Christ’s, there is both student and professional help

    available in college and the university. Cat (Welfare

    Officer) and Hannah (Womens’ Officer) are in charge of college welfare, and will be happy to help you with any

    issue, no matter how big or small offering confidential and impartial advice.

    Cat Hannah (W13)

     Fourth Year Natsci Third Year Classicist

    International Representative

The JCR appreciate that international students face additional

    difficulties from moving to a different country and so Andreas is

    here as a source of help and information for all overseas students.

    Andreas - Second Year Economist

    (64/2 Jesus Lane)


If you have any questions on LGBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and

    Transgender) events, campaigns or advice then contact Richard.

    He is available to talk about any matters in strict confidentiality.

     For more see

Richard (V8a) - Second Year Musician

The JCR are instantly recognisable by their bright blue hoodies but feel

    free to approach any of these people for any reason at all!

    Anna President (S8) rd3 Year English & Education

     Andrew - Vice-President (3.12) rd 3 Year Natsci

    Kyle Treasurer (Z39) rd3 Year Mathematician

     Isabella Publicity (W17) rd 3 Year Lawyer

    Pierre Ents (B8) rd3 Year Geographer

     David Webmaster (69/1 JL*) nd 2 Year Compsci

    Matt - Charities Officer (2/20) nd2 Year Lawyer

     Simon - Green Officer rd 3 Year Engineer

     Stephen - Access Officer (Z11)

     For more see

rd Year Historian 3

* JL = Jesus Lane

For more see

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