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Document Purpose

    This reference card is to provide an overview of accessing Google Apps at Monash on mobile devices.

    Accessing Google Apps at Monash via Mobile Devices There are many different ways to access Google Apps at Monash on mobile devices. Each method is

    different and one method may be more suited to your needs than the others.

There are 3 ways to access Google Apps at Monash on your mobile device:

    ? Browser

    ? Sync via IMAP

    ? Sync via Google Sync

The following table illustrates the services that can be accessed depending on the method chosen.

    Google Apps at Monash Methods

    Gmail Contacts Chat Calendar Docs

    Browser Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Sync via IMAP Yes No No No No

    Sync via Yes (only new Yes No Yes No Google Sync emails)

     thPlease note there is a 4 method, via Google mobile apps (that are installed or come pre-installed on your mobile device) however, this will not work for Google Apps at Monash.

The following Google page will illustrate the mobile Gmail features accessible depending on the method

    that you choose and also any technical limitations due to the mobile device. Please use the above table

    and this page to determine the best method for you.

Internet Data Connectivity as a Prerequisite

    In order to use your mobile to access Google Apps, your mobile device would need to connect to the

    internet via your service provider or wireless network. Please note that you are liable for data charges

    used with your service provider.

To connect to the Monash wireless network, instructions can be found on:

Last updated: 4 December 2009 1

    Setting Up Your Mobile Device

    Below are the different setup instructions provided by method:

Mobile Browser

    No setup is required to use Google Apps at Monash via your mobile browsers. Your mobile

    devices need to meet the following minimum requirements. See:

You can continue to access Google Apps at Monash via:

    ? Portal:

    ? Portal:

    Alternatively, you can use which will redirect you via Portal.


    This approach is using your mobile device’s native email client to access Google Apps at Monash.

    There are 2 ways to do this:

? Google Sync (Microsoft? Exchange ActiveSync?)

    Google Sync for Gmail supports push email.

    What is push email?

    Push e-mail provides always-on capability. Any new e-mail is actively transferred (pushed) as

    soon as it arrives.

    Using the connection details outlined in the next section, you can integrate your Monash

    email address with your device's native email client using Google Sync, available for the

    following devices:

    o iPhone

    o Windows Mobile -

? IMAP access

    A list of supported mobile devices can be found on:

    If your mobile device's native email client supports IMAP access, please refer to this

    document for the connection details:

Google Mobile Applications

    These are Google applications that needs to be downloaded and installed onto your mobile.

    Some mobile phones such as Android devices come preinstalled with the Gmail application.

    Unfortunately, Google Mobile Applications will not work with Google Apps at Monash.

    Connection Details

    Connection details that you will need include:

    User Name (must put in full email <username> address):

    Last updated: 4 December 2009 2

    Email Address (identical to <username>


    Password: Monash University Authcate Password

Please note the following:

    ? replace the above <username> with your Monash University Authcate Username (eg.


    ? do not use <username> as this is an email alias and your

    Google Apps account is registered as <username> Last updated: 4 December 2009 3

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