Discusses the impact of American culture, the impact of China's young people_4890

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Discusses the impact of American culture, the impact of China's young people_4890

Discusses the impact of American culture, the impact of

    China's young people

     Summary America's cultural values are mainly in three ways on the impact of Chinese youth, first, the infiltration of cultural industries, and second, use of network

    and cultural dominance, the three gathered in China, a large number of young people, to cultivate the West spokesperson. China's socialist ideology, unlike Western countries, social and cultural identity in transition, young people's lack of presence of

    these internal factors determine the China Youth would be very easy to be affected.

     Abstract title Global Vision

     Key words cultural identity / cultural industries / Internet culture / talent



     U.S. cultural values, mainly through the following three ways to influence the Chinese young people.

     1. The use of the advantages of cultural industries and cultural infiltration

     The 20th century, 90 years, American culture as a powerful form of economic globalization, the American forces, to the world of radiation on Earth in almost all countries in the values and lifestyles of the unilateral output and influence. At present the United States ranks first in the world of cultural industries, became the largest exporter of culture, complicated products of American culture beyond the geographical, temporal and spatial constraints, to reach every corner of the five continents. Coca-Cola, McDonald's, KFC, Disney, CNN (CNN), MTV pop music

    popular in the world, Hollywood movies is won the favor of young people.

     The face of U.S. consumer culture, especially the media (movies, TV shows, books,

    audio and video products and network services, etc.) impact on the Chinese cultural market (especially in China's accession to the World Trade Organization, the culture shock has become more evident and more intense more tend to become white-hot), the

    values of young people will be imperceptibly Westernization or Americanization. At present, China in economy, technology and other aspects with the Western developed countries there is a great distance, cultural industries are not developed enough, some

    young people are not able to meet the basic needs of a high standard of requirements to enable young people to the United States of admiration, longing for affection. Part of the cultural values of young people tend to focus on Western culture, "Westernization"

    and thinking in these young people is most welcome.

     In addition, the United States will also in other countries and peoples brought the cultural resources, according to their own needs to be modified for other cultures,

    namely, "Americanization", the appropriation and re-extended to all over the world,

    not only to bring their high profits, but also to promote the supremacy of the United States the concept of nationalism and cultural purposes. Produced by Walt Disney's

    animated "Mulan" is a vivid example. "Mulan" is a legend passed down stories about a girl special honor their parents, to replace old's father, the heroic stories of military service. The theme of Chinese traditional culture of filial piety respected. In the United

    States produced Disney cartoon "Mulan", the theme of women's right of self-worth has

    become the pursuit of the theme of filial piety a minor role. Some young people in China may have confused the theme in the end is. Maybe 10 or 20 years later, "Mulan"

    a traditional theme will be "self-realization," replaced by the theme; thus infer that if the more traditional themes of cultural heritage development and utilization of Western countries and tampering, then the traditional Chinese culture may be danger

    of being lost.

     2.'s Monopoly on the use of network and cultural status of cultural infiltration

     In today's rapid development of network technology, network openness, the global nature of the United States and other Western developed countries can very easily

    break through boundaries and geographical restrictions to the implementation of cultural hegemony, the infiltration values, expansion of cultural influence, in this sense, the network to achieve hegemony and power politics, culture has become a powerful

    "weapons." The United States by virtue of network resources, advantages, marketing on the Internet everywhere, "network television", "network pictures" and other ideologies and cultures, which reflect the ideology and culture of the United States's

    national image, lifestyles and values, so as to affect the subtle ways "netizens" of their political orientation, moral quality, value and cultural quality of life, and even the national feelings and value judgments.

     The face of the United States a strong impact on Internet Culture, the China Youth if over-exposure may produce a sense of intimacy, trust, and even recognition and reliance. This cultural invasion will not only blur the young generation of this culture of

    recognition and national identity, weakening national feeling, and even make them worship the U.S. culture. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Cultural hegemony of U.S. network of young people in China not only in terms of ideology, also highlighted in the network based on the English language. Today, the Internet, the dominant language is English, accounting for more than 90%, Chinese account for less than 1%; 90% of the information is information in English, together with the United States outlets more developed Western countries, Internet information content large, so they Internet users visit the website as most places. English as a common standard language of fashion, does not speak English almost impossible online exchanges, which has inspired the enthusiasm of Chinese youth to learn English, while filling they have overlooked the importance of the Chinese language, leading to their reduced ability to master the Chinese language. The most evident on the writing of

    Chinese characters, one pick up a pen forget the word spelling increased; second, illegible handwriting, artistic degree of reduction, calligraphy has been seriously neglected; 3 is a classical Chinese, ancient poetry and gradually lose interest and affected China's Excellent continuation of traditional culture, so Chinese faced the danger of shrinking.

     3. In China recruited a large number of young people and foster the voice of Western culture

     The United States against Chinese young talent strategy: (1) set up in colleges and

    universities scholarship program will enable young people to the United States of admiration, gratitude and attract them voluntarily to the United States after graduation to the United States to settle or work in foreign invested enterprises in

    China. Such as the Honeywell Corporation Tsinghua University, Beijing University and Fudan University in China, leading the establishment of scholarships, awards academic excellence. Since 1995, the United States GE (General Electric) Company has been

    Peking University, Tsinghua, Fudan and Shanghai Jiaotong University Deng Sisuo universities offer scholarships and teaching awards, so far, nearly a thousand teachers and students received this award. GE in China's western areas of the first scholarship

    project October 23, 2002 at Sichuan University to start. U.S. MOTOROLA contributions to higher education in China has also totaled 11 million yuan. (2) the use of educational benefits, relaxation of the policy study in the United States continuously

    from China's universities and colleges as well as secondary selection is superior, or family economic conditions are favorable for students to study abroad, and to high salaries, excellent conditions to attract talented people to stay in one of the highlights

    abroad or to become an agent of multinational corporations in China. In 2000 there are 2154 graduates of Peking University, a graduate 1596 of these people directly after graduation to study abroad there are 751 people, approximately 20% of the total

    number of graduates, of which 587 were selected at the same time the United States, the ratio as high as 78%. 2217 graduates of Peking University in 2001, a graduate in 2002 people, directly after graduation to study abroad there are 831, accounting for close to

    20% of the total number of graduates, of which 711 went to the United States, the ratio is nearly 87% over the previous year an increase of 9 percentage points. Physical Chemistry, Peking University this year 32 people graduated from a direct study abroad

    up to 28 people; polymer chemistry and physics graduate 15 people, the number of up to 13 people abroad, the ratio close to 90%. (3) train college graduates to work in multinational corporations to form American-style work ethic, habits and values the

    United States so-called "white-collar culture", and gradually integrated into a

    considerable number of Chinese youth's life, the formation of a kinds of fashion culture.


     America's cultural hegemony has produced a certain influence young people in

    China, China should maintain a clear understanding as a preventive measure, put forward its own effective responses.

     The greatest threat to culture mainly in the recognition of different cultures, while groups of young people are most likely to agree that different cultures of the special groups for young people, curious, curiosity-wang, a strong sense of global

    participation; while their world outlook, outlook on life and values have not yet fully formed, and rather prone to waver.

     Pairs of Chinese adolescents, in addition to the characteristics of young people outside of their own, due to ideological differences between Chinese and foreign, and social transition, young people in the culture there is a certain lack of identity:

     (1) less ability to distinguish their culture, acceptance of cultural safety education in the relative lack of knowledge of mainstream ideology is not clear enough on the excellent traditional culture not know much, resulting in multi-cultural face of a lack of

    judgments, analysis and the ability to choose and thus vulnerable to changes in values and ideologies. (2) China's social transition, some young people too much respect for irrationality, loss of life goals and direction, the inner soul of the world without relying

    on a lack of faith, there is no firm convictions and a clear pursuit of lost spiritual home, there has been " ideological vacuum "state. (3) The majority of the mainstream cultural values of young people weak. Now coupled with an economic transition, social

    transformation, to speed up the process of globalization, market economy, dominated the market value of our lives, young people doubt the value of mainstream culture, the dominant ideology of Marxism indifference. A questionnaire revealed that when asked

    about young people's Marxism, capitalism, socialism, reform and opening up, as well as a variety, including corruption, social issues, the answer is often, "he could not," "indifferent" .

     Coupled with economic globalization, cultural globalization has brought to make culture that transcends national boundaries, within the framework of the global flows of international cultural exchanges become more frequent. For Chinese youngsters, they will be a greater impact. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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