Friendship Team

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Friendship Team

     Friendship 2007

     “Leaving our mark on the ice”

     Newsletter Date

     1 September 2006 Friendship Team

    Coach Don MacDonald tel 6282-7830

Manager Kym Partington

    tel 6294 2001

     Important Dates

     Next Meeting -

    6.30 pm Saturday 16 September at the rink

     (agenda on back page)

First training session-

    Saturday 16 September

    6.30-7.30pm at the

    Phillip rink Photo to be used in sponsorship folder.

    Left to right back row: Coach Don MacDonald; Michael O’Malley; Natalee Wishewan; Katie Usher; Aaron Cochrane; Ben Abraham; Joey ;

     - front row: Callum Fox, Dale Holloway; James Byers; Marc Cremonese; Lachlan Newbery; First game Nick Sault. Goalie: Lachlan Feeney. Sunday 24 September at Absent: Liam Constance. Liverpool Arena at

    10.30am An official photo will be taken once we have an on-ice uniform.


     Coach Don has set up the Friendship Team website. Thanks Don!

    Please keep checking the website for the latest team news and training schedules.

    From here-on-in all newsletters will be posted on the website rather than emailing

    out individually. I will send an email advising when a new newsletter has been


    The responsibility is on families and players to keep up to date. It is advisable to

    check the website weekly in the case of late changes to the schedule you will be

    notified by email. Please ensure that the team manager has your current email


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     Flights and Accommodation -update


     The question of whether we could do a group booking was raised. Ruth provided quotes, which were equivalent to Internet booking prices, the benefit being that flexible payments are offered for groups of +10. Given that many families will be extending their stay and organising their own itinerary it was decided that each family would make their own travel arrangements. Families are encouraged to book on a direct flight to Dunedin from Sydney flying Freedom Air Flight

     SJ772 Departing Sydney on Monday 19 March 2007 at 11.05am. This will allow the team to take

    advantage of transport provided by the NZ organisers for players/supporters arriving as one group. The viability of group travel from Canberra to Sydney airport will be investigated further down the track. Baggage limit 20kg. The airline has advised that bookings for return flights should be available on the net within the next

    two weeks.

    All families are responsible for organising their own travel/medical insurance and passports.


    The official tournament hotel is the Southern Cross Hotel a special discount rate of NZ$142.86 per night has been arranged. Refer to the newsletter dated 25 August for further details.

    Many families have already booked self contained accommodation at Dunedin Holiday Park (5 mins from the rink and 2 mins walk from NZ’s best beach) for ~ $135 per night. Tel: Freephone 0800945455 email:

    If you are looking to share accommodation contact the team manager to be put in contact with like-minded people.

    On-Ice Uniforms Chris Graham & Andrew Fox The proto-type design received unreserved support and will be

    submitted to the IHA as the official

    Friendship 2007 on-ice uniform

    along with the white socks (on the


    Andrew brought in ice-hockey

    jersey samples from One

    Sportswear, Fyshwick. It was

    agreed that the lighter weight fabric

    was preferred.

    A Friendship logo has been sourced

    from NZ that will be placed on the

    front of the jersey along with the

    IHA logo. Aborigine and Maori

    designs are being developed to go

    on opposing shoulders.

    There is provision to provide

    sponsorship logos in lieu of the

    Phoenix band around the bottom/

    back of the jersey.

    Cover shorts are being sourced

    (thanks to Jacque Comery


Canberra Phoenix

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    Off-ice uniform Kelly Sault Kelly brought in samples of off-ice uniforms including jackets, track pants and windcheaters from a Canberra supplier.

    It was agreed that the official colours of the team will be navy and gold in keeping with prior Canberra uniforms for Friendship tournaments. This is subject to IHA approval.

Supporters and officials

    Jackets it was agreed that the jackets would be in the same style as that for Friendship 2005 for

    supporters and officials. Jackets from 2005 can be re-used with the Friendship 2007 Phoenix logo to be embroidered on existing jackets.


    The official off-ice uniform for players includes:

    ? Hoodies/windcheaters

    ? Trackpants

    ? T-shirt

    ? Beanie

    ? Cap

    ? Backpack

All items will include the phoenix logo and the player’s jersey number.

We should probably think about including a drink bottle as well?

    Sponsorship Ruth Cochrane & Margo O’Malley

     Ruth distributed two draft

    sponsorship letters for

    consideration; one for

    general donations and one

    for corporate sponsorship


    The team manager has

    presented the letters to the

    ACT IHA for endorsement.

    Letters and a team photo (in

    protective gear) will be used

    in a sponsorship folder for

    each family to approach


    Ruth is organising the

    folders and Gary will print

    out the photo.

    Suggested/types of

    organisations for families to

    contact included Manuka

    business area (Kelly);

    Australian-Canadian Club;

    Zone 3 (they have old

    Friendship photos on the

    Fundraising Page 4 of 8

Pre-game exchange & auction night

     Kelly Sault & Ruth Cochrane

     Pre-game exchange - It was determined that the team needs to take 25 items as pre-game exchange gifts (22 players; coach; assistant

     coach; and manager) for

    each game (~9 games).

     In total 225 gifts. A budget of around $5 per item was set. Kelly has sourced a little Aussie pack that everybody agreed was a great idea though concerns were raised in regards regarding

     transportation to NZ.

     Excess baggage costs will have to be covered by the


    Auction Items Ten items Fundraising activities We still need a valued at around $100 each

    are required. fundraising coordinator and some fundraising

    Items pledged/received so ideas!!! far:

     Kelly - pledged 2 Ken Done Some families have already type prints. raised in excess of $100 to

    cover their player costs of Rocky - provided a 1999 attending the tournament Friendship jersey.

    through chocolate sales! Donations through

    Chocolates will continue to sponsorship will be sought

    be made available for authentic Australian throughout the lead up to the items.

    tournament. Pleas contact Margo O’Malley

    Future fundraising ideas:

    Car raffle - $1.60 profit per


    ???? present your ideas at

    the next meeting… Kelly agreed to co-ordinate the Hoyts Movie Ticket fundraiser prior to the school


    Kelly will author an email to

    be sent out to the ACT IHA

    and send out an email

    detailing the

    procedure/deadline etc.

    People can print off

    the order form and

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     Off-ice activities Sue Feeney

     Suggestions for off-ice activities presented by Sue include:

     Canberra Zone 3 Laser Challenge

    Ice Blocking at Regatta Point

     Indoor rock climbing

     Cotter reserve BBQ

    Corin Forest bob sleds

     Gelbe Park roller blading & picnic

     New Zealand Cadbury World

    Otago Peninsula

     Taireri George train ride

     Please contact Sue with your preferences: It is anticipated that approx five team activities will be held in Australia. The first

    one being planned for the end of October - so probably an indoor pursuit would be best as the weather will still be unpredictable.

    The Cremonese family has kindly offered to Budget Kym Partington

    The proposed budget (see 25 August newsletter) host a Christmas party in December as they and instalment plan was accepted by all present. have a pool. Thanks guys!

     The first instalment of $200 is due by 22 It is expected that all team members will

    September 2006. participate in off-ice activities. These

    activities have been included in the budget. Direct deposits/internet transfers can be made to

    the following account:

     Westpac 032-713 261602

    Please email immediately after making your deposit to ensure correct allocation to your account.

     The bank account is in the name of the ACT IHA

    and cheques/withdrawals require two signatures.

    A reminder that if a player withdraws from the

    tournament (except in the case of injury/illness) the

    deposit/intalments and any fundraising monies

    relating to the player is not refundable and will be

    allocated to the Team Fundraising Pool.

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     Canberra Phoenix Friendship 2007 Team

     The following players are confirmed for the Canberra Phoenix Friendship 2007 Team:

     8 Ben Abraham

     7 James Byers 13 Aaron Cochrane

    15 Liam Constance

     4 Marc Cremonese

     30 Lachlan Feeney (Goalie)

    18 Callum Fox

     3 Tim Fulton

     99 Dale Holloway 19 Joey

    11 Lachlan Newbery

     14 Michael O’Malley

     1 Nick Sault

    25 Katie Usher

     17 Natalee Wishewan

    Contact details will be sent out in an email to all Friendship families.

    Hopefully we can get one more player so that we have 15 players (3 lines) and a goalie.

Page 7 of 8 Dunedin, New Zealand

     Next meeting…

     The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday 16 September at 6.30pm at Phillip Rink.


     ? Sponsorship pack Coach Don MacDonald ? Updates from each organising committee member ? Fundraising activities tel: 6282-7830


    Kym Partington tel 6294 2001

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     See us at:

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