FOOI Meeting 9th February 2009 Minutes 1 Apologies Present

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FOOI Meeting 9th February 2009 Minutes 1 Apologies Present


    thMeeting 9 February 2009


1. Apologies

Present: Stefan Berbers, Barbie Cole, Corrine O’Connor, Rhian James, Alison

     Moore, Karen Miller

Apologies: Kate Campbell, Heather Cox, John Flynn, Maggie Greene Dany Hussey,

     Caroline Payne, Kylie Tuffery

2. Actions from last meeting


3. Financial Update

CO confirmed that last term made a profit of ?9,400 excluding the Christmas DVD and Christmas

    Cards (awaiting final invoices).

There are outstanding advertising payments to be received from StageCoach, St Margarets Fair and

    Imatch. KT/JF to chase/advise.

Meeting discussed plans for spending funds. Concern was expressed that toilet refurbishment not

    appropriate if entire school to be redeveloped. KM to raise with Jane Evans

Committee anxious to spend money that has been raised. Possible expenditure discussed:

    KM to investigate buying radio mics and liaise with Miss Richmond.

    KM to raise with JE possibility of paying for school trips again - meeting felt that this is a good way

    of giving something to every child.

    KM to discuss with JE teachers’ wish lists - ICT suite upgrade, PE equipment etc

4. Uniform Shop

BC confirmed that uniform shop running smoothly. The KS1 tracksuits are in stock. There are

    some sizing issues, but larger sizes have been ordered. The Uniform Shop is now running as not-

    for-profit with a small charge to cover handling costs etc.

BC investigating producing Leaver’s Hoodies as fundraising activity.

BC will provide full breakdown of stock sold at end of year for handover.


    CO to ascertain unit cost. KM to speak to Stef to see if she could display and sell in reception area

    at just above cost price. KM to write note for website and newsletter. ALL to consider other

    opportunities for selling.

5. Review of Christmas Events

Christmas Fair

    - Great weather meant that more fun stalls for kids would have worked outside and stalls inside not

    as profitable as previous years.

    - Karaoke didn’t appeal to younger kids and also affected by weather. - Consider giving two classes face painting in two classrooms as always exceptionally popular.

    Combine with nails and tattoos (no tattoos available this time).

    - Consider one-off charge for art room rather than for each table.

    - Santa’s Grotto only just covers costs (pricing the same for years) consider charging ?2 next year.

    - Hot dogs worked well (no complaints!). Burgers turned out to be small so price adjusted

    accordingly. Some burgers sold off cheaply. 10 veggie burgers is enough

    - raffle worked well

    - no complaints about ?1 per adult charge on gate

Crown Road Stall

    Change of location of stall caused problems. Only for goodwill of Scrunch did the stall work at all.

    Not good enough electricity supply for two urns and Scrunch not aware that they needed to provide

    electricity- stayed open late for us.

Christmas Cards

    Worked well - no real problems although some children who were off sick the day their class did

    designs weren’t given the chance - KM to raise with JE. Awaiting total online orders.


    Successful. Will put free gift into summer fair raffle.


    Some complaints that particular children not featured. Need to make clear on what days the DVD

    is being filmed so that parents aware.

Syon Park

    83 tickets sold - thanks to Stef Harvey for admin. Would do again next year if Stef happy.

6. Future Events


    thIt was agreed that a pop quiz could be successful. Friday 24 April possible date. KM to confirm

    with JE and check Tim happy to do.

    Meeting discussed catering. Stefan confirmed that Richmond College could not do food again this

    year as needs to fit in with their course requirements. KT to approach MakanMakan parent -

    possibly to supply food?

    Meeting discussed ways of enabling more people to go, but didn’t come to any realistic solutions.

    Concern that some people weren’t given chance to buy quiz night tickets.

Shopping Evening

    Meeting discussed doing a shopping evening but decided against.

Art Days

    stBC to coordinate a Mothering Sunday Art Day on Saturday 21 March. Foundation Stage 11.30 -

    1pm. KS1 2 - 3.30pm. Aware that there is rugby on this day, but felt that wouldn’t affect those attending. 10 places per class at ?4 each.

    KM to count birdboxes. RJ to investigate mugs. KM to put note in newsletter after half term.

Curriculum Evenings

    One glass of wine sold to Kate who was serving at last curriculum evening! KM to discuss future evenings with JE. Meeting felt that new parent evenings should be provided with wine free.

7. AOB


    KC to investigate producing new banners - one for fairs, one plain for events like Crown Road and St Margaret’s Fairs.

Melanine Plates

    KT to investigate producing individual melanine plates as fundraiser.

? Marathon

    KM briefed meeting about tentative possibility of borough-wide half marathon - long-term activity

Extended Schools Coordinator

    KM briefed meeting on approach from Margaret Ansell, Extended Schools Coordinator. Surveys suggested that working parents feel isolated from school events and want to meet one evening.

    rdDrinks being organised for Tuesday 3 March. Committee agreed to attend if available. Meeting

    felt that FOOI events equally involve working and stay-at-home parents especially with publicity through newsletters.

Cake Sales

    Cake sales continue to be very successful. It was agreed that Cake Sale funds on Red Nose Day th(13 March) will go to Red Nose charity - RJ to inform class, KM to put note in newsletter.

    RJ/DH to check that all class reps have rota and gently remind that cakes should be 25p unless very small when discretion should be used.


    BC asked for help with notice board outside hall. KM to see if KC happy to take over. Discussed producing sheets announcing how much each event raises, list of class reps, blank sheet with pencil attached for ideas etc.

Buy at

    KM to put notes in newletters reminding people to buy through buyat website. CO to check how money paid to FOOI

Orleans/St Stephen’s Ball

    Meeting discussed putting on joint summer event or our own summer BBQ. BC to investigate costs of hiring marquee at London Welsh. ALL to consider options for next meeting.

St Margaret’s Fair

    John Flynn is possibly moving to San Francisco for two years and has persuaded Finlo Corrin to take his place on the St Margaret’s Fair Committee. We are very grateful to both!

KM thanked everyone for so much incredible hard work last term.

8. Next meeting

KM to organise March meeting

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