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    Unconfirmed minutes of the proceedings

    of the second ordinary meeting of the

    ICSMSU Executive

    in the 2008-09 Session

    Held in the R1, Reynolds Building on 29rd July 2008 at 19.30pm

Present: Mark Chamberlain (Chair)

    Albert Poon

    Mary Harrington

    Ben Allin

    Najette Ayadi O’Donnell

    Strachan Mackenzie

    Adam Dennis

    Alex Perkins

    David Smith

    Rich Hewitt

    Mark Chan

    Luke Pratsides

    Sophie Lane


    1. Apologies

    The apologies for absence were received as follows:

     James Smith

     Alex Walls

     Kat Wright

     Anil Chopra

     Suzie Rayner

    2. Minutes

    The minutes of the meeting of the ICSMSU exec meeting held on 3rd July 2008 were approved

    3. Matters Arising

     ? Mark noted that the meeting between the new ICSMSU exec committee and the faculty is

     provisionally arranged for Tuesday 23rd September

     ? Adam reported that during Freshers Fortnight, a VISA would be used purely for graduate entry

     and Oxbridge students. Events in the passport that would appeal to GE and Oxbridge students would

     be marked especially and a covering letter would be sent with their packs to suggest events geared for


     ? Mark noted that a date for visiting sites with James and Strachan needs to be organised

     ? Mark noted that the Mums and Dads website is in the process of being set up


    AD, AP,DS Adam, Alex P and David to discuss organising GE and Oxbridge VISA

    JS, Chair, James, Mark and Strachan to organise date to visit sites


    4. Officer's Reports

     Chair's Report: Mark reported that he is in the process of organising Affirmation

     Deputy President's Report: Albert reported that he will add his section on student discounts to the

     Fresher's handbook

     Treasurers Report: Everything is up-to-date

     Education Officer's Report (Years 3,5&6): Strachan reported that the year 5 reps have been finalised

     and the year 6 reps will be decided within the next week. The curriculum review meeting is on 30th

     July where the format of 5th year will be discussed

     Alumni and Careers' Report: Najette reported that since the last meeting she has attended a GMC

    conference, the BMA accomodation protest and has been helping to organise Affirmation. Najette

    confirmed that Professor Mansfield will be giving a lecture on 25th November. Najette also reported

    that she will give a talk to 5th years with Ellie Barry on UKFPO applications on 14th August at 18.00pm.

    Najette has met with Mike Schachter and Sam Armstrong and is to meet with Dr Frankel, head of NW


    Clubs and Societies Report: Ben reported that he is in the process of putting together Fresher's


    Summer Ball Chair's Report: Rich reported that he has chosen Helen McDill as Deputy Chair of

    Summer Ball and they are to decide the committee on 30th July. The provisional Summer Ball date is

    23rd June 2009

    BMS Report: Mark Chan reported that he is in the process of organising Mums and Dads for Biomed

    Sci students. Mark Chan noted that he will encourage Biomed Sci students to come to ICSM Fresher's

    Fortnight events as well as organising bowling/ice skating followed by a pub/club for Biomed Sci

    students only

    Secretary's Report: It was decided that only one poster would be emailed from the Secretary's account

    per event held by a club or society, two days before the event

    5. Upcoming events 5.1 Affirmation Everybody who has volunteered to help needs to arrive by 10am in suits/'firm-style' clothes. Affirmation will start at 2pm. Alex P has organised a guest list for 200 at Fez after Affirmation. Alex P will also organise a pub before Fez 5.2 Careers Fair The Careers Fair will take place at SAF and is provisionally set for 11th February. Najette pointed out that this is a Wednesday (which may not be the most suitable day). Najette will investigate whether any other days can be booked 5.3 Half Way Dinner

    Adam attended the Half Way Dinner committee meeting on 23rd July. The venue is Sugar Reef and

    contract has been signed and deposit paid for. The cost is likely to be ?30 pp including service

     6. Freshers Fortnight

     6.1. Event Planning

     Sat 4th Oct - Mingle. Committee are allocated 4 free tickets, the other tickets will need to be bought

     around one week before. All of the committee will come wearing ICSMSU hoodies and bring


     Sun 5th Oct- BBQ, Queen's Lawn is booked. MAKRO shop needs to be organised the week before to

     buy supplies for the fortnight. Socials to investigate pre-packing passports etc in bags to avoid too

     much queuing

     Boat Party - the deposit has been sent off and the full balance is to be paid one fortnight before FF. The

     boat has a capacity of 300 and the DJ is inclusive of cost. Twisteys shots will be given to Freshers as

     they are getting on the boat by the committee. Entry is passport priority and then first come, first

     serve if there is any extra capacity. The boat is leaving from Embankment Alex P to confirm

     th Oct 2-3pm, committee to introduce themselves/explain Freshers Fortnight in the medic Mon 6

    Fresher lecture. Mark to book lecture theatre. The committee is to organise scrubs and hoodies for

    selling to Freshers. The head of RCS is due to speak to the Biomed Sci students on this day.

    Roadshow Liam Pointer is compeering and the theme is Star Wards. Adam to make shopping list for

    the stage show and socials are to send email to medschool in early August asking for team leaders. ndThere are likely to be 20 leaders, 10 new 2 years and 10 from the other years. They must also come

    to Mingle, BBQ and Sports Day during Freshers Fortnight. Liam Pointer and Danny McGuinness will be

    invited to the final meeting before Freshers Fortnight to discuss stage show

     thTues 7 Oct Wolfson sports hall is already booked, however, it is likely that this can be arranged and

    th July. There was no charge for using Wolfson last year, socials to investigate. David is confirmed on 30organising the inflatables and will look into last years accounts. Roughly ?450 was spent on the inflatables last year. David to order Sumo suits, bungee run, bouncy boxing etc. There are no plans to organise anywhere after Wolfson thstWeds 8 Oct- Doctors and Nurses (agenda item 6.2). The 1 floor of Hammersmith Town Hall has been booked for the after party. The capacity is 650 and Reynolds Bar is to be used for a ?500 surcharge. Luke is to organise bar staff for the evening. Six SIA stewards will be needed and Adam is to write up a brief for the evening. Adam has sent a booking confirmation today. 5pm-9pm is booked for setting up and the doors will open at 9pm. We can serve until 1.30am and kick out is at 2am. We will have 2 hours of cleaning up time afterwards (need to clear rubbish) and moving medics on down Kings Street. Adam is speaking to ‘Party Doctors’ to hire a DJ (also for Fresher’s Ball), lights and sound. Numbered wrist bands (1-700) are to be given out on the night for entry into the Town Hall. If capacity has not been reached after 11.30pm, medics without wrist bands will be charged entry (in a separate queue). Two colours of wristband may be ordered to separate out Freshers and the rest of the medschool and ensure that all Freshers who want to come can gain entry thThurs 9 Oct Bands Night thFri 10 Oct Beach Bop a.k.a. “flagship bop of the year”. Inflatable palm trees need to be ordered from EBay. Socials to organise making props for the evening (e.g. giant helter-skelter funnel, face-cut outs). Ice lollies need to be bought in and lasers and smoke machines ordered thSat 11 Oct Film night. Free entry. Reynolds has a licence for playing DVDS thSun 12 Oct Sports Day. Team leaders from Roadshow need to be involved. Teddington and the BBQ is booked. Ben to organise coaches and liaise with Adam and clubs and socs thMon 13 Oct Salsa night. Adam to speak to Suburban re. hiring cocktail makers for the night. Socials to look into booking a Salsa instructor thTues 14 Oct Paramount Comedy Night Mark to look into booking thWeds 15 Oct Bar FTSE the tills and equipment have been organised. Adam to liaise with bar managers re. testing the equipment before the night thThurs 16 Oct Fresher’s Ball (agenda item 6.3). Cafe de Paris is booked for the same price as last year th(?1000 + VAT, ?7000 minimum spend of which we will put in ?4000). Adam visited on 29 July and spoke to the manager about organising better non-alcoholic options for use with a token system. We will make sure that all of the club is open for the night and the ‘Boudoir Room’ would be used as VIP. Entertainers have been budgeted for, with the possibility of Burlesque dancing (8 minute show for ?210 or ?260 for two shows). There was discussion about whether this was a good use of budget, Adam argued that the ball needs to different from previous years. Cafe de Paris is to email Adam with a list of entertainers they have used in the past. Mary to look into the budget for the evening. Another possibility is booking confetti canons for the end of the night thFri 17 Oct Review. Socials to draw up list of prizes during the week. Socials to contact MDU re.

    prizes. Ben volunteered to make the video

     thSun 19 Oct ICSMSU committee away-day after Fresher’s Fortnight thMon 20 Oct 999 @ Ministry of Sound rdWeds 23 Oct Back to School Bop (after graduation) stFri 31 Oct First clubs and Socs Bop

Adam Kay is keen to put on a night in the Drewe but does not want to be involved in Fresher’s

    Fortnight. Mark to speak to Adam about when he would like to hold a night post Fresher’s Fortnight


    Adam to organise MAKRO shop AD

    Socials to order plastic bags for pre-packing passports AP,DS

    Socials to send email to medschool asking for team leaders for Roadshow AP,DS

    Socials to investigate availability/cost of Wolfson for Mums and Dads AP,DS

     Adam to speak to Party Doctors AD

     Adam to buy wrist bands for Doctors and Nurses AD

     Socials to organise props for Beach Bop and hire smoke machines/lasers AP,DS

     Ben to book coaches for Sports Day BA

     Adam to speak to Suburban re. hiring cocktail makers AD

     Mark to book Paramount Comedy Night Chair

     Adam to investigate entertainment for Fresher’s Ball AD

     Mary to look into the budget for Fresher’s Ball MH

     Socials to contact MDU re. prizes for Review AP,DS

     Mark to speak to Adam Kay re. dates Chair

    6.4. Mums and Dads webpage

     Tim Wills is organising the webpage, Mark to check with Tim to see whether it's up and running

    6.5. Bars and Licences

     Mark noted that the meeting with Prof Kennard was positive. Mark noted that Steve Dolman has

     emailed stating that none of the security staff are due to work any night in Fresher's Fortnight past

     11pm. Mark is to take up this matter and contact Head of Security if there are no advances within the

     next week

    6.6. Handbook

    Ben is putting together Fresher's handbook. It was decided that clubs/societies who want to put flyers

    into the packs need to print out 470 A5 flyers by the first week in August. The date for committee to

    help packing envelopes is likely to be Sun 10th August


    Ben to email committee members if their handbook entry needs to be cut down BA

    Mark to continue to follow up Steve Dolman's email Chair

    Mary to speak to Luke about number of barrels to buy in for Fresher's Fortnight MH

    Adam to speak to printers for quotes for Fresher's Fortnight handbook and passport AD

    Committee to check availability for helping to pack envelopes on Sunday 10th August ALL

     7. Clubs and Socs Pack ACTION: th September Committee to send submissions to the secretary account by the week before 29 8. Reynolds Refurbishment thThe Bar lighting was assessed on 24 July and quotes will be sent. IC will not invest any money in

    changing the seating in Reynolds Bar


    Mark to investigate other options for funding post Freshers Fortnight Chair

    9. Any other Business

    ? Mary noted that when asking companies for invoices, the address that is needed on the



    ? Ben is to send out an email in early September to clubs and societies, asking them to put

    dates into the online calendar th ? RAG Dash has been moved to the 13-15 February 2009 and RAG week will now be 23-27

     February th ? Luke to investigate the missing money bag after 4 July Bop

     ? ICSMSU have received a ?2000 invoice for damage to Reynolds between 2007-8, Mark is to investigate whether the money can be paid through bar trading. A new system needs to be in place for 2008-9 to prevent a similar invoice for next year. Mark to speak to security about tracking down the GKT student who broke the toilet and Adam to organise a powerpoint presentation about the responsibilities of club stewards on bop nights. Ben notes that the subject of fines needs to be put

     forward at the first clubs and socs meeting ? Merchandise- Albert to order black bar staff polos and ICSMSU exec hoodies (in Royal Blue) and polo shirts (in Heather Grey). ICSMSU are to wear green scrubs during Fresher’s Fortnight. If they are needed, members should email Albert ? In the beginning of September 2008, Prof Kennard and Sam Armstrong (UMO) are leaving. Mark proposed honorary life membership, all committee members present agreed ? Mark proposed that ICSMSU add to the condolences that Prof Higham will send to the family of Catherine Bowen (graduated from ICSM in 2002). All agreed ACTION: BA Ben to email clubs and societies asking for events to be added to the online calendar in early September thLP July Bop Luke to investigate the missing money bag from 4Chair Mark to speak to security re. GKT student

    AD Adam to organise a powerpoint for club stewards

    APoon Albert to order ICSMSU exec and bar staff merchandise

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: thTues 12 August, 6.30pm

    Charing Cross Office, Reynolds Building, CX Campus

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