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    Information Dear Youth Pastors,

    Souled Out Conferences would like to invite you to join us this December at Souled

    Out Winter. Souled Out Winter is a high school and middle school conference in the mountains committed to creating “greenhouse environments” through worship, speaking and

    small groups, that help students grow closer to Christ. The conference is Discipleship

    oriented in that each student will attend a D-Group (or Discipleship Group) each night after

    worship and on one morning session. D-Groups are led by College-age students who are

    dedicated to discussing issues to help students dig deeper in their relationships with Christ.

    The conference is held at the YMCA-Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC. The

    worship is led each year by Jonathan and Lisa and their band. The speaker this year will be

    Doug Compton, a traveling speaker who uses the Word to captivate listeners and change


    Each day there is plenty of free time in the afternoons which can be used for individual

    church activities, snow-skiing at Wolf Ridge (about 45 minutes drive from the Y) or Sugar

    Beach (1 ? hours), spending an afternoon at Fun Depot, playing basketball in the gym, doing

    the inside ropes course in the gym (if available) shopping or possibly ice skating in downtown stAsheville. There will also be a huge New Year’s Eve bash on December 31 to “worship in”

    the New Year together.

    This year our theme is “Restore, based on Psalm 51:12, Restore to me the joy of

    your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. This will encourage students

    to allow Christ to restore brokenness within their lives.

    Groups from all over the country are involved in Souled Out. It is a wonderful setting

    for students to open up and get real before God and with each other.

    We hope God will lead you to bring your group for a time of growth and fun and to ring

    in the New Year together at Souled Out Winter. In order to sign your group up for Souled Out

    Winter: please complete the attached agreement and medical release forms and send them

    back with your deposit of $25 per person, including students, adults, children and leaders.

    In His Grace,

    Jonathan and Lisa Moore Souled Out Executive Directors


    Souled Out Winter 2009-2010 Dates: Dec. 29, 2009 PM through Jan. 1, 2010 AM (Registration will thstbe Dec. 29 from 3-5 PM. There will be no sessions on Jan. 1. This is the date the groups will travel home. Please contact our office with any questions. (706) 718-6552


    DEPOSIT=$25 per person (Deposit X number of attendees. Deposit amount is included in total price)

    DEPOSITS DUE- October 2, 2009

    EARLY BIRD BALANCE DUE- Postmarked by November 14, 2009

    REGULAR RATE BALANCE DUE- Postmarked by December 11, 2009

(All fees include adults, students and children-all attending- unless a bed is unnecessary-then the cost

    for the young child would be only $66.50)

     thEarly Bird Rate before November 14, 2009: The early bird rates below apply when a group’s full

    payment for the entire final numbers of the group is postmarked by November 14th, 2009. The rate

    is just an incentive to pay early. It is a small discount off of the regular rate.

Regular Rate after November 14th, 2009: The regular cost of the conference is listed below. These

    rates apply to groups paying any part of their fees after November 14th, 2009.


    ($25 Deposit is already included in rates below)

     EARLY BIRD REGULAR 3 Nights/4 Days Conference $190 $200 (per person rate)

    See details for skiing on the Agreement Form. Skiing will be paid for separately (in addition to the cost above) and on arrival to the conference.

    Price Includes:

    Meals (4) Breakout sessions

    Lodging and use of facilities Incredible Video and Lighting

    Speaker “New Years Eve Bash”

    Worship leaders and band


    *MEALS- Blue Ridge Assembly now requires that all that attend the conference use their meal

    plan. The meal plan includes dinner the 29th, dinner the 30th and breakfast and dinner the 31st

    (dinner only the 30th and breakfast and dinner the 31st because of skiing). There are also

    some fast food restaurants near the YMCA, if some choose to not ski on the 31st.


    The YMCA in Black Mountain, NC is located at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, 84 Blue Ridge

    Circle, Black Mountain, North Carolina 28711. You may check out the facilities on the website at


    (More details found in agreement form explanation of additional activities/options)

    A. Skiing Pay $54-$60 ea. *$54 rate is nearest facilities.

    Pay CTI on arrival See Agreement form for details. B. Fun Depot (when Pay $20 ea. Or $25 with pizza/drinks to Fun Depot on

    available) arrival at Fun Depot C. Ropes Course Pay $15 ea. to Blue Ridge Assembly on arrival at

    Blue Ridge- check availability D. “Souled Out Winter” Add $16 ea. ($18 for 2XL, $19 for 3XL) to Souled Out

    Hoodie Conference fees


    A. SKIINGParticipants will pay CTI for all skiers upon arrival at Souled Out Winter. Call Rudy

    Colombo at CTI with any questions about snowboarding, tubing, skiing and ice skating-

    (828) 285-0008. All Rentals are from 9:00am-4:30pm.

    Wolf Ridge prices per skier (45 min. away). Ski Beech Mountain: prices per skier

    Lift Ticket - $41 Includes lessons (90 min. away)

    Ski Rental - $13 Rentals: 9:00am-4:30pm

    Lunch voucher - $7 Lift Ticket: $40

    Bib Rentals - $12 Ski Rental -$19

    Snowboards - $25 per day Snowboard Rental - $26 Lunch voucher - $8 Sugar Mountain prices per skier Bib Rentals- $12 Lift Ticket - $50 Ice Skating Available, rates TBD Ski Rental - $17 Lessons Ski: $12 Lunch voucher - $9 Snowboards: $20 Snowboards - $26 per day Tubing - Available, rates TBD Ice Skating Available, rates TBD Lessons add $14

B. FUN DEPOT- A 3 hour session at Fun Depot includes: Unlimited access to 18 hole putt-putt,

    batting cages, laser tag, video games, choice of 1 premier ride (go carts/bowling), etc. Add $5

    and get pizza and drinks.- $20 or $25 per person (Paid to Fun Depot on arrival there. Call Fun

    Depot, Asheville, NC to hold spots for your group). Some groups got together last year & went,

    by special arrangement, on their way home from S.O.W.

C. ROPES COURSE- A climbing wall and a low ropes course may be offered by Blue Ridge

    Assembly in the gym, if it is open for the holidays. Check their website or call them for details

    or to sign up, if available- - $15 per person (Paid to Blue Ridge

    Assembly YMCA on arrival)

D. SOULED OUT WINTER HOODIE- To ensure that each of your students get a Souled Out Winter

    hoodie, order now. A small surplus of the hoodies may be available for purchase at the

    conference on a first come, first serve basis.- $16 per person ($18 for 2X, $19 for 3X) or $20 at

    the conference (while supplies last)


    thMonday, Dec.29 3-5 PM Registration in Blue Ridge Assembly lobby

    6-7 PM Dinner in Blue Ridge Dining Hall

    7:30-9 PM Worship

    9:15-10:15 PM D-Groups

    10:15 PM Hang Out in Blue Ridge Lobby

    11 PM Head to Rooms

    thTuesday, Dec. 30 AM and afternoon free to ski

    6-7PM Dinner

    7:30-9 PM Worship

    9:15-10:15 PM D-Groups

    10:15 PM Hang Out in Blue Ridge Lobby

    11 PM Head to Rooms

    stWednesday, Dec. 31

    8:00 AM Breakfast (Pick up in Blue Ridge Lobby)

    9-10 AM D-Groups

    10-11AM Worship

    11 AM-6:00 PM Free

     *1-4 PM Worship Seminar for those who signed up (optional for others)

    6-7 PM Dinner

    7:30-9 PM Worship

    9-10 PM D-Groups


    12:30AM Head to Rooms

    Thursday, Jan. 1 10 AM Check Out

    Please send the following items all together to the address at the top of this letter:

    ? Your completed Group Agreement form

    ? The full amount of your Deposit

    ? Your Group Medical Release Form (one form total for group)

    Agreement Form

Group Name

Leader’s Last Name First Name

Church/Organization Phone # Street Address City State ZIP

Alternate Phone # FAX # Email Address

    Please fill in the above and following information. When we have received your agreement,

    please allow 2-3 weeks for a confirmation letter or email. When you receive your confirmation,

    your spaces will be guaranteed. You may add spaces later, if needed, with an additional

    contract, if space allows.



    (Please let us know here if there will be a specific time of day 3-5PM that you will need to register):


    How many people (including children) will you be bringing to Souled Out Winter? _________


    Early Bird Rates- Apply when all fees described in the section below for entire group are ththpaid/postmarked by or before November 14, 2009. Regular rates apply on November 16:

3 Nights lodging/conference fee: (includes: room, conference fee and meals)

    $190.00 Early Bird Rate/ $200.00 Regular Rate


    (4 meals includes: Friday dinner, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast and dinner)

    Agreement, Full Payment Responsibility and No Refund Policy: All fees and deposits are non-refundable, regardless of a group’s final attending numbers. Once an agreement form is turned in, the church or organization will then be responsible to pay the full

    remaining balance for the total number of people stated on the form by the group, regardless of a

    group’s final attending numbers.

Please complete and return this page to: Souled Out Conferences, 2457 Airport Thruway, PMB #215, Columbus, GA 31904


    Please fill in the following blanks with the number of people choosing each option (Add the

    cost of your hoodie order to your total conference fee): Remember, this is for reservations only…you

    will pay CTI for skiing when you arrive…

1. Skiing- Pay CTI on arrival- (Please fill appropriate blanks in with the total number of skiers): th__________ (#) One Day Skiers (Dec. 30 only) st__________ (#) Two Day Skiers (Dec. 30-31)

    Call CTI for details about skiing, snowboarding, tubing, etc.

    __________ 2.TOTAL number ordering Hoodies - $20 per person due with conference fees (Please break down all sizes to order):








    Hoodies should be added to final balance check payable to Souled Out Conferences for

    Lodging/Meal Plan/Conference Fee.

Skiing will be paid separately to CTI on arrival. The other numbers you provided above were a head

    count to reserve the places (You will pay YMCA for Ropes Course and Fun Depot for Fun Depot).

     I have read and I understand all of the information in this letter and on the information page.

    Our group, ______________________________, will be attending Souled Out Winter Conference on stthe days of December 29, 2009 through January 1, 2010. The total number of people coming to the conference with us is __________. I realize that Souled Out suggests that we put an adult in each

    room or cabin/dorm, but that this decision is up to us.

     I have included my deposit in the mail with this form and understand that it is non-refundable

    and that my church/organization is now responsible to pay the full remaining balance described

    above- (in the “LODGING/CONFERENCE FEE/MEAL PLAN” paragraph and for hoodies ordered) for

    the full number of people I have designated for each item above regardless of the group’s final

    attending numbers. The only number that may decrease, financially, is skiing. I realize the due date

    for the full balance is November 15th, 2008. I know that my spaces will be guaranteed once I have

    sent the full deposit and agreement form and receive a confirmation letter.


    Youth Leader’s Signature Date Signed


    Pastor or Supervisor’s Signature Date Signed

Please complete and return this page to: Souled Out Conferences, 2457 Airport Thruway, PMB #215, Columbus, GA 31904

Souled Out Group Medical Release Form

    (Please send only one medical release form total to us for your group)

    I hereby release Jonathan and Lisa Moore and Wynnbrook Baptist church from any

    responsibility for any injury or death that may occur during or on the way to or from the Souled Out thstudent conference during the dates of December 29, 2009 through January 1, 2010. I realize that

    I am responsible to oversee, provide and keep my own release forms for each person in my group. I

    realize that my church/organization is responsible for the well-being of the people that we bring to the

    conference. Although the number of chaperones is up to our group, I am aware that Souled Out

    suggests that we provide at least one chaperone for every seven students and at least one chaperone

    in each room. These adults will be responsible for the well-being of the students while they are at the



    Group Name


    Youth Leader’s Name

____________________________________________________________ ________________

    Youth Leader’s Signature Date Signed

    Please complete and return this page to: Souled Out Conferences, 2457 Airport Thruway, PMB #215, Columbus, GA 31904

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