The organizational structure culture of Zhuhai Gree Grou1

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The organizational structure culture of Zhuhai Gree Grou1

    The organizational structure culture of

    Zhuhai Gree Group, Inc.

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Zhuhai Gree Group, Inc. is the largest and most powerful one of the enterprisesAfter 20 years

    of development, formed the industry as the main body, and the petrochemical, real estate for the two wings of a comprehensive development pattern. Zhuhai Gree Group is the first in Guangdong Province what enterprises to be the "technical innovation enterprise.”

    As early as 2003, Gree Group has achieved operating income of 19.842 billion yuan, ranked No. 500 Chinese enterprises, 88, Guangdong's enterprises 50 No. 15. In March 2002, Zhuhai Gree Group on the implementation of the municipal government is authorized. As authorized by state-owned assets management entities, Gree Group's capital as a link on the group enterprises authorized to manage state-owned assets management at different levels, hierarchical management, to ensure that state-owned assets, and strive to make Gree Group, a large-scale international, multi

    [1]- of a modern enterprise group.

    In order to fully understand and study the Gree company, we Gree company's organizational culture and organizational structure analysis:

    Gree's just been established at the time, it used the brand-name strategy. Therefore, the enterprises to the building of corporate culture on a prominent position, the corporate culture as a unified goal, firmly into the "two aspects of face must be both" the spirit of that important position, employees to establish a business philosophy, values, corporate culture as the key to the improvement of the overall quality of the staff as the main body of the spirit of enterprise culture to enrich the spiritual and cultural activities as a corporate carrier, to a clean system as a guarantee of corporate culture. Company allows employees to create a heartfelt recognition of the core values and mission, a staff to exert themselves can promote the psychological and working environment to ensure a continuously improving business performance, one can actively promote

    [2]organizational change, corporate culture.

    The following is the organizational culture aspects of performance:

    Enterprise catchword:

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    Friendly, Hard, Aggressive

    Enterprise Spirit:

    Giving fine and satisfaction to consumers, giving opportunity and development to entrepreneurs, giving performance and return to investors.

    Enterprise slightly:

    The use of the wisdom of seeking to develop a win-win space for innovative mechanisms to activate the implementation of standardized management to accommodate a variety of voices to build a harmonious environment, the pursuit of personal dreams and create a miracle Gree. Business philosophy:

    Manufacture the best air-conditioning dedication to the vast number of consumers. Philosophy: Innovation never endless

    Management features:

    Rationalization, scientific, standardized, network-based

    Service concept:

    You are the Gree every major event in a small

    Human resources philosophy:


    Real culture of Gree is "real, letters, inexpensive, new, and ceremony" as the core values of "loyalty, friendly, hard-working, enterprising" as the enterprise spirit, with "less empty talk, more real work" as a pragmatic working attitude to form the outer extension of the truth-seeking culture of introverted, but also in close connection with the actual situation of China's reform and opening up around the contemporary "people-oriented" building a harmonious society and to the trend of globalization has a "Gree" unique corporate culture, this unique business culture, supporting the company consistently adhere to the pursuit of excellence and innovation, improve quality of human life, promoting social progress, create the greatest wealth for the community. Real - is honest, pragmatic, realistic, real

    Credit standing - is faith, trust, honesty, trustworthiness, and faith

    William - is clean, Self-discipline

    New - is an innovative, pioneering and enterprising

    Under the corporate culture of GREE, Gree Group was established on 1991 and then growing fast. In 2001, it began to international transformation. Now, Gree Group has formed a “group pluralism, and all enterprises professional” model, to enhancing the company status, developing the core competitive power and forming the specialized superiority. At present, the Gree Group has ability to produce 4.5 million air-conditioner series products, 6.5 million units small household appliances,1.5 million units quartz watches, 2 million units air-conditioner compressor, 10000 tons special enameled wire, one billion electronic components ,100 million computer diskettes,10 million printer cartridges and other products in one year. And also Gree‟s air-conditioners ranking

    first on products, sales and export in recent six years, also Rossini‟s‟ watch, Gree‟s electric fans, heaters and computer diskettes are all ranking the forefront in the same industry. For many years, Gree Group in accordance with the „scientific and technological to promote enterprise development, high-tech products to capture market‟ development ideas, and use new products,

    new technologies against markets. Every year Gree Group invests in R&D accounted for more than 2% on sales. In 2002, the product output rate is 45%, it become an important pillar of

    [3]sustained and steady development. Today, Gree has entered into petrochemicals, real estate filed. That great success, apart from the support of corporate culture, of course, it also needs the strong organizational choice.

    From the scientific and technological innovation and enter the international market, thus creating a diversified operating company, Gree have made lots of important choices. 1 Independent innovation to grasp core technology and to grasp the lifeline of the quality,

    [4]implementation “no defect”.

     During hundred years of air-conditioning developing, the majority of core technology had been monopolized by the United States and Japan, so is very difficult to transcend. Under this kind of condition, Gree Group use 3% of sales to innovation, it becomes the highest invested business in China. Today the price war of air-conditioning become more and more intense, many manufacturers use reduce raw materials method to get more profit. The consumer would suffer

    [5]injury at last. However, the Gree Group promise never put a consumer‟s home as a laboratory.

    Regarding consumers as emperors, so the satisfied of consumers are the Gree‟s goal, Gree is like a best friend, it always form the consumer‟s side to considerate. It‟s your trust partner.

    2 Co-operation with the Zhuhai government, in the real estate sector shows strong momentum of development, the ultimate in hand to form a diversified business.

    Gree's real estate industry has shown strong momentum of development. In accordance with the planning of the Zhuhai Municipal Government that making Gree Group gives priority bigger and stronger. In November 2001, Gree Group, reorganized to absorb the way and the Real Estate Development Corporation and the Gree property will be the SAR into the home Industry Co, Ltd, Zhuhai, then the premises of the industry achieved a "powerful combination." As a real estate development of Zhuhai heavyweight enterprises, reorganization and subsequent implementation of a unified focused on Gree real estate optimization and planning for the future to prepare for


    Gree conglomerate "diversity operation" operation of the mechanism of diversification, in fact contains two meanings, that is, a diversified business expansion strategy and portfolio diversification. The former is an investment strategy or investment value of the trend, while the latter means that the business structure diversification characteristics. So that we can see, business expansion of diversity has two main ways: First, from the inside to the outside, based on existing business development to expand gradually to related areas; second is a direct manner, through mergers and acquisitions have been the basis for corporate mergers and acquisitions enter a new business. "Diversity" is the enterprise group of the most common mode of operation, or a strategic choice.

    Through the above organizational culture and organizational structure analysis, Gree is not difficult to see strong educational background in this business organization and the organizational structure of delicate and perfect, which is the most important reasons of Gree Group can survive under the economic crisis.

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