Garnet Valley High School Marching Band

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Garnet Valley High School Marching Band

    Garnet Valley High

    School Marching Band




    The Quarter Note Club was established in 1999 as a parent organization to support the

    development of the Garnet Valley High School Band programs. The Club provides

    assistance in the following ways:

    ? Provides essential adult support for various activities, including chaperones at

    football games and competitions, assistance with equipment and uniforms, and

    organizing band camp special events

    ? Organizes fund-raising activities in which students are able to earn money to help

    defray costs of band dues, field trips and special events ? Provides financial assistance to the band toward the purchase of additional

    instruments or other special purchases as needed ? Sponsors the GVHS Jazz Fest wherein jazz musicians from neighboring middle

    and high schools play and compete in an adjudicated event ? Sponsors annual scholarships for graduating seniors ? Promotes student band leadership by providing monetary support for band

    students who attend the West Chester University Leadership or Drum Major


    ? Last year QNC purchased a new trailer to carry band equipment to away

    games and parades.

    As a volunteer organization, we need help from parents for our many activities.

Your children appreciate all the support you give.

    Thanks in advance for donating your time and




During Band Camp each student should: Band Camp Details: 1.) Pack a dinner if they can not eat what is provided for dinner by the QNC that night

     2.) If you want a cold bottle of water bring up to 20oz bottle of water along with their

    instrument to the GVHS band room (room temperature water will be provided)

     3.) Dress comfortably for the weather, as you will be outside at times you will need

    sunscreen, a hat and sneakers (Not Flip-Flops).

Below is a list of special band camp dinners organized by the Quarter Note Club:

     date provided by dinner

    Monday, August 24 Executive Committee Wrap Night and veggie tray

    Tuesday, August 25 Seniors Chick Fil A and Fruit salad

    Wednesday, August 26 Juniors Pizza and salad

    Thursday, August 27 Sophomores Cheese Steaks and bag of chips

    Friday, August 28 Freshmen Baked Ziti

    Saturday, August 29 Executive Committee Hoagie Lunch

Parents are asked to provide deserts (one batch cookies brownies or

    cupcakes) on the night of their band students grade dinner night.

Band Camp Clean Up Schedule:

The maintenance staff does not clean the cafeteria after the band students have eaten

    their dinner. Four or Five band families are needed per night to wipe the tables; sweep

    the floor and dispose of the trash bags after the students eat their dinner. Our grade

    level reps will be asking for volunteers to help from 5:30pm to 7:30pm according to the

    following schedule. Dinner will be provided for volunteer helpers.

    Monday 8/24: QNC Officers

    Tuesday 8/25: Seniors

    Wednesday 8/26: Juniors

    Thursday 8/27: Sophomores

    Friday 8/28: Freshmen

    Saturday 8/29: QNC officers

Please contact your grade level rep if you are willing and available to volunteer to assist

    on any of the above nights. (see page 2 for list of contacts)

Every student is asked to bring one (1) case of water with your name and grade marked on it.

    This should be brought to the band room during the week of Band Camp. Additional cases may

    be requested later in the football season, (students will receive water and pretzels at the away



Quarter Note Club Dues: Form #3 in band packet

    All students who participate in ANY PART of the GVHS Band are

    required to pay QNC Dues.

    Annual Quarter Note Club dues are $40 ($70 for two family band members). These are

    payable to the Quarter Note Club (QNC) and must be paid during the first week of Band

    Camp if you are in the marching band or by September 30 if your student is involved in

    any other part of band. If you have sufficient funds in your student account, the money

    can be deducted from there. (Unfortunately, this cannot apply to Freshmen as their

    middle school monies may not have yet transferred over to the High School account).

    Please complete the enclosed handout and return with your payment. Place in a

    separate envelope labeled on front - BAND DUES, Students Name and Grade.

The QNC dues are used for a variety of purposes to support the Band. During

    Band Camp, there are many special activities including band camp dinners, the

    family picnic lunch, pretzels during away games, hosting senior recognition night,

    dry cleaning fees at the end of the year, hoodies for 3year band members and small

    gifts at the end of the year for seniors. This year the QNC purchased a trailer to

    transport the band equipment to away football games and parades The QNC also

    sponsors two scholarships each year for graduating seniors. If you choose not to

    participate in the Quarter Note Club, the dry cleaning fee will still be assessed and

    the student will not be able to participate in band field trips or receive yearly gifts

    from the QNC.

Return of uniforms is considered a student obligation to graduate

    and/or to receive your report card.

    Band Uniforms:

    Formal Uniform Our Formal Band uniform consists of black bib pants, a white jacket and a hat with a

    plume. These uniforms are purchased by the school and assigned to band members to

    use during the marching band season. The garnet band t-shirt be worn under the black

    bib at every performance. These t-shirts will be available for purchase during band

    camp for $12.

    Band uniforms will be fitted and distributed throughout the week of band camp. Please

    make sure that you see the “uniform ladies”. Remember, they are volunteering their

    time to help you look your best! Please show them respect.

    It is your responsibility to keep your uniform clean and odor free. If your uniform becomes

    unacceptable during the marching band season you are responsible to have it cleaned at your

    own cost. The cost of dry cleaning is $15.00 per uniform. Garnet Valley uses Victory Cleaners

    located in Aston and Concord. The uniform must stay at school unless it needs to be dry-cleaned.

    There is a sign out list in the Band Room when you need to take your uniform out to be dry-


    Shoes should not be placed in students’ uniform bag!!



    All Band members must purchase marching band shoes. The recommended shoe is

    from Drill Masters.

     Shoe sizes: Girl Shoe Sizes 5 -18, Half sizes 5 ? to 12 ?

     Boys Shoe Sizes 3 16, Half sizes 3? to 10 ?

    The shoes are $20 and the check made out to QNC. See order form # 8 in band packet. Band students from last year may use their old Band Shoes unless they need a different

    size, the entire shoe, including shoelaces must be black. You must wear black crew

    socks with the uniform. Your shoes are your personal property and should be taken

    home with you after each use. If shoes are seen in the uniform bags, a dry-cleaning fee

    may be assessed.

Casual Uniform - Order Form #7 in band packet

    Each first year student is expected to purchase a GVHS Band jacket. The cost is $52

    and sizing will take place during Band Camp. The jackets are lined nylon jackets with

    silk-screening on the back and the student’s name, graduation year and instrument (optional) embroidered on the front. These jackets are considered part of the Band’s

    “casual uniform”, and as such, are required. Order forms are included in your envelope.

    Order a larger size as your student will have this jacket all four years.

    All band members will wear uniform quality solid color black pants “dickies” with

    their garnet t-shirt as their warm weather casual uniform. The black pants can be

    purchased at Walmart, Sears, etc. and are available in extended sizes. The t-shirt

    should be purchased during band camp and will be worn during the first band


Band T-Shirt - Order Form#6 in band packet

    Band T-shirts will be available for purchase during band camp. Please see Julie

    McMinn. The cost of the shirt is $12 ($14 for XXL and $16 for XXXL). Julie McMinn will be at Freshman and new Student day, Saturday, August 22, and every day at Band

    Camp before practice with the shirts. If you have any questions please contact Julie

    McMinn directly at 610-364-1377 or email at

    Color Guard Members will receive separate packets.

Student Account Information:

Each student in the band has a personal student account which contains the money the

    student raised through various fundraisers. The students can apply the money in their

    student account to pay for band dues, trips and activities.

    It is important to note that the student account funds are allocated to each student for

    use in Band related activities only. The QNC cannot refund any cash back to students

    from their accounts. Left over money in Band accounts may pass to younger siblings

    Notify Karen Smith at end of your older students Senior Year.


Some ways for students to earn money in their account:

    ? Joe Corbi’s Pizza and Cookie Dough fundraiser - Pat Empfield and Dana


    ? Acme receipts - Joyce Salls

    ? Genuardi’s escrip program

    ? QNC online store

    ? Giant gift cards Kathy Schlenk

    ? Mr. Wizard car wash Dorina McHale

Please note that it can take several months for funds from escrip and Acme to appear in

    the student accounts. The QNC credits the student accounts as soon as we receive the

    money from escrip and Acme.

    See our website for more information.

Parent Meetings:

The first QNC parent meeting will be Monday, September 14, at 7pm in the Chorus


Band Class Requirement:

All students must have a band class on their roster to actively participate in the

    marching band! If you have any questions about this requirement, please contact Mr.

    DeMarro at 610-579-7750. If you do not have a band class on your schedule, you will

    need to contact your guidance counselor and have a band class added.

Check the website for a detailed

    schedule of all band activities


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