Glasgow University Sailing Club Committee Meeting 081007

By Don Murphy,2014-05-20 23:36
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Glasgow University Sailing Club Committee Meeting 081007

    Glasgow University Sailing Club Committee

    Meeting 08/10/07

    Present: All committee members

Strathclyde contract:

    Using boats ?5 fee on Saturdays, ?3 fee on Wednesdays (per person).Not happy with them using the boats when we are not there, we could get blamed for damage and mess etc at Bardowie. Not wanting them to use boats on the weekend of the 13thth/14

    October as members are away on the cruise.

    thYes to letting them use the boats on afternoon of the 10 October. A contract has been rdwritten, we are covered by Noble Marine Insurance (3 party).

    Club Kit:

    New rule from GUSA-we have to have the new uni logo on all hoodies, gilets etc however it is impractical to have them on the wetsuits, drysuits so we can just purchase them as normal and let GUSA print the hoodies for us.

    Squad fee:

    ?2 fee every time the development squad trains (this should be roughly every second weekend)


    Brand new paid members: 23 people, Old paid members: 15 people

    People still to pay! Do it or Rose will get angry.

    Cheese and wine made a ?15 profit

    20 people have paid for the yachting cruise; therefore another 20 odd are still to pay. Team fees-8 people have paid, the rule is you have to pay by the next training weekend or it is a strike against your name.

    SUSA League weekend:

    First choice for Glasgow hosting would be the fourth weekend in November. The SUSA meeting is on 9

    th October in Dundee, where the league weekend hosts will be


    BUSA socials:

    No part in BUSA preferably however the club would be willing to hold one social or

    the ball. It would be a good idea to sort out a rough plan for this if we did end up

    doing either of the two.

    Kit hire:

    There was a suggestion that it would be a good idea to give each fresher/new member their own buoyancy aid and jacket so that they could take it home and wash it. This would take away the hassle of one club member taking everything home every week and having to wash and dry it. However there is the problem of people remembering to bring their allocated kit every week, not every member turns up every week, kit could go missing, new people could join half way through the year=no kit for them etc.

    In light of all of this it was decided that Tristan would telephone relevant companies and ask if they had any seconds or old pieces of kit, end of lines that they could give us.

    Open sailing rota:

    A rota needs to be drawn up so that every week at open sailing there is a qualified power boat 2 person and someone available for teaching the beginners (from the teams).A rota will be drawn up and if someone is unable to be there on their allocated day it is their responsibility to swap.

    From the next open sailing session onwards the ?1 rule is starting. Everyone who attends open sailing pays a pound to cover boat repairs, general running of open sailing, bus fuel.

    Yachting cruise:

    Forms are being emailed out today-the contract and the personal details/medical conditions form. Food is being purchased from Cosco.

    Each boat costs ?250 and the extra money goes on food and toiletries, other boat essentials. There is no bus as there are enough cars for everyone.

    ?2 from each person for petrol.


    3 are in “tip top” condition according to Alan, 2 centre boards are warped and Donkey Punch is broken and cannot really be fixed as it would cost more than it is actually worth. Possibility of selling Donkey Punch on eBay.


    Need to get stuff from Duncans to deal with the scratched hulls. Rob has made a checklist that is soon to be laminated. This will be checked against every time the fireflies are used-prevention of things being damaged and not realising or parts going missing and not knowing until a league weekend.

    Tear in number 3 cover, dagger boards need tightened and the boats need names. Website: cost ?50 for 5 years, cheaper than keeping the old domain name

    The website should be used for advertising socials, Daft Friday, photographs.


    Hazel is the new sponsorship secretary as was the unanimous decision at the EGM.

    Two letters have been written-one for random businesses around Glasgow and one for specific sailing organisations. These need to be checked by GUSA before being sent.


Halloween-Loft then GU/Viper.

    In the Loft contract we are required to hold one big social there a term.

    The idea of a quiz night-?5 a team, get on Viper Tuesday guest list, 50% profits to charity.

    Christmas dinner-Coopers was a success last year so may hold it there again. ?15 for a three course meal probably held on the second Wednesday before the end of term.

    Mulled wine and cheese night seen as a good idea as we have wine left over from the cheese and wine night.


    The club received an email from Alastair Angus telling us to keep Bardowie clean as the bins and floors had not been properly mopped the last time we were there. Every week, everyone should just quickly help mop floors, take out bins and put spare kit on lost property shelves to help keep the place tidy.

    On another note we were also asked that we remove all our rubbish from the bus when we get it for Wednesdays and league weekends.

D.O.N.M 29TH October at 6.30pm.

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