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By Robin Cox,2014-06-23 14:00
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License Manager Help


    Crystal Reports is an extensive product that may be used in many ways to deliver a wide

    range of data reporting and analysis needs. The additions and changes to the licensing

    model reflect the many improvements and additions to Crystal Reports that enable it to be

    used for the creation of Server Applications and Report Distribution Systems.

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    ? Product Categories License Manager

    The License Manager is an administrative tool that makes it possible for users to manage

    their Crystal Reports licenses and key codes from a central location. Using the License

    Manager, Crystal Reports administrators will be able to:

    ? View information pertaining to all existing product licenses used in the current

    deployment of Crystal Reports.

    ? Add newly purchased product license key codes to meet increasing reporting


    To launch the License Manager, run the file called LicenseManager.exe included with

    this zip file. This will invoke the License Manager application:


    Use this drop-down list to specify the Crystal Reports product for which licensing

    information is to be displayed.

    Add key code

    Use this box to enter any new license key codes that are purchased for your Crystal

    Reports system.

    Existing key codes

    This window displays the key codes that have been purchased for the Crystal Reports

    product category specified in the Product drop-down list above. Level

    This box specifies the Product Level for the key code highlighted in the Existing key

    codes area.


    The Type column specifies the License Types and RCAPI access that are available from

    the product category specified in the Product drop-down list

Selected Keycode

    The Selected Keycode column specifies the product permissions that are available from

    the keycode highlighted in the Existing Keycodes area. All Keycodes

    The All Keycode column shows the total product permissions that have been purchased

    from the product category specified in the Product drop-down list. Viewing License Information

    The License Manager makes it possible to view information for all licenses in a specified

    product category and/or information pertaining to a specific key code.

    To view license information

    1. Select a product from the Product categories list.

    All key codes for licenses that have been purchased for the specified Crystal

    Reports product are displayed in the "Existing key codes" area.

    2. Highlight a key code in the Existing key codes area.

    Information specific to both the selected product category and the highlighted key

    code is displayed in the License Information Panel. License Information Panel

    The License Information panel provides the following information:


    This box specifies the Product Level for the key code highlighted in the "Existing key

    codes" area. All Crystal Reports licenses fall into one of the following levels:

    Non - Expiring Levels Expiring Levels Full Evaluation

    Full + Subscription Beta

    Upgrade Not For Resale

    Upgrade + Subscription

    Standalone Subscription


Type | Selected Keycode | All Keycodes

    This panel lists the licenses that are currently available from your existing Crystal

    Reports system.

    ? The first row displays the License Type permissions that are available for the

    product category listed in the Product drop-down list. The License Type

    permissions are 1) Development and Test 2) Deployment and 3) Processor

    ? The second row displays the report creation and modification permissions

    Note: The Crystal Reports Product categories show the RDC permissions and the

    RAS Product categories show the RAS permissions.

    Adding Key Codes

    To add a Crystal Reports key code to the License Manager

    1. Enter the key code into the Add Key Code area.

    2. Click Add.

    If valid, the License Manager will add the key code to the "Existing key codes"


    The Product Category, Level, and other attributes corresponding to the key code

    will be automatically displayed in the License Manager.

    3. Verify that the information displayed for the key code is correct.

    4. Click OK. (Users must click OK for any changes to be committed to the system). Note: When adding a new, non-expiring key code, any existing expiring key codes

    matching the new key code's attributes will be deleted. Deleting Key Codes

    To remove a key code from the License Manager

    1. In the "Existing key codes" area, select the key code to be removed.

    2. Click Remove. The key code will be removed from the list.

    3. Click OK. (Users must click OK for any changes to be committed to the system).

Note: The License Manager will allow users to delete any key code EXCEPT the last

    Crystal Reports Developer Edition key code listed in the "Existing key codes" area.


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