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    授课教师; 职称; 教研室;外语教研室

    Bribery and Business 6 课程名称 顺序号 Ethics

     a. Translation for the passage b. Reading skills c. Paraphrases and the main idea a. Reading skill training b. Writing skill development

    a. Flexible application of the targeted words, phrases, structures and patterns.

    b. Brief summary of the certain paragraphs as well as the whole passage.

    c. Good command of required reading skills.

    d. Legitimate translation of the text.

    e. Passage-related presentation

    A. Transition: 1Would you suggest some ways to prevent bribery?

    2.How to enhance peoples ethic sense?

    3. Pre-reading activities in the book

    B. Language points 1. key words and phrases and structures

     Bribery ethics code conscience category presidential withdraw

     On the increase be caught in amount to consist of speed up hit on /upon

     Suppose thatPara2 Its easy/difficult to Para3 and 4 Unfortunately, opinions differ amongPara10

     2.. paraphrases

    the first category..Para5 Is it possiblePara9 It is easyPara 3 D. Feedback: a. How many categories of the payments mentioned in the passage? (individual work)

     b. Making sentences with the words and phrases above(individual work)

    E. Assignment: 1. To figure out the disadvantages of preventing bribery with a high salary (oral work0 2. To write a short passage (more than 120 words)on the topic:

    Marriage obligations

    Part Two: .First ask the students to fulfill the exercises after the passage then correct them

    Part Three: Listening Activity (Unit six of the Listening Book) 教学方法 Communicative approach tapes and discs reference book

    实施情况 accomplishment

     Background knowledge preparation

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