Genoa-Kingston Athletic Booster Club

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Genoa-Kingston Athletic Booster Club

    Genoa-Kingston Athletic Booster Club

    November 5, 2008


President Donna Freise called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m.

A motion was made by Rebecca McCarty to approve the Oct. 1, 2008 Minutes as

    presented. Beth Wienke seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Colleen reported that we had low homecoming sales this year.

    Although the concession stand was busy sales were mostly hot chocolate. Senior night

    was about the same as last year with an amount roughly $2,700.

NSF checks: These checks are starting to show up on the bank statement. One check

    was from last June/July. Colleen has been in contact with Lori McClay to discuss this

    issue. In the meantime, we need to try to get phone numbers on checks and/or a driver’s

    license number.

A motion was made by Jill Fell to approve the Treasurers’ report. Rebecca McCarty

    seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Next item was regarding our checkbook balance versus the bank’s balance. Bank has us

    having more in the account. Some checks have not been cashed and one was from

    October, 2004. All outstanding checks total around $275. Discussion was followed by

    how we should handle this, etc. Maybe draft a letter to send to that person.

Apparel Committee

Beth Wienke reported that holiday sales were going good. 54 orders were taken for a thtotal of $1,213. These had a delivery date of December 13. Also 18 orders were

    received for plus sized items. New black hoodies were ordered along with gloves and

    matching hats that are in many colors. Also socks were ordered with the COGS logo and

    knee-hi orange/blue socks for basketball. Friday, Oct. 3rd, items were going to be

    moved inside from the trailer. The committee decided not to pursue the jewelry line that

    was presented last month but may re-address that in the future.

Concession Stand Committee

We have workers for the Friday playoff football game. We will need to organize a time

    to clean it out for the winter. Maintenance needs to be contacted to try to fix the sink

    because it still isn’t working properly. Apparently, nothing can be done regarding our

    current electrical situation. We have too many appliances plugged in and we have to

    figure out a new arrangement.

It was confirmed by President Donna that we have renewed our Coke contract. Donna

    will be talking to our representative about getting new and bigger refrigerators


Sport program: No report. However, it was noted that we did receive 1 payment but still

    have 4 outstanding.

The E-Z up tents are here! We received a thank-you note from Mr. Jerbi regarding same.

Kona Ice: We received a check for $150 which represented more than 1/3 of what they

    brought in homecoming night. Overall, Doug Guard thought that sales went well.

    However, Boosters did receive a letter from Mr. Billington indicating that he wants to be

    notified first if we are thinking of having an outside vendor at any event.

Kick-off for Cash: Lisa Leady donated $500 to the Breast Cancer Fund. We found out

    that we were the first school to have a $10,000 winner. Since the win, ticket sales have


Senior night: Everything went well for all sports. Flowers came from Jewel.

Shoot for Loot: Chris Holley happily volunteered to organize Shoot for Loot ticket

    helpers. The money will be located in the vault in the guidance office.

     thWinter sport pictures will be taken on Sat. Nov. 15 at 8:00 a.m.

Celebrate the Season: We were contacted by the Genoa Chamber of Commerce to see if

    we would be interested in setting our concession trailer up downtown and selling food on thFri. Dec. 5. Colleen said she would try to get more information on this. Major concern

    was the weather and what other vendors would be selling and help.

NSF checks: Back on that subject again, we were informed that we were not charged

    because we have the money in our account. However, we don’t have any protocol on this

    and we should start putting something together. Beth indicated that she had checked into

    the possibility of using a credit card/debit machine but they are still too expensive for us

    at this time.

    Colleen indicated that our bank statement and Quicken program have discrepancies also. She will also try to figure this out with Lori McClay .

    Also, with the amount of money currently in our account, it was suggested that maybe we should invest part of it into a CD or something. Further investigation is pending.

    Sheila Johnsen was contacted who in turn contacted Donna and said that Northern Rehab would like to present us with a $500 check. A photo shoot is scheduled for 1:30 at rd. Northern Rehab on Friday, Oct. 3

    Our organization was approached to place an ad in Saturday’s game book. We don’t know the price and we are declining this offer.

    Mr. Hughes reported that the mini-schedules should be in before the Thanksgiving Tournament.

    Motion to adjourn by Rebecca McCarty; seconded by Chris Holley. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:31 p.m.

    Respectfully Submitted,

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