Glasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society

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Glasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society

    Glasgow University Veterinary

    Zoological Society

    Committee Meeting Minutes

    th7 October 2005 1:00pm

    First Floor Meeting Room

Present: Lindsey Carruthers, Sophie Keyte, Hannah Evans, Rory Thomson, Jorden

    Manasse, Carolyn Algie, Mark Naguib, Douglas McCarroll, Tara Hupp, Bryn

    Moser, Pamela Hawke, Sarah Hindmarsh

Absent: Cindy Fulton

    rdSarah resigning as 3 year rep to be replaced by Bryn Moser

SRC affiliation Hannah to e-mail constitution to committee for any necessary

    updates/changes to be made and discussed at the next meeting

Bank signatories Sophie and Rory to go to Bank of Scotland with 2 forms of ID

Field Trips

    ? Edinburgh Zoo

    - Possibly plan the trip on a Saturday so that there’s more time

    - Transport possibilities include mini-bus if someone will take the test

    or there are 6 cars between committee members

    - Talk at the zoo tigers, African Wild dogs? might not do at


    th- Wednesday 26 October??

    ? Oban zoo and sealife centre would be better at a weekend to do


    ? Wildlife rehabilitation centre Hessilhead (Lindsey has details)


    ? More mammal talks wanted

    ? Less avian and reptile than last year

Jorden Amount available to pay visiting speaker?


    ? T-shirts (sponsored?), stethoscope tags?

    ? No donations from the vet school possible

    ? SRC grant

    ? Hoodies or Polo-shirts

    ? Could talk to drug companies and put their logo on plus a link from out


    ? GUVMA (due to affiliation?)


    thst? 28 January to avoid half-way dinner (1 weekend back after Christmas)

    thand vet ball (11 Feb)

    ? Title ‘Wildlife Management and Rehabilitation’

    ? Post mortems always prove popular Pizza

    ? Papa’s John’s closed?

    ? Need lots for first talk

    ? Sophie to survey lots of companies

    ? Carolyn to talk to Domino’s about deal

    Key for GUVMA office nothing in the office at the moment


    ? Tuesday Reptile Handling th October Small Furries with Sharon Redrove ? 18th? MONDAY 7 November Hippo’s

    ? Ideas

    - Exotic small furries

    - Amphibians

    - Highland Wildlife police

    - Otters

    - Reintroduction of previously native species e.g. Ospreys, Wild boar

    - SSPCA

    - BDMLR have the weekend for the course earlier than last year

    and possibly use swimming pool rather than loch

    - Peregrine falcons


    ? Change look

    ? Link on moodle

    ? Talks put on moodle calendar?

GUZS No reply from university zoological society or Edinburgh zoological


Meeting ended at 2:00pm

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