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    Notice of the Annual General Meeting

    stThe 31 Annual General Meeting of Harrow & Wealdstone Swimming Club will be held on thThursday 13 November 2008 at 8.00pm at:- Our Lady & St Thomas Church Hall, Roxborough Park,

    Harrow On The Hill


1. Approval of Notice of Meeting

    2. Apologise for Absence

    3. Minutes of Previous AGM and Matters Arising

    4. Committee Reports:

    a) Chairperson’s Report

    b) Coach’s Report

    c) Treasurer’s Report

5. Election of Officers:

    a) Chairman

    b) Hon. Secretary

    c) Hon. Treasurer

    d) Sub Committee Representatives:



    Education and Welfare


    Fund Raiser

    Non-Swim Support (Social)

6. Appointment of Auditors

    7. Election of Life and Honorary Members

    8. Annual Subscriptions

    9. Alterations to Rules

    10. Any other Business Relevant to this Meeting




     stNominations for the posts listed on the AGM notice must be submitted in writing and must reach Michele Parkes by 31

    October 2008.

    . thThe AGM takes place on Thursday 13 November 2008.

There are three Offices: Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer

The other posts which form part of the Committee of the Club are:



    Education and Welfare


    Fund Raiser

    Non-Swim Support (Social)

Full details of what is involved with these positions are available from Club Chairperson.

    Please search your hearts and see if there is not an area where you could serve the Club. None of the positions require a lot of

    work if everyone pulls together, but we do need a full Committee to run the Club efficiently. Please speak to any member of

    the present Committee if you would like more information.

Please hand your written nomination (additional forms available) to Michele Parkes or post your nomination to:

    Miss Michele Parkes, 46 Roxborough Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1PA.

In either case nominations must be received in writing, proposed and seconded by a Club Member, by 31

    st October 2008.

    Nomination form below.


    Nominations for Executive Committee for 2008/2009

I wish to stand for election for the following Executive position ………………………….

Name……………………………… Date……………… Sign……………………………



    Signature……………………………………………. Seconder



Note: The person standing for election, the proposer and the seconder must all be

    ASA members of Harrow & Wealdstone Swimming Club.

    Completed forms must be returned to Miss Michele Parkes, 46 Roxborough Road, Harrow, stMiddles, HA1 1PA by 31 October 2008.

     thMinutes of the 30 Annual General Meeting

    thThursday 13 December 2007 @

Mike Allen opened the meeting by introducing himself and welcomed and thanked everyone for

    attending this Annual General Meeting

    ? Apologise were received from Chris Mote, Gill Muir, Anne Sellars, Ralph Shortland,

    David Timms, Janine Nyman

    ? The meeting opened with approval of notice of this meeting This was agreed

    ? The minutes from previous meeting agreed.

    ? The report from the Chairperson Denis Collen was red out by Denis Collen (copy attached)

    ? The report from The Head Coach was read out (copy attached)

    ? The report from the treasurer was read out (copy attached)

Election of Officers

    Chairperson Denis Collen

    Secretary Karen Britton

    Treasurer Zak Andrawos

Election of Members

    Competitions Secretary Andrea Mitchell

    Fundraising Karen Barrett?

    Non Swim Support Richard Ogilvey Hergly

    Administration Heidi Swanson

    Facilities Suzette Mohammed

    Education & Welfare Anne Sellars

    Club Welfare Officer Paul Donlevey

New Members were welcomed onto the Executive Richard Ogilvey Hergly, Heidi Swanson and

    Karen Barrett.

Sherlee Wakeman Areedes, Simone Powell, Angie Wiseman and Sue Craft were thanked for their

    support as members of the Executive in the last year.

    ? Newman’s were again appointed as the auditors for the club for coming year.

    ? There was no appointment of Life and Honorary Members

    ? There was no alteration to the rules

    ? Any other business relevant to this meeting

    The meeting closed at 8.30pm and thanks expressed to the members who were

    in attendance.

    Chairman’s Report 2007

    Welcome to this year AGM with HWSC’s usual resolve and fighting spirit the children and coachers have excelled themselves yet again this year. It started at the Middlesex’s in March with our swimmers

    having a good performance. This became a springboard that sent many swimmers to second London

    Regional Championships at Crystal Palace in May and June. From this we sent a select group to the

    Nationals who went on to achieve good results in a number of finals. I have just given a taster our

    success at this high profile meet but our Head Coach Bill Stokes will elaborate further in his report.

The success has continued with our younger swimmers achieving a good result in the Junior League or

    Diddys our older swimmers all making the commitment to carry on swimming to ensure an excellent thperformance in the Speedo League at Norwich (at weekend finishing 6 in the first ever long course

    final) and again representing the borough in the finals of the Inter-Boroughs where we finished a thcredible 5!

However it is not all about the swimmers, this year saw the departure of Sue Craft as our Chairperson

    and we need to thank Sue for her hard work and support in undertaking this thankless task for the last 2

    years and wish her and her family all the best in their new life in Dorset.

So having heard our report so far and when Bill and Zak have ‘filled you in’ on all our activities you

    will see just how successful this year has turned out to be. However success doesn’t just happen, it

    comes through hard work and dedication of a number of people to whom we owe a great deal.

Firstly we owe a big thank you to Harrow Sports Council for once again awarding a gran to the club,

    which has helped enormously towards getting the results we have this year. We really appreciate it.

Secondly our thanks and appreciation to all our Coaching and Teaching Staff who have excelled this

    year, their dedication and hard work have enabled us to do this.

Thanks to Janine and Zak for all their had work in making our learn to swim programme the fullest it

    has ever been.

Thanks to our Officials Ralph, Mike, Anna and David who ensure we are able to support the county

    and region at galas.

Thanks to all Parent Helpers, Timekeepers and Supporters that have helped by supporting your gala’s

    and Club Championships this year without you help we could not run these events.

Thanks also to our two Club Captains (Richard and Abbie) who have been working behind the scenes on

    further iniatives in the coming months.

Finally thanks to all the members of Executive Committee who have given their support, time and

    commitment in helping to drive the Club forward during the past year.

So what of the future?

As I mentioned already thanks to Janine Nyman and Gill Muir our learn to swim programme continues

    to thrive and places are hard to find, Zak will highlight this in his report. The swimmers join us in our

    learn to swim programme, move into our Squads and the and the success of our Top Swimmers has

    attracted Swimmers from other Clubs to join us this year. This can only be good for the growth and

    development of the Club.

This year I have a number of iniatives to announce.

    ? I am pleased to announce we are able to offer a 5% discount through our website to all members

    who order swimming equipment from Mailsports.

    ? This year will see the introduction of full Swimming Kit for all Swimmers ranging from Swim

    Suites, Briefs, Jammers to Track Tops, Shorts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies and Ruck Sacks- all branded

    with Club Logo and Mailsports Logo.

This year we have a number of key targets to achieve.

    ? Achieve swim our swim 21 accreditation

    ? Produce/develop more county standard officials to support the county and the region

    ? Support the County President in this year in Office Ralph Shortland

    Denis Collen Chairperson HWSC


Good evening Ladies and Gentleman.

I would like to welcome you to Harrow Weald Swimming Club’s AGM for 2007 and to present my

    Head Coaches Report..


Learn To Swim

Is at full capacity. This is due to Janine Nyman who once again as done a fantastic job. Our future

    depended on the income generated by Learn to Swim. This is a vital part of the organisation.


Junior Section

Once again full to capacity. We offer swimmers the facility to train 2/3/4 times per week. Not

    necessarily to compete, but to get to a level of swimming that suite them, all lanes are absolutely full.


Once again the section is full, and all swimmers are working very hard and it gives Ex Squad Swimmers

    a change to train when exams are getting on top of them.

    Adult Learn to Swim

     stWe have had to limit the places on a 1 come basis because we could fill half the pool easily. This is

    due to Anne Labette enthusiasm and turning non-swimmers into swimmers who progress into Masters



Once again a very successful year and a very busy one. I will try to condense it down otherwise I will

    be here all night.

     st1 of all Awards Night was the best ever.

Packed full of parents and swimmers all had a great evening


We took some swimmers to the Burns meet at Sheffield very High Class Gala and they swam very well.

    This meet exposes them to the highest level of competition and will stand them in good stead for the



Went Hatfield Gala and all swimmers performed very well.


Middlesex Champs went very well relay team winning Gold/Silver/Bronze and all swimmers performed


List of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

Gold Jessica Baldwin, Kyle Barrett, Gaby Collen (2), Claudia Kitching Lara Nyman (5),

    Shannon Powell and Alex Warburton

Silver Connor Barrett, Alex Carr (2), Gaby Collen, Carmella Kitching, Claudia Kitching,

    Stephanie McFarlane, Lara Nyman (5), Shelly Parker, Zara Sellars, Alex

    Warburton and Adam Warner

Bronze Connor Barrett, Conor Byrne, Alex Carr, Frankie Collen, Carmella Kitching,

    Kianu Kitching (3) Kerry-Anne McFarlane, Shannon Powell, Zara Sellars, Alex

    Warburton and Emma Wiseman

Kyle Barrett went to Manchester and competed in European Trails and did very well in 100 Back and

    200 Back. This was a very good experience for him.


Easter we went to Portsmouth where all swimmers swam magnetically, some getting their National

    Qualifying Times, many made finale and patricianly Frankie Collen swimming a terrific event in a for

    50 Free Style . Great Competition

Also younger swimmers completed at Middlesex Graded and we had many Speeding Tickets


     ndWe were at the London Region our Relay team Kyle, Connor, Alex W and Lee came 2 in Medley rdteam and 3 in Free Style. Kyle won the 200 and 100 Back Stroke.

We took quite a few swimmers to Coventry were once again we had alot of success Connor Barrett

    swum 100 Breast, Roxanne Bevan winning 200 Fly , to name but a few.

Also we took swimmers to Hatfield the following week were Coventry was long course, and Hatfield

    short course, so we were looking to swim fast, and we had some great results.


Saw us compete at Potters Bar a very good meet and lots of the younger ones swam very well may

    getting PBs.


National Kyle Barrett competing in 100 and 200 Back and got into finales

    Jessica Baldwin competed in 50 Free Style equalized her PB


     rd Very good results Junior League final came 3

Club Champs went Very well many old records broken


     thBorough Final we came 5


Good Results at Hatfield.

    And many winners at Middlesex Short Course at Southbury


     th6 at Speedo legal at Norwich

    So once again our Swimmers have performed throughout the year and all over the country.

    I would like to thank them for their efforts, and coaches for there commitment, and last of all the parents whose support is paramount to competition swimmers.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2008-03-23

    Thank you for coming

Bill Stokes Head Coach

Treasurer’s Report 2007

     thI am please to present the annual audited accounts for Harrow & Wealdstone S C for the year ended 30

    August 2007. My special thanks goes to Janine Nyman our Club Administrator.

    As some of you are aware last year we had a surplus of over ?1700, I am pleased to report a profit for this year of ?20084. The income for the year was over ?190788 compared to last year ?167640 and in 2005 was ?144167.

    The extra income has come largely though the extra Learn to Swim courses. The Galas and Competition. The Swim Shop has continued to build on its success of the previous year and special thanks to Sue Craft and Simone Powell.

Club expenditure is under careful control and was in line with last years.

    Pool hire is increasing and will continue to rise, as we always searching for extra pool time

    I am happy to report that there will be no increase is quad fees or Learn to Swim fees for the coming year. We had no increase since 2004.

    Finally, may I thank all members of the Club, Coaches; Learn to Swim Teachers and Executive for all the help and support in the last year.

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