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Grissom High School

    Grissom High School

    JROTC Booster Club Minutes

    January 17, 2008

     Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by President Janet Lewis at 7:00 p.m.

The minutes for the November meeting were posted on the website for review. Copies

    were also made available on the tables. Motion was made by Leslie McDaniel to approve

    the minutes with a second by Don Wheeler. Acceptance of the minutes was passed


Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the Financial Report with the adjusted budget items were provided on the

    tables for review.

Old Business

? Website pictures of the drill team has been posted on the web. There was a

    problem with the disk containing rifle team pictures.

    ? Facility & Beautification Committee volunteers needed. If interested see Janet


    ? Stay-Brite items for uniforms are available for sale.

    ? T-shirts and hoodies are still available for sale.

    ? Rocket City Marathon JROTC won third place in the support of the race and

    received $50.00.

SAI Report

? Budget

    o Army funds for transportation have been exhausted.

    o Bus funds for Bear Creek and Nationals are in account.

    o $700 left to use in school account.

    o Buses will be needed for MST competitions to Austin Peay and Ooltewah and

    a Drill meet in Birmingham.

    o Drill National Meet - $3800 in budget for Drill Team meets.

    o Invitation received from Marion Military Institute for a Drill Meet.

    o It was asked if the Colonel had a cost estimate for the Drill Meets.

    ? Freshmen Promotion Board

    o Week of January 21

    st rdo Class A Uniform to be worn on Wednesday, January 23. sto Promotion Ceremony to be held January 31. Parents are welcome to attend to

    pin the rank on their cadet.

    st? No uniform day the week of January 21 for upperclassmen.

? Military Ball

    o All cadets are encouraged to attend.

    o Attire Males white shirt and bowtie with their uniform

     Females prom style dress

    o Photographer will be available.

    o Lead out will begin at 8:00

    o Security cadets must RSVP with all names, including names of drivers.

    Must arrive through Gate 9. Drivers must have proof of insurance.

    o Information sheet to be sent home

    ? Cadet Pictures are still available through Waldrup. Contact Waldrup to obtain proofs.

    ? Calendar

    o Ice Skating & Broom Hockey to be determined

    o Movie Night two more will be planned thth 13 o Ft. Campbell, KY field trip possibly late March or early April o Cadets will receive same type of training as ROTC cadets ? Summer Camp Upperclassmen (Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors) o 10 slots available o Ft. Knox, KY with Six Flags and museum tour on June 8o $55 per cadet on a chartered bus

    rd o Deadline to sign up is February 23 sto 1 Sgt. and Col. will be attending

    ? Summer Camp Freshmen thsto Ft. McClellan on May 26 31

    o 10 slots available

    o $35 per cadet. Col. would like some upperclassmen to also attend.

    rdo Deadline to sign up is February 23

    o Sgt. Grady will be attending. Col. will be attending for three days.

    ? Portables Col has talked to Mr. Drake about the replacement of changing portables.

    There is no rush at this time.

    ? Uniforms ACUs are in and till be distributed to the female MST members first and

    then the Drill Team. Col. is working toward the cadets wearing uniforms each week.

New Business

? Military Ball parents are invited to attend the lead out.

    ? In December a letter was sent to Dr. Moore officially requesting an I-Pod. Dr. Moore

    and Mr. Wheeler have presented the request to the state level with drawings. The

    holdup is the $5 million funding. As of now there are no plans to use bond funds.

    ? March meeting will be March 27thth. April’s meeting has been changed to April 24.

    ? Awards Day will be the third Thursday in April.

Committee Reports

    ? Corporate Sponsorship over $3450 has been received to date. ? Public Affairs nothing to report.

    ? Chaperone a chaperone is need for trip to Ft. Knox

    ? Website no status to report.

    ? PE/Life Janet Lewis has been in contact with Dr. Shipman. Approval has been

    received at the local level. Everything has been sent to the state level for approval.

    Dr. Shipman has asked school principals for the names and social security numbers of

    the students affected. This applies to freshmen and sophomores. This entire process

    will need to be done every two years, including the names and social security

    numbers of the students. Juniors and seniors are exempt from the requirements of

    this waiver.

    ? Awards first meeting scheduled for the beginning of February

    ? Recruiting no status to report rd ? Engineering no activity; still looking for a committee chair tho Ooltewah March 8 ? MST Rep. two upcoming meets

    o Austin Peay - February 23? Drill Rep. sto Cadets did well at the Red Bank meet December 1. rdo Johnson High meet February 23. sto Birmingham meet March 1

    o Sparkman meet - April

    ? Rife Rep. Rifle team qualified for Regionals at Ft. Benning or Colorado Springs. It

    is unknown which location the team will compete at. Additional shooters are needed.

    ? Cannon Rep. plans to shoot the cannon at the soccer games. ? LET 1 no status to report

    ? LET 2 no status to report

Good of the Order

? Next Meeting to be held February 21st.

    ? Parents were reminded to sign the roster.

A motion was made by Leslie McDaniel, seconded by Amy Anderson, and passed

    unanimously to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 7:49 p.m.

    JROTC Booster Club

    Attendance Roster

    January 17, 2008

     Parent Cadet

    Yvonne Williams Ryan Williams

     Eric Williams

    Tammy Rex Brittany Shubert Tammy Klueger Trevor Fowler Donna & Curtis Putnam Shannon Putnam Jeff Mink Steven Mink

    Mary Fountain Bekah Fountain Bill Lizotte Stephen Lizotte Cathy Hays Jordan Hays

    Leslie McDaniel Curtis Boone Jona McCauley Emma McCauley Debra Herald Eric Herald

     Lyssa Herald

    Donald Wheeler Jordan Wheeler Denise Sommers Stephanie Sommers Catherine Taylor Patrick Balch Dixie Edwards Karly Edwards Charles Hall Oliver Norris Deborah Crouse Lee Crouse

     Hannah Crouse

    Jack Tomkovich Ashleigh Tomkovich Melissa Brister Daniel Brister Amy Anderson Sean Gossage

     Connor Gossage

    Stephanie Payne & Bob Armstrong Matt Payne Andy Wells Robb Wells

    Karen Brown David Brown

     Stephen Brown

    Susan Zimmerly Chelsea Alligood Reba Cook David Farmer

    Janet Lewis Vincent Bramble

     Zach Bramble

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