Ice Hockey Elections 2009

By Russell Chavez,2014-05-21 02:15
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Ice Hockey Elections 2009

    Ice Hockey Elections 2009

    Welcome to the elections information for 2009. The elections are an exciting time, where new people are chosen to take over the running of the club for next academic year. This is a great opportunity to get involved. There are a number of positions that anyone can stand for, each one vital to the overall success of the club. Together, the elected people form the exec, and can mean the difference between success and failure.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to lead the club to success, you next need to

    think of which position you want to run for. Listed below are all the positions up for election. No position is the same. Each one requires different skills and ideas. Read the descriptions of each and then think about which one suits you best. Also read the information about who can and can’t stand for which position. Much as we encourage everyone to get involved, there are some positions that have a couple of restrictions on for practical reasons.

Election Restrictions

    Firstly, in order to stand or vote in any elections, you must be a member of the ice hockey club. For Coventry students, this will have been included in the Warwick Sport form you submitted to join Warwick Sport. For Warwick students, you should have joined online at, at sports fair or in the sports centre.

    You can still join if you intend to run, but make sure you do it in plenty of time before the elections.

    Secondly, some positions need Warwick students to fill them. This is not because we don’t think that Coventry students are up to the job, but because we need some people to be accountable to Warwick Sport and Warwick SU. For example, president and treasurer have to sign finance forms, which need a current Warwick student to authorise. Therefore some positions are Warwick only. These are marked as such below.

    In some positions, publicity and merchandise for example, it may also be worth having two exec members, one from each university. You may run in a pair for these positions.

    Other positions may have specific restrictions. These are listed by the position.

    Running To run in the election, you must first nominate yourself. To do this, you simply need to email with your name and which position you wish to

    stand for. Think carefully about which position you’re best suited for, you can only stand for one position.

    Once nominated, you need to think about what makes you best suited to the job. All candidates will have a one minute slot at the elections meeting to tell members why they think they are going to be good at the job. After this, there will be a vote by all members. Voting is by secret ballot, and uses the simple “first past the post” system.


    Listed here are all the positions up for election, along with a short description of the major responsibilities for each one. Remember that although each exec member has their own individual responsibilities, the exec work together as a whole. You may be needed to do other tasks, and may even have ideas of things you think will improve the club and the way it is run.

President (Warwick only)

    The president takes overall responsibility for the club. The first role of the president is to make sure that all the other exec members know what they are doing and that they have the facilities and information available to do their jobs properly. They are the primary contact for the club for Warwick Sport and Warwick SU and are considered the team manager of the club by the BUIHA. The president oversees the club and helps the rest of the exec to get their tasks completed.

    The president is responsible for making any important decisions within the club, especially where there are any disputes. It is therefore that the president is able to be impartial, and takes the needs of all members into account. They must ensure they are keeping to the club constitution and the values of Warwick Sport, ensuring that the club is open to all students, regardless of ability.

    The president must attend or have attended the basic impact training session, held at sports council in term 1.

Treasurer (Warwick only)

    The treasurer is responsible for the club finances. They are responsible for the accounts and budgets and oversee all spending. Only the president and treasurer can authorise finance forms. The treasurer must therefore work with the other exec members to make sure that they have the money they need. They are responsible for ensuring money is collected at both A and B team sessions and making sure that the rink is paid weekly.

    The treasurer manages money for everything including money for hoodies, ice time, transport, equipment, entry fees and more.

    Treasurers must attend, or have attended the managing your money impact training course, which is held at sports council at the start of term 1.

Fixtures Secretary

    The fixtures secretary is responsible for arranging all club fixtures, for both A team and B team. This includes booking ice time for home games and submitting it to the BUIHA. They are also responsible for making sure that everything is in place for fixtures once they are provided by the BUIHA. This includes booking transport or ice time, making sure there are referees for the game, arranging people to fill in game sheets and operate the clock, contacting other teams to confirm details and submitting results and game sheets to the BUIHA after games. The fixtures secretary is considered the team fixtures manager by the BUIHA.

    The fixtures secretary can be from Warwick or Coventry. However, some transport hire requests may need a Warwick student to request. If a Coventry student is elected

    fixtures secretary, they would complete all forms and then work with the president or another Warwick exec member, who would submit transport forms.

Publicity and Merchandise Officer

    The publicity and merchandise officer is responsible for promotion and communication. They should be able to communicate effectively and in a professional manner. They will be involved in promoting the club and encouraging new members. They will be responsible for promoting home fixtures and events and should have creative ideas about how to do this. They are also responsible for ensuring the club has a presence at both Warwick and Coventry sports fairs and that new members know how and where to sign up to the club. They are also responsible for the website, making sure it is kept up to date and articles are kept professional, as this is the main face external face of the club for people seeking information. Whilst they may not build the website themselves, they should write the articles for it, making it easy for someone with the appropriate skills to simply upload information.

    The publicity and merchandise officer is also responsible for all club clothing and merchandise. They are responsible for all shirt orders and clothing orders. They will make the decisions on what is available to order and ensure that it is ordered in good time for delivery when it is needed. They will work with the treasurer to make sure that money is collected for all purchases.

Social Secretary

    The social sec is responsible for the off ice activities of the club. They should work to arrange a variety of social events in Leamington, Coventry and on Warwick campus. They are responsible for making sure that events include everyone. They should make sure everyone is informed of the events in advance and should aim to provide a variety of different activities.

    The social secretary may take on other responsibilities to assist with the running of the club. The position can be combined with fixtures or publicity and merchandise officer.

Please note a social sec will only be elected once other positions have been filled.

B Team Coach

    The B team coach is responsible for running all b team and beginner sessions should attend all B team games to run the bench. Due to the nature of this position, it must go to someone who has played for many years at a good level. A level 1 or 2 EIHA coaching qualification should be sought. Courses are run at various times during the year and Warwick Sport may fund some of the cost for a Warwick student. The coach must take responsibility for safety at training sessions, so must make sure they run sensible sessions at all times.

And Finally…

    Remember that there is a lot of overlap between positions and that it is important that the exec work together. It is important that all people are able to work with other people and are prepared to take responsibility for the club.

That said, don’t let these descriptions put you off. There may seem like a lot of work,

    but remember that I have done pretty much all of this on my own for the last two

    years. If you work well as an exec, there shouldn’t seem like too much to cope with. Remember, this is not only a great opportunity to improve your club, but it also gives

    you experience that looks great on a CV and plenty to talk about at interviews.

Finally, if you intend to run, please remember to take the position seriously. Lots of

    people have done lots of work to get the club to where it is now you should look to

    continue that good work. Whilst you should enjoy your involvement in the running of

    the club, it is vital that you are committed to your role.

Remember, to nominate yourself, email Rich at and

    make sure you’re a member of the ice hockey club. If you have any questions about

    any of the positions, running, or anything else, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m keen to leave the club in good hands, and will always make time to talk to you about

    what any role entails.

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