(8)a successful person

By Bradley Campbell,2014-05-29 16:47
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(8)a successful person



     A successful person(8)

     A:In the history at home and abroad ,there are so many successful

     persons.Do you have a hero?

     B:Yes ,it's the age to have a role model ,of course includes me.I

     admire the first President of the United States, George

     Washington,fought in some of the famous battles of the Revolutionary War and risked his life and reputation for the values be believed in.

     C:Ye,I think he worth it,he was a hero to the people of colonial

     America because he had qualities important to them;qualities such as bravery and statesmanship.

     A:I find both of you are like America presidents in past.Yes ,there

     are so many famous Americans such as John F.Kennedy,Florence Nightingale,and John Wayne are some common heroes.

     B:Do you know ,I like people who have abilities and have a kind

     heart,just as what you say Florence Nightingale,a nurse during the Crimean War,was loves for her bravery and kindness in caring for the wounded.

     C:Ye,old days are full of heroes,but tody is a age of lacking role

     models.Our lack of modern heroes would also lead us to believe that we no longer need heroes.However,our confused nation occasionally stumbles onto a good idol,reminding us that these leaders will always

     be necessary.

     A:But I think that's not the worst,perhaps the worst part of this new

     lack of heroes is that we have replaces formerly good role models with bad ones,some of the people most admires by young today are hardly people for us to follow.Such as many baseball

     players,basketball players,however,these athletes are in the news almost as much for drug use as they are for their sports achievements.

     B:Yes,sometimes just because they are successful ,they make

     violence and break laws seem acceptable.I really doubt weather we need heroes any more,I am so upset .

     C:Well,we as humans need a path to follow.And this path cannot be

     provided by computers or robotics.We individually,need other persons to guide our actions.On the national scale,we need heroes to give the nation unity.Not only do we need heroes to guide us and give us unity,but we need them to help us become great.If we are to succeed,we need those who are successful to lead the path to greatness.

     A:Yes,maybe,some of them are bad ,but there still exist many so

     perfect successful people,they are really worth to be admired,for

    they have done a very good job,they do whatever they can to make their dreams come true .

     B:Oh ,Really?But how can I make a right model ?

     C:I think you should find who really worth admired.A successful

     person always has common qualities ,such as he has great ability to mingle well with people;he picks up a task that is close to his heart;goes step by step towards his goal;overcomes all his fears and shortcomings;and so on.And if you find them to be good role models,you should allow them to be your heroes.

     A:Yes,if a person has one ability and a high sprite ,it worth us to

     admire.Famous people are "famous",for they have one or few aspects that exceed common people.Like Albert Einstein once said,"I think and think for months,for years,ninety-nine times the conclusion false,but the hundredth time I am right."

     C:Yes ,as a brilliant scientist,he speaks of the right attitudes towards

     science and inspires countless people to fight for the truth.But we also know that he had made many mistakes.Celebrities are experts in certain areas but not all.In some other fields,they should even learn from us.

     B:I understand now,when we talk about a successful person ,we

     should neither too critical nor too superstitious.Just every coin has two sides.The most important thing is that when we make our own heroes we should think twice and make a right decision .


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