HALL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES 13112008 Attendance ~20 students

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HALL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES 13112008 Attendance ~20 students



    ? Attendance:

    o ~20 students

    o 6 Hall Seniors (all excluding C.V.L. due to sickness)

    o Jo (Chair), Marko and Vero from the beginning. Eugene and Patrick joined later due to

    prior commitments

    ? Committee elections:

    o Kitchen 32 Rep: Lawrence Wild defeated R.O.N. by 17 votes to 1

    o Sports Rep: Luke Daly defeated R.O.N. unanimously

    o Welfare Rep: no nominations. Election to be postponed until the next meeting

    ? Committee reports:

    o Report from House 28 Rep (Felix):

    ? Issue of stolen frying pan raised with Marko. Enquiry has been made as to

    whether it is possible to install CCTV in the kitchen but it isn’t

    ? Question as to whether it is possible to install WiFi in the kitchen. An enquiry is

    being made about installing WiFi in some communal areas there is currently a

    trial ongoing in some other halls. Feedback to come later.

    ? Issue raised about a sink regularly over-flowing Felix will inform Marianna

    ? Question as to whether it is possible for the food lockers to use room keys

    rather than the easy-to-pick padlocks. Marko to answer

    o Report from Annex Rep (Elena):

    ? Question over possibility of providing dustpan/ brushes/mops for the Annex

    kitchens as they get very dirty over the weekend. Possibility that they are

    already available in the cupboards Elena to check

    ? Issue with extremely low shower pressure in Flat 2B Elena to inform Marianna

    ? Question as to possibility to changing swipe card entrance for the touch pad

    used on main building to be brought up with Marianna o Report from Media Rep (Joshca):

    ? Plan for newsletter to be published soon after each hall committee meeting,

    such that it can include latest decisions etc. Intention is for the latest edition to

    be available from this Saturday

    ? Call for content from anyone interested in contributing

    ? Intention to change newsletter name to Pembridge Post and to establish a gmail

    address which people can use to contribute content

    o Report from Events Rep (Amar):

    ? Lots of positive feedback from Halloween party. Marko particularly thanked

    Amar for his hard work in making the event such a success

    ? Next big event will be Christmas party

    ? Budget report

    o Hall Committee has ?600 available for the year to spend

    o Procedure for spending is for the item to be brought up at a Hall Committee meeting,

    whereby it will be subject to floor discussion and a vote

    ? Hall equipment

    o USB soundcard:

    ? Joshca and Chris provided update on their research into possible USB

    soundcards available for the Hall to buy for use with laptops/sound system in

    the TV room

    ? Joscha found USB soundcard compatible with sound system on Amazon for

    ?25.80 including postage

    ? Chris found similar item on eBuyer for ?11.24, which also supported Dolby 7.1 ? Agreed that the cheaper item would be bought, with the warning that any users

    would need to install associated drivers with it

    ? Agreement that an optical cable to connect laptops to the projector would also

    be bought

    ? ACTION: Chris Bowers to forward details of USB soundcard and optical cable to

    Patrick to be purchased

    o TV improvement:

    ? Discussion on whether to buy a new remote for the existing TV or whether to

    buy a new TV altogether

    ? General agreement that the TV room isn’t used enough to warrant buying a

    new TV

    ? ACTION: Patrick to buy a new remote

    o Games console:

    ? Discussion on whether to buy a Wii or similar games console for TV room ? General agreement that it would be too expensive, especially given the existing

    games console isn’t used much – although further investigation of prices would

    be useful

    ? Vote indicated that only 7 people thought it would be worth buying a games


    ? Several people suggested that they would bring their games consoles with them

    next term and make them available to other students to use

    ? ACTION: James Booth to research possible options for games consoles, to be

    discussed at the next meeting

    o Table tennis table:

    ? Discussion about the possibility of buying a table tennis table with there being

    general agreement that this was a good idea and a vote showed almost

    unanimous approval

    ? Alex Herriott suggested that he might be able to organise a second hand table

    for the Hall to buy

    ? Jo indicated that previous research showed it was possible to buy a full-size,

    folding table for <?200

    ? ACTION: Alex Herriott and Alex McCaffery to research possible tables and

    forward details to Jo to buy

    o Pool equipment:

    ? Discussion about the cue/chalk situation. General disapproval of the fact that

    at the beginning of term there were 4 working cues and 5 blocks of chalk and

    now, only 6 weeks later there is only 1 cue and 1 block of chalk (and in addition,

    2 extra ‘donated’ cues have been broken)

    ? Agreement that from now on, those responsible for breaking a cue should have

    to replace it although as long is this is done there will be no punishment

    ? Vote on how many cues to buy: 7 people voted for two cues, majority for only

    1 cue (reasoning being that this will incentivise people not to break them)

    ? Agreed that chalk will also be bought

    ? ACTION: Jo to buy new cue and chalk

    ? Hall Sports:

    o Eugene appealed for more players for the Hall football team and asked that people let

    him know whether they are able to play or not (last match the team was a man short)

    o Eugene asked that those interested in competing in the Union charity Dodgeball

    competition contact him asap. Enough interest to support two Pembridge teams plus a

    Wardens team. Marko agreed to a ?2 per person subsidy for entry.

    ? Hall Hoodies:

    o Logo competition:

    ? There were eight entries (thanks very much to everyone who took the effort to

    enter a logo) which were circulated

    ? After voting, the logo submitted by Mitch Debrabant was chosen by an

    overwhelming majority

    ? ACTION: Mitch to email electronic version of logo to Eugene o Hoodie colours:

    ? Discussion on colour for hoodie

    ? Voting: Blue = 8; Green = 11; Yellow = 5; Orange = 4. Within Green; ‘Irish’

    green won

    o Hoodie pricing/ordering:

    ? Those wanting hoodies should let a Warden know at surgery. Deadlines for

    orders is Thursday November 20th

    ? Cost will be ?10 to those pre-paying in cash, otherwise ?12.50 each

    ? Hall Christmas Party:

    o Vero provided information about different options:

    ? The Roadhouse: Restaurant/club/bar in Covent Garden. Cost of ?14.95 per

    person excluding alcohol. Likely to be non-exclusive

    ? The Loop Bar: Restaurant/club/bar near to Oxford St. Cost of ?35 per person

    including half bottle of wine. Likely to be exclusive to us on the night. Finishes

    at 3am.

    ? Thistle Hotel Kensington Gardens: Hotel on Bayswater. Cost of ?28.50 per

    person including half bottle of wine. Finishes at 1am. o Voting indicated that the preference order for these venues is 1)Thistle Hotel; 2) The

    Loop Bar; 3) The Roadhouse

    tho Discussion on possible dates: generally agreed that Tuesday 9 would be preferable as

    most people would only have a half day the following day o Marko and Patrick indicated that there would probably be a hall subsidy of between

    ?10-?15 of the cost

    o ACTION: Wardening team to finalise venue details and book

    ? AOB:

    o No further business

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