February 2006

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February 2006

    Ref: AB/MW

    September 2008


Dear Parents, Guardians and Students

Welcome to the new 2008/09 academic year which will be our most successful yet. This is always an

    exciting time as we welcome new faces and look forward to a year with renewed interest and energy.


Congratulations to all of our Year 11 and Post 16 students. 50% of our Year 11s achieved 5+ A-C grade

    passes, that’s 97 students. 23 of those students achieved 10-13 passes with A and B grades. I can’t

    impress on you enough just how pleased I am with these results - well done to you all.

Regarding the new Government target of 30% 5+ A-C grade passes including English and Maths, I am

    pleased to report that we are already ahead of our plans to meet this target with a figure 27% this year. We

    are totally confident that we will achieve the 30% target next year, with 35%. This will mean that we will

    have doubled our results in English and Maths within two years. To reach this figure we have recruited an

    additional member of staff in both the English and Maths departments and students are attending extra

    lessons in these subjects, both at lunch time and in the holidays.

    Post 16 Advanced Level Courses

Students achieved a 98% pass rate, with 63 students passing their courses. We achieved our first ever A

    Level results in English, Biology and Chemistry. Likewise, at AS Level in History, Psychology, Film Studies,

    Music and Dance.

A record number of students are moving on to university courses - congratulations to them all. This year

    we are introducing new Advanced Level courses in Maths, Critical Thinking, Music Technology and, next

    year, Science.

KS3 SATs Results

You have probably heard about the marking debacle this year. At the time of writing we still do not have

    our full results for the SATs exams. We will publish these as soon as they are received.


2009 Targets - Another Record Year

Our target for Post 16 results is a 100% pass rate.

    Our target for GCSE results is 60% 5+ A-C, with 35% 5+ A-C including English and Maths.

When we achieve these results the College will be identified as being in the top 10% of schools nationally

    for examination performance.


From time to time we need to contact you and keep in touch with you. For this purpose we need you to let

    us have your up-to-date contact details. Would you therefore please complete the attached form and return

    it to me in the enclosed prepaid envelope. Thank you.


At the College we continue to improve the facilities for our students, as well as for the local community.

    During the summer building work has taken place to offer the following:

? A second Dance Studio, located in the Sports Centre

    ? A new Fitness Multi-Gym (this will be available to staff, parents and the local community by November

    and will be run as a gym club. Contact Miss Moore for further details:

    ? A new music and film editing suite, located in place of the College Shop

    ? A new medical centre for the new College Nurse

    ? A refurbished Restaurant which is now called the Food Hall.

The new medical centre is staffed by a fully trained nurse, Naomi Ridgewell, who was formerly a senior

    nurse at the Memorial Hospital. Naomi will also be working with students in our Health, Sport and Science

    courses whereby we gain from her extensive nursing and medical knowledge and practice.

In addition, we are submitting various grant applications to secure funding for the next ?2-3m project to

    extend, refurbish and upgrade the Sports Centre and build a new gymnastics hall.


The new centre at Bonham Drive on the Eurolink Industrial Estate opens on 5 September. This exciting

    new ?1.75m development will be offering engineering and construction services (eg security, energy

    systems, control systems) to Swale schools, apprenticeship training and training for local industry. The

    College is running the Centre and is yet another example of our being the lead educational institution in


You are welcome to visit the Centre at any time or you can telephone Tony Finch, the Centre Director, on

    07970 594264 to arrange an appointment.

The College is now investigating the setting up of new courses and training for Logistics (warehousing,

    distribution, transportation). There are going to be thousands of new well-paid jobs in this sector in the

    Swale and Medway areas over the next ten years.


We have recently invested in new computer software that will enable us to introduce an upgraded Rewards

    and Sanctions system. We want to concentrate much more on rewarding positives for students regarding

    co-operation with other students and staff, completion of good work and homework, good uniform and


dress standards, taking on responsibility and participating in the Extended Day activities. We want to

    inform parents much more regarding student success, either by email or by letter.

In addition we want to minimise detentions and inform parents of concerns immediately, either by email,

    telephone or letter. It is therefore vital that you complete and return the form previously mentioned as soon

    as possible.

Students will receive recognition points and rewards for positives but will be deducted points for negatives.


Website address:

    VLE access:

In future, all College news, letters etc, will be posted on the College website. Take a regular look at the site

    to find out what’s going on.

In addition, all homework and an increasing amount of lesson/subject studies will be posted on our VLE site,

    which is accessible to all students and parents.

By next year we expect details of student attendance, assessment results and subject targets to be

    available on the VLE.



? All boys are now expected to wear the SCC insignia white shirts.

    ? All students are expected to have and wear the College blazer.

    ? Hoodies and tracksuit tops will be confiscated. We want students to wear plain outer coats.

    ? No trainers are permitted, unless a medical note is provided.

    ? Students will be sent home if they do not co-operate with the uniform regulations.

    Mobile Phones/MP3 Players/iPods

We do not ban these, as some schools do. However, the College will not be responsible for the loss or

    damage to any such items that students choose to bring in to College. If they are used inappropriately,

    either during or outside of lessons, they will be confiscated for several days before being returned.


All students are expected to have the basic learning equipment at all times, ie pen, pencil, ruler, rubber,

    calculator, and a proper bag which is large enough to carry books to and from College.

    Health and Welfare of Students

Any student found bringing into College tobacco, alcohol, drugs or an offensive weapon will have such

    confiscated and will be excluded for a fixed number of days. All of these items are illegal and the College

    reserves the right to inform the Police of such an offence.

Any student caught smoking or consuming other items will be excluded. This includes coming to and going

    home from College.

We encourage all students to eat healthily and use the College Food Hall services.



    Whilst we realise that parking is limited outside the College gates, we would ask parents/guardians not to drive onto the College site to drop off/pick up students at the start or end of the day. The students’ safety is

    of paramount importance to us and the site can be very busy at such times of the day, with buses and taxis also using the inner roadways. We also ask that parents/guardians do not block the driveways or gateways of our neighbours.

Visiting the College

    Parents and guardians are always welcome to visit the site but we must insist that upon arrival you report to reception immediately, regardless of the reason for your visit. You will be asked to sign in and will be given a Visitor badge to wear. When leaving the site would you please return the badge to reception and sign out. These procedures need to be followed, partly so that we know who is on site in case of an emergency, such as a fire, and also because we have a duty to keep our students as safe as possible.


We want:

1) As many students as possible to participate in our Extended Day and holiday courses.

    2) To expand our Gifted & Talented scheme.

    Therefore, each subject area will be running an Academy, eg Maths, ICT, Sport, Dance, Drama, Science, etc. Students will be invited to join and receive a membership certificate and other recognition. In return the student must regularly attend the Academy sessions at the end of the day or on Saturdays for at least one term.

    Academy membership will give students the chance to receive first class tuition to develop their interests, skills or talents and they will gain special recognition for such.

    During this autumn we will write to parents informing them of which Academy we would like their son/daughter to join.


    This new service is run by Chalkwell and runs from Leysdown via Eastchurch, Minster, Halfway, Iwade, Grovehurst and Milton High Street. Please see the attached timetable and fares.

    A reminder - Arriva services 341, 349, 333, Chalkwell services from Newnham, Doddington, Teynham and Conyer, run direct to and from the College in the mornings and afternoons.

Please us public transport if you can.

    The new Freedom Pass Scheme will be starting in January 2009. This is something to look forward to! For a ?50 administration fee paid to KCC, students can travel on any bus at any time (including weekends and holidays) for a whole year. This is a fantastic bargain - we will inform you of the application details as soon as we receive them.



At the end of July we said farewell the following staff:

Mr R Pemberton : Head of Information Systems, retired

    Mr C Laker : Head of Technology, appointed to similar role at Whitstable Community

    College Mr G Draper : Maths teacher, appointed to an independent school

    Mr G White : Head of Drama, left teaching for a role in events management

    Mr J Howitt : Mathematics teacher, left teaching

    Mrs C Carden : Head of Post 16 Centre and Geography, appointed as lecturer at

    Christchurch University Mr T Stone : Assistant teacher of English, appointed to Hereson School

    Miss A Bell : English teacher, appointed to Special School in the West Country

    Miss L Johnson : ICT teacher, appointed to Blackheath Sixth Form College

    Miss K Lee : Art teacher, appointed to the Folkestone Academy

    Miss L Bishop : Teacher’s Assistant for Performing Arts (ex-student), appointed to University

    for Performing Arts degree Miss S Neck : Teacher’s Assistant for Performing Arts (ex-student), appointed to University

    for Performing Arts degree

We would like to welcome the following new staff:

Miss K Austin : Teacher of Creative Arts & Technology

    Miss K Hickey : Personal Assistant to the Arts

    Mrs M Ives : Teacher’s Assistant for Creative Arts Mr G Taylor : Teacher of Creative Arts

    Mrs E Worthington : Technician for Creative Arts

    Miss K Oborne : Teacher of Dance

    Mrs D Grady : Teacher of English

    Mr N Shilling : Teacher of English

    Mrs H Gordon : Teacher of Ethics

    Mrs L Sennett : Head of Learning, History

    Mr K Bhutia : Teacher of ICT

    Mr K Ennels-Smith : Teacher’s Assistant for Learning Support Dept Mrs C Parry : Teacher’s Assistant for Learning Support Dept Miss A Twena : Teacher’s Assistant for Learning Support Dept Mr O Asaye : Teacher of Mathematics

    Miss L Ashenden : Teacher’s Assistant for Mathematics Mr E Kajee : Teacher of Mathematics

    Mr T Bond : Teacher of Music

    Miss C Turner : Student Assistant Director

    Miss S Tyson-Banks : Arts Co-ordinator

    Mr L Fearn : Teacher of PE

    Miss C Jewiss : Teacher of PE

    Miss L Peckham : Teacher of PE

    Miss S Power : Personal Assistant to PE

    Mr T Finch : Director, Engineering Centre

    Mr B Butler : Teacher of Engineering

    Mrs K Richardson : Personal Assistant to Engineering Centre

    Mrs F Baker : Personal Assistant to Post 16 Centre

    Mrs E Luckham : Post 16 Aim Higher Co-ordinator

    Mrs M Parker : Post 16 Tutor and Mentor

    Miss C Oliphant : Personal Assistant to KS3 Team

    Ms N Ridgewell : College Nurse



    Please find attached details of food prices for students. A varied menu is available every day, which offers both hot and cold meals as well as sandwiches/rolls for students. If you think your son/daughter may be

    entitled to free school meals and have not already applied then please contact reception for the necessary forms.


Please find attached details of the next round of courses available through the Saturday Youth College



I would like to welcome all our new students and parents/guardians to the College. I hope everyone is

    refreshed and raring to go following the summer holidays. The staff and I look forward to working in

    partnership with you to ensure even greater success during the current academic year.

Yours sincerely

Alan Barham


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    Chalkwell Bus Service Timetable

     The Food Hall Price List

     Saturday Youth College


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