Utilizing community mapmaking as its call to action, Green Map

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Utilizing community mapmaking as its call to action, Green Map

    Press Release

    February 24, 2010 Contact: Wendy Brawer email:

     tel: +1 212 674 1631

    Images, PR:

    Take Green Map With You!

The award-winning Green Map movement has joined the mobile revolution!

    Two great resources for green living debuted at in

    February - a mobile website designed for all internet-enabled

    cellphones and the Green Map iPhone App! Ideal for locals and tourists

    alike, both feature "What's Green Nearby??" a handy tool for connecting with green resources on the go. The iPhone App includes 10

    additional sections, delivering an insightful view into this global

    movement through its engaging Green Maps, videos, photos, blog, and

    more. In keeping with Green Map System's mission of inclusive

    participation in sustainable communities, this dual launch is designed

    to serve a broad diversity of mobile phone users at no cost.

Green Map System's mobile website guides you to a wide array of

    resources close at hand. Drawing from thousands of sites contributed

    to the interactive Open Green Map sustainability mapping platform by

    local Green Map teams, this beta version delights users as it guides

    them to farmers markets, green buildings, gardens and heritage sites

    that help everyone make greener, healthier, climate-smart choices.

The Green Map iPhone App provides access to locally-designed Green

    Maps and the diverse people who created them in hundreds of

    communities in 55 countries all around the world. Alongside the mobile

    website's "What's Green Nearby" feature, explore the Green Map Icons,

    articles, Twitter, multimedia, and background on this ever-expanding

    movement in this fun-to-use app.

    Access the mobile website: Simply type into any phone's internet browser. An array of green living resources pops up, arranged

    by those nearest to your location. Click any site for details, and

    then, click the address to plot the site on your phone's built-in map. Or, type in a city you plan to visit. Navigate with your phone's buttons and connect with nature, culture and sustainability sites directly. Today on the beta version, you can explore thousands of sites. In the near future, you will be able to interact and contribute your own viewpoints, images and more.

Get the Green Map iPhone App: Search for Green Map in the Apple Store

    or click Version 1.0 delivers a view of this dynamic

    locally-led global sustainability movement unlike any you have ever seen before.

    "Richly illustrated with expressive, locally-designed Green Maps, background on the Green Map movement and its impacts, media reports and news all come into view so users can directly explore the remarkable people, places and outcomes of the Green Map movement", noted Wendy Brawer, Founding Director. "Our design team utilized AppMakr to develop the iPhone app in less than a month, and members of our Board pitched in to create the mobile website. With the help of sponsoring companies, foundations and individual donors, we'll be building richer versions and continually improving exploration and interaction, contributing much to community well-being and the future we all share."

    During the App's first week, it was downloaded in 21 countries, an indication of global interest in green living. Articles appeared in Treehugger, the Daily Green, Download Squad, 3R Living, and other places. And, a new feature was added, the ability to explore thousands of sites by the Green Map Icon!

    Open Green Map and the Organization behind it, Green Map System

    Today, our mobile website and iPhone App can access over 9,000 sites charted by local Green Mapmakers on the Open Green Map platform. Open Green Map was launched in June 2009, and there are already over 100 maps online, each inviting public viewpoints, images and assessments.

Hundreds of sites are being added each week. On your desktop, click to explore the Open Green Maps in full detail,

    customizing your view as you explore. At, find out

    how you can get a new Green Map project underway in your community

    the new mobile tools make it even easier to publish and share your


Utilizing community mapmaking as its call to action, the award-winning

    New York-based nonprofit Green Map? System has supported over 635

    locally-led projects worldwide as they create perspective-changing

    Green Maps that highlight the emerging green economy, celebrate the

    uniqueness of home, promote social equity and protect biodiversity.

Green Map System invites you follow its ongoing development of

    community participation and local leadership in rural areas, emerging

    regions and capital cities. Explore its innovative approach and find

    out how the organization uses 'web 2.0', social innovation and

    traditional mapping tools to effectively engage people of all ages and

    backgrounds in local low-carbon, eco-friendly activities. Explore or contact the global office at +1 212 674 1631 (or Get involved and Think Global, Map Local!


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