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    Virtual Machine Manager

    Virtual Machine Manager: Maximize Resources, Achieve Agility

    System Center Virtual Machine workload and the host. This allows an IT virtual machine templates. Templates contain Manager provides a comprehensive administrator to fine-tune placement both the guest operating system configuration management solution for the algorithms to get tailor-made deployment and the hardware configuration, to ensure virtualized data center that enables recommendations. consistency in the data center. Templates bring increased physical server utilization all the standardization and ease of management and centralized management of virtual Centralized Resource Optimization of “SysPrep’ed” images to virtual machines.

    machine infrastructure. The Virtual Machine Manager Administrator

     Console provides a central work area for Centralized Monitoring Virtual Machine Manager delivers the performing resource tuning. Resource settings Once workloads are consolidated onto a virtual following key features: can be changed on virtual machines without infrastructure, Virtual Machine Manager ? End-to-end support for consolidating interrupting workloads and virtual machines provides IT administrators with reports and physical servers onto a virtual can be migrated from one host to another to monitoring data. These capabilities can be infrastructure. optimize physical resources. extended with integration with Operations ? Fast and reliable Physical-to-Virtual Manager 2007. (P2V) machine conversions. Achieve Agility ? Intelligent Placement of virtual System Center provides rapid provisioning of

    workloads on the best suited For more information about System virtual machines by administrators and

    physical host servers. Center: Virtual Machine Manager, visit: authorized users.

    ? Rapid deployment and migration of

    virtual machines. Rapid Virtual Machine Provisioning ? A complete library to centrally Virtual Machine Manager enables quick manage all the building blocks of the provisioning of new virtual machines.

    virtual data center. Using a wizard-based user interface, IT administrators can rapidly deploy virtual Maximize IT Resources machines across the entirety of the

    System Center delivers straightforward and enterprise. Virtual Machine Manager

    complete support for consolidating multiple also allows management and migration

    physical servers within a virtual infrastructure, of existing virtual machines amongst

    thus increasing overall utilization of physical multiple physical hosts, giving IT

    servers. administrators a complete and holistic

     view of their virtual infrastructure. Fast, Reliable P2V Conversions

    Virtual Machine Manager helps improve the Centralized Library

    P2V experience by integrating the P2V The library in Virtual Machine Manager

     conversion process and by using the Volume centrally manages all the building blocks of the

    Shadow Copy Service (VSS) of Windows virtual data center such as virtual hard disks, Server? 2003 to create a virtual machine faster cd/dvd media images, post deployment

    and without having to interrupt the source customization scripts and hardware

    physical server. configurations as well as templates and ISO


    Intelligent Placement Rapid Deployment of Virtual Machine

    When a virtual machine is deployed, Virtual Templates

    Machine Manager analyzes performance data The library in Virtual Machine Manager adds

    and resource requirements for both the an important tool to the administrator’s toolkit:

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