Museum Assessment Program

By Virginia Cooper,2014-10-17 13:37
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Museum Assessment Program

    Evaluation Form for Surveyors

Please complete and return this evaluation no more than four weeks following the receipt

    of your honorarium.

    The purpose of this evaluation form is to assist the MAP office in the following:

    ; To evaluate your experience,

    ; To help us improve the program,

    ; To determine whether we are clearly communicating expectations, and

    ; To report statistics to IMLS

Name: Your Institution:

Institution Visited:

Assessment Type:

     Institutional Collections Management

     Governance Public Dimension

Name of Surveyor Team Member (if applicable):

    Date of Visit:

Was this your first MAP assessment? Yes No

How many hours did you spend preparing for this assessment, traveling, conducting the site

    visit, and writing the report? (Your best guess estimate is sufficient.) hours

Was the information you received from the MAP museum sufficient for you to prepare effectively

    for the site visit? Yes No

If no, explain:

AAM provides a number of resources to assist Surveyors in their work. Please rate the

    usefulness of the following:

Peer Review Manual Excellent Good Fair Poor Not used

    Peer Review Web resources: Excellent Good Fair Poor Not used

What additional resources would be helpful to you in the future?

Did you use the Report Writing Guide when:

    Preparing the Assessment Report? Yes No

     Outlining the layout of the report? Yes No

     Guiding the content of the report? Yes No

Was there anything that did not fit the Checklist? Yes No

If yes, please describe:

    For MAP Staff Only

    Evaluation ID: Revised February 2010 Date Received:

    How do you rate your overall experience with this assessment?

     Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Unacceptable

Would you be interested in remaining in contact with the museum? Yes No

What benefits did you derive from conducting this assessment? (Check all that apply.)

     I gained information that will be helpful to my museum.

     I gained information that helps me do my job.

     It made me feel good to help the participating museum.

     I value the opportunity to contribute to the field.

     I made valuable connections.

     Other (please specify):


What problems/concerns, if any, did you encounter conducting this assessment (including

    preparation, arranging the visit, the visit, and writing the report)? (Check all that apply.)

     Lack of time

     Lack of knowledge on subject matter(s)

     Unusual circumstances at the museum I visited

     Personal circumstances

     Other (please specify):


Do you feel there was clear and consistent lines of communication open at all times

    ? between you and the MAP office? Yes No

    ? between you and the museum? Yes No

    ? between you and the Surveyor Team member? Yes No N/A

If no to any of the above, please explain:

Do you feel that your expectations and those of the MAP office and the museum were in


    ? with the MAP office? Yes No

    ? with the museum? Yes No

The MAP staff was:

     Very Helpful


     Somewhat Helpful

     Not Helpful

     Not Applicable

What changes, if any, do you suggest in the MAP process?

Add a comment about the value of MAP to help promote the program*:

    * In providing this testimonial, you are giving permission to the Museum Assessment Program to use it in future MAP promotions.


    We realize that sometimes there is feedback that the surveyor would rather not share with the museum. However, this information may be important for AAM staff so we may better serve future participants. In the following space, please share with AAM anything regarding your experience that you would like us to treat confidentially.

    Help us Expand the Peer Review Program! Please recommend professionals you feel would be excellent peer reviewers: (Keep in mind those individuals you came into contact

    with at the museum you visited.)

Name: Title:

    Institution: Phone #:


Name: Title:

    Institution: Phone #:


    Thank you for providing such an important service to the museum community. Please return

    this evaluation to:

    Museum Assessment Program

    American Association of Museums

    1575 Eye Street, N.W., Suite 400

    Washington, DC 20005

    FAX to (202) 289-6578 or send as an e-mail attachment to

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