Discussion on the Teaching of Graphic Design_3395

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Discussion on the Teaching of Graphic Design_3395

Discussion on the Teaching of Graphic Design

     Key Words Graphic Design thesis proposal Teaching Thinking

     Abstract design in the West developed a hundred years, modern design in China, less than two decades to develop. Thus affected by many factors, China's early

    forms of graphic design from the content to the production of teaching methods are too monotonous, the traditional arts and crafts type of design education has been unable to adapt to social development and market demand, in the modern design trend of

    development of a diversified , new ideas, new thinking and constantly involved in people's lives, China's graphic design should be in practice and exploration of the design thinking and look for the road ahead. This teaching of modern Chinese graphic

    design put forward new demands.

     Modern graphic design education in China has two to three decades of history. The design of face of China's huge market, domestic Academy of Fine Arts, comprehensive universities have set up the design department to cope with this situation. After so many years of design education, all colleges and universities are also the times need to make some corresponding changes. Among them, the institutions of the past art "technology department" to today's "art design department," the name change will

    glimpse into the design mark in education reform. As a young teacher, I would like to talk about the current graphic design teaching some of their own views on the issue.

     1, the current problems in graphic design teaching

     Graphic design in itself a right way of life creation. In human history, designed as an independent activity, also marks the

     The pace of the process of human civilization. But objectively speaking, the current

    graphic design teaching itself is not very perfect.

     First of all, attention to style in teaching basic skills, this is nothing wrong, but it also ignores the students creativity. We should know with a simple truth: standing on the shoulders of giants can be seen farther on. It is in today's students build on the success of their predecessors. Thus, the old graphic design education system is clearly no longer

    meet the current situation. Just as with the Angell's method does not have Van Gogh; by IM Pei Xu Beihong means there will not be the same, pure art (oil, version, eagle) and modeling training, color exercises, for graphic design is concerned, is not fully applicable.

     Second, the four-year curriculum at the university, the excess basic training,

    resulting in the students a serious shortage of theoretical studies. Graphic design is an interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary cross-evident. Thus, in the teaching process, and

    arrangements of some theoretical lessons are necessary.

     Again, earlier referred to the "Bauhaus" education. Originally, the Bauhaus emphasis on practice, and re-combination of technology and art, etc., are planar

    teaching should be learning. However, as a beginning understanding of its deviation, leading to today's graphic design expertise of various faculties of the apparent lack of vitality, creativity, understanding of graphic design is clearly behind the times. Many students work was nothing new, and ignored its own national characteristics, to give up a few thousand years of Chinese culture accumulation, did not a good graphic design will be linked to teaching and social life.

     Second, strengthen the teaching of graphic design Suggestions

     1. Curriculum should set up a "Design Management" course

     In the past we engaged in graphic design education, education-oriented arts and

    crafts. Since the since the early eighties, from Japan and China's Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions to plan the introduction of corporate image (CI) wave has been a bit

    of reform in teaching there. We follow the basic teaching of the Bauhaus is still passed down through three composition. At this time, graphic design professional (or decoration professional) curriculum-based enterprise image planning. But also in the

    introduction of CI programs, we put it into: MI (Mind Identity), BI (behavior identification), VI (visual recognition) 3 large. Design-based teaching and learning in

    visual recognition. The "Design Management" course is in the market-oriented under

    the premise of professional development in the design process step by step to establish. From China's reform and opening up to the present day, but a total of 23 years, the areas explored in the economic tide to move forward. Our modern design education shorter, "Design Management" course is the lack of its causes and social backgrounds. Along with the deepening of reform and opening up, internal scientific management system has also gradually improved. On this basis, the designers faced with the creation object (business) communication between the increasingly important, "Design Management" course also on the agenda.

     In the past, we have graphic design teaching, only the basic creative design of the main line, did not notice and creative objects (business) communication between,

    coupled with techniques such as delay caused by:

     (1) Student Zhigu hard at doing manual design techniques are simple exercises and the corresponding design ideas superficial thinking, deep thinking on the design of a lack of awareness.

     (2) The theoretical system is not sound right what they have learned to plan the professional corporate image (CI) the lack of understanding of the integrity of the high degree of sex.

     (3) At present, China has laws and regulations, market operations, etc. in a gradual

    improvement stage. Therefore, the setting of design management courses there should be a high degree of awareness. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2. Graphic design, interdisciplinary teaching should be the edge of fuzzy boundaries

     In such an era of knowledge explosion, design disciplines marginal call for new design talent to be an integrated human resources, rather than passively "specialized" go. Graphic design plays in modern society, the role is not only convey information, but also acted to convey ideas, and even the burden of transmitting culture. Therefore, students should pay attention to all aspects of a comprehensive quality, such as literature, philosophy, arts. Let students understand the graphic design profession itself is art, technology, social productivity and the rise of a new cross-disciplines, its own

    marginal should be reflected in teaching. In addition, the course also try to set up marketing and consumer psychology will be covered. Of course, while stressing

    discipline "marginal", the not asking everyone in a versatile graphic designer. Blurred the boundaries between disciplines, not vague profession itself, but the intersection of interdisciplinary graphic design is conducive to their own health and comprehensive manner to develop. Since the graphic design as an independent discipline, then the professional is its foothold.

     3. Graphic design teaching should pay attention to the cultivation of individual


     The 20th century, the mid-80s, the emergence of the computer design of our

    unprecedented change. The speed and quality is the most outstanding performance, which greatly increased the efficiency of graphic designer's work and works of craftsmanship. In this situation, graphic design teaching should take the initiative to adapt to unfamiliar areas, should be a gradual increase in the demand for the new environment, continuously improve the level of graphic design education to keep up with the pace of scientific and technological progress. Technology brings the face of various pressures and the rapid development of business environment, the growing importance of design education, the ability of the designers of potential demand continues to increase.

     With the popularity of computers and software applications, graphic design gradually stylized, which requires design creativity must have a personality. The essence of design is to create, design and create the design from creative thinking. Personalization is the designer of the graphic design differences in personality insights. Graphic design teaching should be through the design principle, a theoretical knowledge instruction content, focusing on training students to design the expression of

    individual creativity, promote design style, digging individual distinctive creative thinking, so that the design has a distinct, unique personality expression and a strong

visual impact.

     4. Graphic design teaching to meet the needs of humanity and the Green Design

     Industrial civilization has brought to mankind all sorts of crises, such as the destruction of resources, energy waste, ecological imbalance and so on. Therefore, the design of the prominent theme in the twenty-first century is human-oriented design and

    green design, this design carries the human spirit and spiritual comfort for the task. The design of different ages have different needs, young people often like to be able to adequately publicizes the personality and reflect the youthful vigor of the design;

    Zhuang year for those who can demonstrate maturity and self-design a special liking

    for a sense of accomplishment; old who wants to design reflects a sense of nostalgia and a sense of calm experienced many vicissitudes. Therefore, the design should be people-

    oriented, pay attention to humanistic care around people's needs expand. Green design emphasizes the protection of natural ecological full use of resources, people-oriented

    and the environment is good. This has made graphic design teaching a serious subject,

    graphic designer graphic design has the responsibility to maintain a reasonable visual order, and stop materials, pollution and visual pollution. On the other hand, by conveying concern for the environment and nature-related images and text is also very

    important significance. Designers are beginning to realize that they waste and pollution in the paper with regard to technology decision-makers play a key role. In 1996 the

    U.S. graphic arts publication, the "graphic design, environmental responsibility

    Guide", but also for a manufacturer of paper, the drafting of the "design of the ecology" manual for the United States provided information on the designers to reduce the environmental impact guidance. It is also the Chinese people have gradually realized the importance of green design-oriented people-oriented green design will be

    China's graphic design medium and long term objectives of the teaching process. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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