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    GLOBAL ICONS (Agent)

    Domestic Merchandise Deals


    Property Licensee & Contact Info Products American Honda Motor F1 Marketing Group, Inc. Apparel and Accessories; Automotive Division Gary Low Gift and Novelty

    (914) 381-3274

    American Honda Motor Pilot Automotive/Wang’s Automotive Accessories Automotive Division International

    Mitch Williams

    (626) 937-6988

    American Honda Motor Aeria Games Online video game racing: Automotive Division Vin Hoang Project Torque

    American Honda Motor Mattel, Inc. Die-Cast model and toy Automotive Division Hollie Homes automobiles; Radio-

    (310) 252-2166 controlled cars American Honda Motor K&K Automotive, Inc. Hats, Wool Caps, Scarves Automotive Division Nason Kaplan and T-shirts; Travel Mugs,

    (781) 784-4447 Key Chains, Leather Key Fobs; Parts Division: Logo

    Shaped scented air

    fresheners, Digital music

    player covers, Lanyards,

    Visors, Car Dusters American Honda Motor Ubisoft Video Game: GT Racer Automotive Division François Jaspart

    +33 1 48 18 56 14

    American Honda Motor Tomy Corporation Interactive Video Game Automotive Division Laura Yoshioka "Penny Racers Party" for

    (949) 955-1030 Nintendo Wii

    American Honda Motor Sega Corporation Sega video game "Initial Automotive Division Rika Shirai D4", Sega hint book, hint

    81-3573-6733 video and music CD related to games American Honda Motor Paramount Apparel International Inc. Headwear, Screen printed Motorcycle Division Mike Jaques knit T-shirts, pants, shorts,

    (573) 732-4411 ext. 17 hoodies and sweatshirts, Gloves

    American Honda Motor- Siskiyou Keyrings, Belt Buckles Motorcycle Division Kyra Mahoney

    (800) 866-7475

    Build A Bear Workshop, Ellison Educational Equipment Inc. Scrapbooking Supplies Inc. Denzil Quick

    (949) 598-8822

    Build A Bear Workshop, Marian Heath Greeting Cards, LLC Customizable &/or Inc. Ken Carmel Activity Based Social

    (516) 381-9763 Expressions

    Build A Bear Workshop, Upper Deck Collectible trading cards Inc. Erika Conway with chase cards, game

    (760) 929-3441 elements and

    virtual codes incorporated Chuck E Cheese's UFO Interactive Games, Inc. Interactive Games in

    Jonathan Wan Nintendo Wii, Nintendo

    (909) 718-0833 DS, Apple iphone, Microsoft XBox 360 Live

    formats Hershey's Nahui Ollin/ Best Items Int'l Candy Wrapper,

    Elias Abadl Handbags, Wallets,

    732-460-1900 Headbands, Bracelets, Planner/Organizers

     produced from recycled

    candy wrappers Hershey's Silver Buffalo, LLC Signs, Keyrings, Barware,

    Greg Alprin Clocks, Throw Blankets,

    (212) 563-0600 ext. 103 Beach Towels, Bags (Tote, Messenger, Carry),

    Journals Hershey's Mattel, Inc. 1:64 and 1:50 scaled die-

    Hollie Homes cast model, Dolls


    Hershey's Pearlessence, Ltd. Scented 3D stickers, Car

    Les Wagenheim air fresheners, Scented

    (216) 464-3300 ext. 101 stress relievers

    Hershey's World Trade Golden Nugget LTD. Fine Jewelry (Gold and

    Murray Shabot Platinum), Costume

    (212) 983-0412 Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gold-Plate


    Hershey's US Co. Brand Urban apparel and

    James Dobbins coordinating accessories

    President, Managing Partner

    (212) 391-5900

    Jarden Consumer Solutions Harris Food Group Refrigerated fully prepared

    Craig Linton meals

    (305) 613-6227

About Global Icons (

    Global Icons is the premier brand licensing agency specializing in the development

    and extension of corporate brands and trademarks. On behalf of its ever-expanding

    roster of clients, the company's goal is to increase brand awareness and revenue

    through the establishment of new products, distribution channels and revenue ???streams. Select clients include Acura, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Chuck E. Cheese's, ?????Cold Stone Creamery, Consumer Guide, Crock-Pot, Cutex, Duraflame, The ??? Hershey Company, Hollywood, Honda, Honda Motorcycle, Humvee, JacuzziBrands, ????Tonino Lamborghini, Mr. Coffee, Mrs. Fields, Oster, Spic and Span, Steak And ???Shake, Sunbeam, and UPS, among others.

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