Groundswell Hotdoggers Longboard Surf Club Newsletter No 2 2007

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Groundswell Hotdoggers Longboard Surf Club Newsletter No 2 2007



    Longboard Surf Club

    Newsletter No 2 2007

    President Norman Wright

    01271 328489


     Ben Haworth Jules Marlow


     Elliot Dudley Shag Howell

President’s Piece

Welcome to the second Hotdoggers newsletter of 2007.

    Firstly I want to say a massive well done to Elliot Dudley who has added a few more titles to his collection since winning the „British Longboard Union‟ in 2006. This year he has achieved an astonishing feat in becoming WELSH, BRITISH and EUROPEAN Champion!

    I also hear on the grapevine that he‟s back to university, back to reality eh…

    Also well done to our top junior and this year‟s open winner Ben Haworth who is current British junior champion and has also reached the ripe old age of 18 - yes Benny boy is finally eighteeeeeen years old and has just passed his driving test so watch out.

    The British this year was dominated by Hotdoggers in most of the categories, and Juliet Marlow was no exception winning the ladies title with style and perfect longboarding skills. Jules has also picked up a major sponsorship deal with international company Alpinestars, more of that later.

    And last but not least, Adrian Howell, a.k.a Shag, who won the veteran title with that solid style of his against some stiff competition.

Well done to you all!

    I would like to welcome Russell White and his soon to be wife Rachel into the club and also good luck with his new business venture.

    They have taken over Surfstation and have provided club members with discount cards so get in there and use them!

    The best news as far as I am concerned is that Christies Estates have agreed to let us have a judging vehicle on the beach to judge our competitions from, this is fantastic and means no more lugging that great heavy tower down the beach.

    A massive thank you to Christies Estates for that and we will keep you up to date with the progress on the van.

    We have had a donation from Mr Dudley which will enable us to purchase a van and are looking for further sponsors to get it up and functioning so if you feel like contributing please contact Norm.

    Contest director Greg Robinson is back from his surf trip and will have a write up to follow; he has also just secured a sponsorship deal with an Italian surf company called Ten-Over.

Tim Tanton‟s Paddle for Relief at Saunton in aid of the forgotten victims of the 2004

    Asian tsunami was a fantastic success.

    So overall the club is going from strength to strength and is being well represented in all areas, keep it up surfers.

    I‟m busy trying to organise a junior training weekend with Elliot Dudley, it may be happening in Wales but more likely at Saunton where it will have more amenities at hand. So watch the website for details, it will happen in October.

The weekend trip up to Scarborough will happen early November and lastly this year‟s rd November, more details of that later. „End of Summer Ball‟ is planned for Saturday 3

It will be a good chance for everyone to meet up and have a few laughs, hopefully you

    can all make it!

See you in the line up


New British champ Elliot, shacked

     Veterans champ Shag on the nose in Costa Rica

Front Cover

    Ben Haworth current British and English champion. Also BLU champion and Hotdoggers Open winner 2007. Photo by Brad Kemp

    Juliet Marlow current British Ladies champion. Photo courtesy of Brauntonman

    Elliot Dudley current Welsh, British and European champion. Photo by Moonwalker

Adrian „Shag‟ Howell – current British Veteran champion. Photo courtesy of Soul Arch

Newsletter edited by Pete Hill

New on-line longboard magazine

    If you don‟t already know, there is a brand new longboard magazine online.

    Check out

    It is well worth the time; Editor Simon Mitchell has done his homework and produced a

    well compiled and very interesting look at British longboarding.

    Richard Unsworth also plays a part and has written a very interesting article about the

    Hotdoggers trip to Morocco earlier this year.

    Well done chaps, excellent work, keep it coming!

British Longboard Club Championships 2008

    Scarborough Malibu Club has agreed to host next year‟s club vs. club contest up in north

    Yorkshire. They hosted the event back in 2002 and we scored some fantastic waves

    during the event.

    The Hotdoggers A team back then consisted of Alan Reed, Eric Davies, Greg Robinson,

    Alen Harris, Ian Wright and Norman Wright.

    We took five teams up to this event and had a great time; we even made the regional


    Ian Wright, a.k.a Scratch, was filmed taking off on a huge bomb of a wave and got

    completely nailed - I will try to dig the video out for this year‟s End of Summer Ball.

    Here is a list of winners to date:

2000 Saunton = Hotdoggers A

    2001 Llangenith = Welsh A

    2002 Scarborough = Hotdoggers A

    2003 Saunton = Welsh A

    2004 Rest Bay = Hotdoggers A

    2005 Gwithian = Hotdoggers A

    2006 Saunton = Hotdoggers A

    2007 Gwithian = Sennen

British Longboard Club Championships 2007

    Everyone had a fantastic time at this year‟s event at Gwithian, Hayle and well done to

    Gaz, Bungi, Keeno and the rest of the crew from the Royal Navy/Royal Marines Wave

    Riders who hosted the hugely popular yearly event.

    Twelve teams competed against each other in very strange conditions; Saturday was 1.5

    foot and all over the place, and Sunday was 5-6 foot and very challenging. Especially for

    Hotdogger Paul Turner who in the last heat decided to paddle to Ireland during his heat,

    what happened? He said “I didn‟t know the heat had started,” - yeah ok mate keep


    He finally came back in while the presentation was being done and kept a low profile…

    The waveriders put on a bbq at the Red River Inn and everyone relaxed with a few beers.

    Sunday was a lot bigger and out of control; the lifeguards red flagged the beach and the

    plug was pulled on the contest, the top three teams had a surf off for the final top slots.

    Sennen just edged out the Scarborough boys and we trailed in third place.

    The standouts were Scarborough who had a very young team that surfed fantastic in

    the tough conditions. Well done guys, you did yourselves proud, the Hotdoggers team

    had already surfed in the morning before the event was stopped and were physically

    knackered - so I‟m told…

    Another team who stood out were the Bristol Surf Club, this was the newly formed

    thclub‟s first entry into this event and they did themselves proud finishing 6, well done

    guys and girls. st1. Sennen nd2. Scarborough A

rd. Hotdoggers A 3

Hotdoggers Committee

    There is a new addition to the club‟s committee as Bob Freshwater steps up as the committee director.

    Bob has also qualified as a judge and has been involved in the British Longboarding Union‟s contests this year. Well done Bob.

Club Clothing

    There will be some hoody‟s and tee shirts available soon.

Hotdoggers Judging Vehicle

    Thanks to Christies Estates we have been given permission to have a vehicle on the beach to use as a judging platform, which is fantastic news!

    Norm and Steve Hart drove up to Newbury to pick a van up and are currently converting it, this is a massive boost for the club and with a large donation from Mr X (Mike Dudley) the project is full steam ahead.

    Anyone wishing to contribute please contact Norm.


    There will be a Gul banner appearing on the club‟s website shortly, any sales that are

    made through the banner will provide the club with a yearly percentage so go on and have a look.

Some interesting facts:

The History of Surfing

    Captain Cooke encountered surfing in Hawaii in the 1770‟s, where riding waves lying down or standing on long, hardwood surfboards was an integral part of Hawaiian culture.

    Hawaii was ruled by a code of kapu (taboos) which dictated many areas of life; where to

    eat, how to grow food, how to predict the weather, how to build a surfboard and how to

    convince the gods to make the surf good.

    Hawaiian society was organised into royal and common classes, and these taboos

    extended into the surf zone. There were reefs and beaches where the ali‟i (chiefs)

    surfed and reefs and beaches were the commoners surfed.

    Commoners generally rode waves on boards as long as 12 foot, while the ali‟i rode waves

    on boards that were as long as 24 foot….

Travel Tips

    1. Pack all your boards into one travel bag, the airline should only charge you for one

    board and not your whole quiver.

    2. Go prepared; carry a pocketful of ballpoint pens. They make handy non monetary

    gifts for the street children. Many schools in poor countries can‟t afford to give

    their students anything to write with.

    3. Ask the locals about any customs or holy days that should be observed. You don‟t

    want to offend, even by accident.

    4. The next time you‟re surfing in third world countries try taking an extra pair of

    boardies or leash to leave with the locals.


    Sun Rays

    80% of the sun‟s damaging UV rays can get through the clouds.

    60% of the day‟s sun burning radiation occurs between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

    Typical summer fabrics have a sun proof factor of 6.5, less if wet.

    Also children spend three times longer in the sun than adults.

Soundguard Surf Plugs

    Soundguard surf plugs are a custom made earplug with superior

    defence against water penetration, they provide the ultimate

    in comfort and protection, even in the more demanding

    conditions. Each plug is individually moulded to fit your ear

    perfectly, providing a seal that keeps the ear warm and dry,

    helping to prevent infections and surfer‟s ear. Check out A few of the club members

    have a few things to say about them.

    ? Ben Haworth, British junior champ and Hotdoggers open champ 2007

    “Yeah I had an ear infection which kept me out of the water for a while which

    meant no surfing. So I tried them out and now I wear them all the time and

    guess what? No more ear infections.”

    ? Steve Hart, Chairman of Hotdoggers and VW‟s main man

    “They‟re great, put them on and you can‟t hear a thing, ideal when you drop in,

    you can‟t hear anyone moaning at you! P.S they do the job.”

    ? Norman Wright, Club President, father of two etc etc etc

    “I‟ve spent a lot of time in the water over the years and suffer with water

    ingress into my ears, but since using the surf plugs I can honestly say „it does

    what it says on the tin!‟”



    Paddle4Relief 2007 has raised over ?3000 to date, with more sponsorship due. 80+ people registered to take part in the paddle to raise funds for the forgotten victims of the 2004 Asian Tsunami.

    Although the sun was out for most of the day, the sea conditions were less than favourable!

    The day started off windy and wet. Hammering down with rain whilst setting up, but fortunately the sun soon shone on us, and dried everything out. We had only rain squall pushing through around 6pm, which cleared and made for a beautiful sunny evening. The wind was a fresh westerly and made it difficult for some to hold their boards upright during the oh so important photo shoot!

    The memorial circle was a huge success; as of course was the paddle, with paddlers from 8yrs to 60yrs taking part. There were fathers with their daughters on tandem boards. The majority of the craft were, as you would expect, long boards! There were a few short boards, canoes, paddleboards, Rob Martin was on his stand up board and two crazy, young surf lifesavers chose to swim it!

    The paddle was shortened due to the conditions. Many of the experienced surfers and surf lifesavers could have made the full distance but, we went out as a group to do a community group paddle and that‟s what we did! The safety boats and stewards did a

    fantastic job keeping everyone together, and safe. A big thank you to the members of the Saunton Surf Life Saving Club for their fantastic support as well.

    Everyone soaked up the community atmosphere, commenting on the chilled vibe! They were entertained by the array of amazing talented musicians who volunteered to play for this special day whilst Stormin Norman‟s wife, and himself, slaved over the BBQ, and fed the 5000! Thanks to you both.

    The awesome Amy Newton opened the proceedings followed by the duetting talents of Douglas E Powell and Nicky Green. Drain and Grumpy Old Men moved the tempo up a few levels before the extremely talented Moon (Kludo and friends) entertained the crowd with both musical talent and comedy! Douglas E Powell completed the evening‟s

    entertainment with his mellow acoustic sounds.

    Daisy and Kenny, directed by Debs and Karen, combined to call out the extensive raffle! Organiser, Tim Tanton, gave a heart felt thanks to all those that took part, helped out, and to the businesses that donated such a fantastic array of raffle prizes, with special thanks to Christies Estates for allowing the event to take place, and to Tiki International for their huge support and sponsorship.

    The plan is to return to the south east coast of Sri Lanka, and build a pre-school and community centre in the village of Komari. Let‟s hope there is a cease-fire with the civil

    war, which will allow me to return to Sri Lanka and continue the good work.

    Check out, and

League Comp No. 3, Underdog Session No. 2 and the Over 50’s

    Nearly 50 members turned out during the course of the weekend for the three contests. A large group of us met up on Saturday night at the White Lion for what turned out to be an exceptional curry, thanks to the Indian kitchen. Varied conditions over the weekend made it very tricky in the water. It‟s great to see such a varied age group taking part, from the youngest competitor who was ten years old to the oldest who is somewhere between 60-63, I‟m not saying anymore!

    An outgoing tide halved the size of the surf on Saturday from 2-3ft, although the rain did hold off which meant some of us got sunburnt.

    Everyone enjoyed the competitions with a few new faces making the finals. Well done to Phil Hill, Oscar Maddox, Parky, Rich Unsworth and lastly Duncan Clarke who‟s now finally got a trophy of his own on his mantelpiece. Move over Callum, Dad‟s got the trophy bug now! Well done to everyone on the day.

Second Skin/Errant League No. 3


    st1. Ben Haworth nd2. Greg Robinson rd3. Phil Hill th4. Tim Aylet

JUNIORS st1. Oscar Maddox nd2. Tom Major rd3. Fergus Bradford th4. Matt Baldwin

LADIES st1. Kim Haworth nd2. Anna Harriot rd3. Hazel Ilet th4. Rebbecca Pepperel

MASTERS st1. Adrian Howell nd2. Eric Davies rd3. Ben Keay th4. Norman Wright

UNDERDOG SESSION NO. 2 st1. Richard Unsworth nd2. Kim Haworth rd3. Steve Hart th4. Duncan Clarke

OVER 50‟S st1. Tony Allsopp nd2. Parky rd3. Rob Martin th4. Bob Freshwater

th League Contest. Big Wave Challenge 5

    This has been added as an extra event and will be called on in 4ft plus surf; we won‟t

    turn down 3ft glass though, but would prefer something a bit bigger for the hell raisers

    amongst us.

    It is still your best three results from the five contests so don‟t panic. ththIt will be a rolling date till we get the surf required, starting Saturday 13-Sunday 14, thstthSaturday 20-Sunday 21, Saturday 27…. thIf we manage to get it run before Saturday 27 which is End of Summer Ball weekend

    we will have a fun contest on that day, it has been suggested we make it fancy dress so

    start getting your costumes ready.

Pacific Longboarder Magazine

    John Brazen, editor of Pacific Longboarder magazine has contacted us about putting an

    article about the club in his magazine so I am looking for a budding journalist to take

    this task on, and also will need some quality photographs to accompany the article.

    They also send out a weekly online news release which is a great way to keep up with

    what is going on in the world of surfing and I am trying to get a link to it on our website

    so keep an eye out for it.

Morocco 2008

    This year‟s winter trip is the biggest group so far to travel to the warm waters of

    Tagahzoute, Morocco and we are already looking forward to perfect Immessouane. It‟s

    the eighth trip in seven years for some of us and it just gets better and better.

    This year we are flying courtesy of Royal Air Maroc, I flew with them on my first trip

    and I am looking forward to flying with them again. Thanks to a very lovely lady (Maryse)

    at the Royal Air Maroc booking office sorting the flights out has been straight forward

    and she has taken the hassle out of sorting thirty people‟s flights out…

    So if you‟re thinking of taking a trip to Morocco check out our links page:

    Flights Royal Air Maroc

    Accommodation/Surf Camp Surf Maroc

2007 GB Longboard Championships

    Back in May, Godrevy beach hosted the 2007 British Longboarding Championships, with saw over 100 talented British longboarders competing in the various divisions, and a number of Hotdoggers brought home the silverware.

    Small but clean 3ft surf provided the perfect backdrop for the contest which was squeezed into one day, rather than two, due to approaching storm conditions. A jubilant hotdogger, Elliot Dudley, lifted the Open trophy, making 2007 his most successful year yet, adding British Longboarding Champion to his haul of current titles including Welsh Longboard Champion and the prestigious European Longboarding Champion.

    In the veterans division, a delighted Adrian „Shag‟ Howell took his first ever win in this category, triumphing in tough competition.

    In the seniors, another hotdogger, Chris Webb, made it to the final, achieving a highly

    rdcreditable 3 place. stSupergrom Ben Haworth continued another successful year in the juniors, taking 1

    place in this division, also adding to his titles this year, as he is currently English champion, BLU champion, and Hotdoggers Open champion.

    Also our very own Jules Marlow regained her title in the ladies division, a brilliant win for her.

    The open final saw an extremely high level of competition longboarding, with hotdogger Elliot Dudley showing why he‟s the best longboarder in Europe. The level of surfing was

    so high in the final, the judges scored eight rides over points; but it was Elliot‟s standout 9.5 score that helped him take the overall title. Elliot was stoked to have taken the Welsh, British and European titles at the same time, and now turns to defending the European title in France in a few weeks.

    Massive congratulations to all the Hotdoggers who took part, especially the new champions!

British Longboard Champion Jules picks up Alpinestars sponsorship

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