2011 World Luxury Expo (Shanghai)

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2011 World Luxury Expo (Shanghai)

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     2011 World Luxury Expo (Shanghai)

     Time: January 21-23, 2011

    Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (No. 88 Caobao Road)


    Luxury is partly or totally regarded by the society as a luxurious lifestyle and mostly is determined by the products or services. In market positioning, luxury brands are designed for a small number of “rich people”. A stark

    contrast in the number of people between those who are aware of the brands and those who actually own the brands is the very charm of luxury brands.

    Shanghai, a fashion city of China, boasts the most developed economy and most talented people, best services, the most open market and tremendous business opportunities. Shanghai, playing a leading role in China’s economy,

    boasts huge market potential. Regions in east China with Shanghai being in the lead are currently the markets with the greatest influence in China, serve as a significant window for domestic and international business exchange of the industry, and attract numerous related enterprises to promote their products. Shanghai enjoys a leading economic growth rate among the large and medium cities in China, showing great potential for growth. This Expo integrates “high-end products exhibition, trade talks and information release”, so as to achieve its aim, which is to “enhance the

    development of the industry, promote domestic and overseas sales, provide guidance for market supply and demand and strive for more dramatic development.” Facing more and more young men of wealth, how to show the unique

    and fashionable charm of gentlemen is the theme of this Expo.

     Expo Profile

    Host: World Luxury Association (WLA)

    Supporter: China Fashion Brand Association, Hurun Report

    Organizer: Shanghai Shunzhan Expo Service Co., Ltd.

    Co-organizing Media: World Life, Global Luxury Properties, Life Style, Tide, Harper’s Bazaar, Trends Time, Mr.

    Modern, Modern Luxury, HAHABOSS Night Picture, Yunti Aviation Magazine, First Class

    Cooperative Media: Sina, Sohu,,,,,,,,,,,,, Chinese Business News, Fortune Forum, China Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai Morning Post, Global Times, Shen Bao, Youth News, Jiefang Daily, Yangtse Evening Post, Qianjiang Evening News, Wen Wei Po, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, CCTV, Shanghai Dragon TV, China National Radio, China Radio International, etc.

     Powerful Publicity and Thorough &Well-Planned Invitation to Visitors

    2011 LUXURY EXPO Striving for Remarkable Achievements Together

    II. All-round Expo Publicity (Comprehensive I. To Invite Buyers Upgraded Marketing Program) 1 To invite target visitors according to the classification of 1High-profile publicity among the national industry product types

    and domestic and overseas portals 2 Media for popularizing cover: 2Publicity by newspaper/magazine, and advertising Over 50 kinds of newspapers, over 30 kinds of professional

    magazines, over 100 websites 3To invite buyers by direct mail

    3 To invite professional buyers by direct mail: 5000 mails 4Outdoor Advertisements 4To invite professional buyers by Email: 50000 Emails 5To highlight the Expo on TV or the radio

    5To invite professional buyers by short messages: 100,000 6To invite professionals buyer by phone messages 7To remind buyers to visit the Expo by short messages 6Group visit of industry associations and professional

    8To energetically invite buyers through professional visitors media and partners in the industry 7Activities with desirable prizes to be given out by

     drawing lots

    8To publish Expo updates by Email


    1Members of chambers of commerce in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and entrepreneurs associations

    2Luxury car owners: owners of 15 kinds of top brand sports cars and limousines 3Top property owners: owners of 30 projects of villas and properties

    4VIP customers of various luxury brands

    5VIP customers of international banks

    6VIP customers of various insurance companies

    7VIP customers of various securities companies

    8Representatives of foreign embassies and consulates and representatives of offices of overseas companies in Shanghai

    9Clubs and hotels: members of 50 top golf clubs, yacht clubs, and private clubs; guests of executive floors in top-class 5-star hotels

     Scope of Exhibits

    ; Top sports car, recreational vehicles, SUVs, limousines, private planes, luxury yachts, etc. ; Jewelry, emeralds, famous watches, diamonds, cigarettes and liquor, cigar smoking set, audio-visual

    equipments for entertainment, top private collections, superior handicrafts, arts of paintings and

    calligraphy, antiques, high-end electronic products and luxurious packaging, etc.

    High-end properties including luxury houses, villas, etc., classical houses, modern houses, etc. ; Financial planning, high-grade recreational clubs, top hotels, luxury vacation tour, exclusive schools,

    immigration services, exclusive beauty and medical institutions, exclusive wedding photos,

    customized wedding, clothes customization, etc.

     Participation Fees

    一、Standard Booth

    ; RMB 28,800 Yuan/booth (3x4m standard booth)

    二、Raw Space

    222 ; RMB 2000Yuan/ mminimum 36 m, and minimum 54 mfor high-end property exhibition area

     Advisements on the Expo Journals

    Front Cover 38000 Back Cover 30000

    Title Page 28000 Colored Page 12000

    2011 LUXURY EXPO Striving for Remarkable Achievements Together

The organizing committee has arranged for the following sponsorship:

    ; 1 General Sponsor 2 Diamond Sponsors

    1. Press Conference Sponsorship

    2. Sponsorship of Forum

    3. Sponsorship of Dinners

    4. Sponsorship of Flowers

    5. Sponsorship of Prizes to be Given out by Drawing Lots by Distinguished Guests 6. Sponsorship of Beverages

    7. Sponsorship of Prizes won by Entrance Ticket Holders

    8. Sponsorship of Designated Cars for Distinguished Guests

     Participating Details

    1Complete the participation application form and return it by mail or by fax to the organizing unit; 2Exhibitors shall pay the participation fees to the organizing unit by telegraphic transfer or directly come to the organizing unit to pay the fees within 5 days after applying for the exhibition booth. We will issue the invoice when receiving the full payment;

    3Principle for Exhibition Booth Distribution: “First apply, first pay, first arrange”. We will charge 20% more for the booth with double openings.

    4After remitting the fees, exhibitors shall fax the remittance slip to the organizing unit; 5The booth can be reserved for the exhibitor only when he has already paid the participation fees within the specified period.

    6After receiving the participation application and participation fees, the organizing unit will mail the Participation Manual to the exhibitors before December 21, 2010.

     Participation Method

    Any company who plans to participate in the exhibition shall complete the Participation Application Form

    and Contract, and mail or fax it with official seal affixed to:

    Shanghai Shunzhan Expo Service Co., Ltd.

    Address: Room 1803, 2#, Kaili Building, Lane 3758, Chunshen Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Postcode201100




    ContactMr. YangKun 013611980958

    MSN :

World Luxury Association (WLA)

    thAddress 11 FloorNorth Tower Kerry Center, No. 1, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Postcode100020



    2011 LUXURY EXPO Striving for Remarkable Achievements Together

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